1. beyd770

    Feedback on structure, form and harmony: Pianosketch for orchestra

    Just finished Mike Verta's "Structure"-masterclass, and learned a ton! What do you think of this little sketch? What could I do to improve my form even more before starting writing out the individual pieces? Piano is The Grandeur from NI, with Altiverb Todd AO-input at 40% and...
  2. RoySamples

    Paid work. Creating V-instruments with DAWs own samplers

    Hello, We're a new branch of a well established studio in London. We have a very rudimentary piano sample library (8 dynamic layers, 8 RR, 1 microphone position). Job description Create an instrument using the various DAWs own samplers (for example: EXS24, AS, Structure etc). If you have...
  3. FredrikJonasson

    Structuring a track fit for looping

    I'm composing some stuff for games and I've come to realize there's much for me to learn in how to structure a track to make it suitable for looping. To avoid that "and here comes that part again" type of feeling. I believe a lot of it has to to do with keeping for example harmonic...