1. cato

    How do you protect your studio?

    Hi, As my studio grows in size and value, I get more and more paranoid about things like fires, theft and particularly power issues frying my gear, so I wondered how each of you tackle these issues? My first challenge is to deal with power loss and surges, would something like this APC UPS...
  2. Andrew Sniahirou

    Online mixing service - Soundchop Studio

    Do you want your music to sound loud and punchy? Soundchop Studio will help you turn your recorded tracks into studio quality releases! Hi, my name is Andrew Sniahirou, and I’m a sound engineer at Soundchop Studio. I offer mixing and mastering of guitar music – all kinds of metal, rock, and...
  3. silverling_co

    DIY Studio Desk

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of designing my own studio desk and I would love any thoughts/experience/advice you have on the subject! I don't use a lot of sound gear, but I have included a tray for my keyboard, and a 4u 19" rack on the desktop (for a power conditioner, pre-amp and 2 audio...
  4. ThomasNL

    Building my own little studio, need some resources

    Hey guys, I finally got my own little room to make my music production studio, no more working in the living room! ;) I am trying to find information, guides and resources that can help me make it a good working place. The thing i find hard is that you can make it as crazy (and expensive) as...
  5. Bluemount Score


    So what's your favorite Trumpet Ensemble / Solo patch / library? Dynamic range is always appreciated. True legato a must. I'm mainly looking for a heroic, loud sound that doesn't need too much tweaking. I've already had Cinesamples Core / Pro in mind but haven't been able to find too many audio...
  6. C

    Dry Library for intimate "character" strings (sound examples in post)

    Hey all, I'm looking for a dry library for a close / 'noisy' sound - still clean, but intimate, with audible bow sound and a lot of character. I need to do ensemble work as well, so it can't be a 'Solo'-only library. Here are two examples of what I'm looking for: So far, my research leads...
  7. Jdiggity1

    SOLD: NEW Mackie Big Knob Studio+ Audio Interface PRICE DROP

    EDIT: Item now sold Still sealed in box. No longer needed. This is the flagship model in the latest Big Knob series. Original purchase date was over a year ago so there might not be any warranty left. Asking For $280 $250 Pickup from La Canada, Los Angeles. Can ship for an extra $15 or so.
  8. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinematic Studio Brass: REVIEWED (A Highly Dynamic and Versatile Brass Library)

    Hey friends! Today's a big one; we're taking a look at the long-awaited CSB. Please enjoy!
  9. jdrcomposer

    Brass Quintet (Cinematic Studio Brass)

    I'm loving CSB so far and decided to put it through its paces in an exposed brass quintet context. Would love feedback on composition, mix, programming, etc.!
  10. ChrisSiuMusic

    Cinematic Studio Brass vs.Cinebrass

    For those with both libraries, I would love to hear your thoughts between these 2 collections!
  11. igwanna

    Is there a thread on which you guys are showing your studios?

    welcome to my crib sort of things?? im dying to see how you guys work, your gear etc.... used search but couldnt find?
  12. RRBE Sound

    Drum Recording Available

    Hello everyone! I am very glad to “announce” that I now offer custom drum recordings from Aarhus, Denmark. Although, I do not have a degree in drumming, I have been playing drums for 20 years. 8 of which have been with a variety of different bands with different genres. I mostly play in the...
  13. JaikumarS

    Pitch - Airing your content on Foreign Channels

    Hi All, Thank you for having me in this group. I have a few questions. 1. How does a production studio / show runner sell or air their content (animated series) on TV channels in foreign countries? 2. Whom to approach? (Marketing Agency, etc) It would be very helpful if you could please let...
  14. borghipablo

    My Orchestral Music Reel

    I just want to share with you my orchestral Reel with Recordings in New Zealand with the NZSO and the Park Road production Team, and also in Skopje Macedonia. I've learned a lot in this forum and It's a pleasure to show you what I do.
  15. JaikumarS

    Companies - Professional Audio Solutions - (London,UK)

    Hi, I'm planning to set up a new studio, so looking for a good company which provides a good professional audio solutions in London,UK. Someone good, who takes care of everything. - Professional Hardware and Software - VEP Server machines (Someone good like VisionDAW in the US) - Server Rooms...
  16. ChrisSiuMusic

    CSS vs. Berlin Strings

  17. JJP

    Studio building successes and regrets

    A fair number of people on this forum have built studios for composing and recording. I'd love to hear from some of you about those things that you included in your studio builds that :thumbsup: have proven very helpful to your workflow, :thumbsup: you didn't think you'd use, but are now happy...
  18. JaikumarS

    Slave machine Builder - UK

    Hi, I'm looking for a company like in the UK(preferably - London) who build slave machines for film scoring using VEP. Thank you
  19. RRBE Sound

    Faderport or Avid? - DAW Controller

    Hey everyone! I am considering purchasing a DAW controller with mechanic faders. I am currently looking at the Faderport from Presonus with one fader and the Avid MV Control Euphonix. I have read that the Avid controller has some errors? I am wondering you some of you have a...
  20. N

    Affordable ways to Reduce Outside Noise?

    Hi guys I had an acoustics-related question I was hoping someone might know the answer to: I am looking for something to help reduce noises coming from the apartments above me through the ceiling. Does anyone have any suggestions? I looked into studio foam, but saw an article saying that was...
  21. Time+Space

    Get a free world-class piano from Synthogy!

    Since it was released earlier this year, Synthogy's Ivory II Studio Grands has gone down a storm with users, further boosting Synthogy's incredible reputation for creating the world’s finest virtual pianos. Now has never been a better time to invest in this sublime collection as you´ll also...
  22. reutunes

    Confessions of a Hans Zimmer intern... Samplecast #46 exposes everything (well almost)

    Hey Controllers... I've been in the hospital this week but through all the blood and drama I've managed to put together a packed Samplecast show for your viewing pleasure - albeit a bit late - sorry. We've managed to twist the arm of composer Sid De La Cruz who has worked with Trevor Morris &...
  23. RRBE Sound

    Making a Hybrid Studio Setup

    Hey all! So I have been thinking of incorporating analogue elements in my mixes and masterings. However I am not going to spend $50.000 on a lot of new gear. And I do still like the work-flow of using plug-ins. Then I was introduced to a ''Hybrid studio'' - In which software and hardware is...
  24. creativeforge

    Fascinating read about Vangelis "home" studio's evolution QUOTE: "By the late 1960s, studio recording equipment had reached a new level of maturity. The latest technological developments meant that state-of the-art multitrack tape recorders, mixing desks, noise-reduction equipment and a...
  25. ontracktuts

    Free Presonus Studio One on Udemy

    Hey Guys, I used to be a Logic user, but have moved over to Studio One. I'm really liking the user interface and some of its features. It may be lacking on some functions in comparison to Logic and Cubase, but I think its a real contender to these guys. I'm busy putting together a full course...
  26. NathanTiemeyer

    Acoustic Room Treatment for New Studio - What am I doing?

    Hey all! I've been reading up lately here and several other places on what to do and what not to do when it comes to acoustic treatment. My room is a square, a 12 ft by 10 ft old bedroom which is soon becoming my new studio. I work almost exclusively with virtual instruments and only record...
  27. RRBE Sound

    Upgrading Studio Monitors...?

    Hello everyone! I have been building my small studio set-up for 2 years now, (personally and material.. ;) ) and I have finally decided or come to sense that the Mackie CR4 Monitors I use now, are great, but not great enough. As I mix and master track, I am in the lucky position that my dad...
  28. DanielOutro

    Looking for musicians and producers to work remotely

    We're Outro, a Montreal-based company that has recently launched an online marketplace for musicians, producers and singers. Our mission is to give talented artists a consistent source of revenue — you can work by selling your own loops and samples, or by collaborating directly with Outro users...
  29. d.healey

    Room tone / Hall noise

    How do you add room/hall noise to your mock-ups? I've been using Cinesamples room tone instrument they released a few years ago but I want to know what other options are available. I'm curious to know if this kind of thing can be done effectively just using noise generators or similar processors.
  30. Sebastian

    Hybrid X Sounds Vol.1 Virus TI2 / TI - Over 190 patches

    Hi Guys ! Finally, after nearly five months of hard work, we share with you something really new and original. Hybrid X Sounds Vol.1 is the very new concept how to use Virus TI in a different way. This time there's no single sounds but sequences/arpeggios programmed and ready to go. Everything...
  31. StudioSpotlight

    VIDEO | VEPro 5 & 6 - Brief overview and loading time comparison

    ------------------------------------------- NEW FROM STUDIO SPOTLIGHT ------------------------------------------- In Studio Spotlight's first video, we look at the recently released Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, comparing the load times of a string section from EastWest's Hollywood Orchestra Gold with...
  32. Sebastian

    Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.3 for Access Virus TI

    Atmosphere X Sounds Vol.3 is a collection of 128 high quality patches for Access Virus TI, full of energetic sequences, gritty basslines, deep pads, dark soundscapes, Vintage sounds, roaring ( punchy ) basses, driving electronics and atmospherics sounds. We aim to provide cutting-edge digital...
  33. Y

    Online music studio - your home studio

    YOUR HOME STUDIO is a professional and affordable music studio for everyone. We offer services like: session musicians, mastering, composition, music for your site, YouTube channel, podcast, soundtracks etc. Prices starting from only 10$!