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  1. L

    Any string libraries with true legato for harmonics patches?

    Or even better portamento? I know Ark 2 has glissando for harmonics but that is more of an effect, I'm looking for a more playable kind.
  2. Emergence Audio

    A New Beginning, A New Sample Library: Coming To Emergence Audio...

    We're excited to announce a new string library. 02.04.2022 INTRODUCING VIOLIN TEXTURES WATCH NOW
  3. bjderganc

    RAW Strings - Advanced string texture instrument - 40% off Holiday Sale!

    RAW Strings from Sudden Audio is now 40% off for the holidays! Use code SA-Holiday-2021 when checking out. Choose from 68 presets and 116 sound sources to create evocative and haunting string textures. Included are nearly 10 GB of raw string recordings, tape processed strings, and found sound...
  4. ChrisSiuMusic

    Is JW in the House?! Reviewing Soaring Strings by Musical Sampling!

    Hey friends! In today's video, we'll dive into the debut offering from Musical Sampling, Soaring Strings. With a lush and romantic approach to strings, how does this library sound and feel? Let's find out together! Their $129 sale on any orchestral library ends tomorrow!
  5. H

    I’m looking for new libraries for string and brass. Any suggestions?

    I’ve been using Cinematic Studio Strings for quite a while now, and Cinematic Studio Brass since earlier this year. After heavily using these libraries recently, I’ve come to the realization that these libraries have several flaws, and one of them is the incessant hissing. I’ve tried using...
  6. nuyo

    Biggest Sized Ensemble Strings Sample Library

    I'm looking for a string sample library with a high amount of players. I know that HZ Strings has a lot but I would like to have a few more options.
  7. C

    A string sound similar to Yuki Kajiura's music (SStS, SCS, LASS, etc?)

    Hey, everyone! I've been a fan of Yuki Kajiura for many years and I'm interested in emulating the close and intimate sound she creates with her strings. They are recorded live but, since I have neither the budget nor contacts, I'm looking for a library which can get as close as possible. Could...
  8. GiuseppeS+OS

    29.5 $ deal -STRINGACHE - Horror String Noises SFX Library & Kontakt Instrument Stringache is a modern horror library of mangled string noises. We’ve used close microphone techniques to record a huge deal of violin stabs and screeches, pizzicatos, cello staccatos, double bass jetè, crescendos, strident string...
  9. Vik

    String library micro reviews (mainly pros and cons)

    I don't know if this will any/many posts, but I think it's worth a try. If you should write a micro review of one of your fav. string libraries, what would you write? I'm thinking of something really short - just a few pros and cons and possibly a 'conclusion'.
  10. Vik

    Most important qualities in a string library?

    Had it been easy to create a string library that would fulfil most users' needs, there would't have been so many of them out there. So - when you consider a string library, and listen to demos/walkthroughs etc... which qualities are most important for you? Please post your answers, if you have...
  11. Horacio

    How I Enhance Cinematic Studio Strings For A Closer, Crisper Sound (It's Not Eq, Compression, etc)

    Hey guys, Long time lurker on this forum and love CSS (cinematic studio strings) and have noticed it's popularity in this forum. But I see a lot of common complaints about it being "too dark" or "too reverby." I've made this short youtube video to show you how I've tweaked the strings to be...
  12. L

    FS: Project Sam SYMPHOBIA 2 | NI Symphony String Ensemble and Brass Collection

    Hi! I'm selling the licenses for: Project Sam Symphobia 2 250 USD + 30 USD license transfer fee (paypal fee included) instead of 549 USD retailer price. Native Instruments Symphony Series Brass Collection (Solo & Ensemble) Update/Crossgrade 50% off Native Instruments Symphony Series String...
  13. Dear Villain

    VSL Solo Strings

    I've been interested lately in seeing what's out there in terms of solo strings libraries. My latest string quartet, linked below, was done with VSL solo strings (standard library) and took way too many hours of programming to get it to sound this way. I guess, my question is, are there other...
  14. paularthur

    OP: Which String library has the most realistic // usable vibrato?

    In your opinion; which String library has the most realistic sounding vibrato and timbre? and or easiest to automate?
  15. granite

    Double stops in live playing

    I'm sure I'm missing something basic. Live playing via midi keyboard of a solo string instrument (an nki that's loaded into the full version of Kontakt): What setting do I need to change in order to be able to play two pitches at the same time? Couple of guesses: - In the instrument's Voice...
  16. Vik

    POLL: What are your favourite string libraries?

    NB - the libraries marked with an asterisk have been added to the poll after the voting started (April 6th 2017 or later). This poll doesn't take into consideration the number of users who use each library, so a library with a low percentage could still be seen as perfect by all it's users (but...
  17. RRBE Sound

    Cinematic Strings 2 - Still worth it?

    Hey all! I was looking to buy Cinematic Studio Strings, but then I considered my budget. - And discovered that Cinematic Strings 2 also is on a sale. But as is has become some years old, I wonder if it would still be good to buy, as my first ''budget'' stand alone string library..? All the...
  18. Vik

    Is this a complete list of orchestral string libraries?

    8dio Century Strings 8dio Adagio 8dio Majestica 8dio Century Strings 8dio Adagietto 8dio Agitato 8dio Anthology VSL Orchestral Strings VSL Chamber Strings VSL Dimension Strings VSL Appassionata Strings VSL Special Edition VSL Solo Strings Audiobro LA Scoring Strings (LASS) Audiobro...
  19. Vik

    Which string library is closest to having this?

    Which string library is closest to having the sound/articulation/attack/playability of the opening solo strings section in Beethoven's symphony 7 allegretto? This is my favourite version:
  20. Vik

    Poll: Solo string/first chair libraries you are really happy with?

    This poll is closed now, since a new and more complete poll exists here: Hi, I just started a poll about fav. solo/FC violins, listing only products where the violin can be bought as a...
  21. Vik

    Favourite *string* preset for sketching polyphonically?

    Hi all, what's your fav allround string patch for generating ideas? This is for those who doesn't start out a new idea/composition with one line at a time, but instead improvise or in other way work out an idea polyphonically. So it's not about your most used string library, or the one you...
  22. SillyMidOn

    Yet another new string library: Silhouette Strings ... looks interesting, the pricing makes it very tempting. So recently we've had Soaring Strings, Light And Sound's Chamber Strings, Aria Sound's Strings, and now this offering by Cinematique Instruments.

    Can any string library sound like this?

    I'm fairly new at using high quality orchestral libraries. English is not my 1st language so I think I've been throwing around wrong words on the forum to ask for what I need. I have Albion ONE & Mural Vol. 1, but as I'm getting deep, I'm getting more interested in smaller sized string...
  24. Scamper

    Looking for advice on string libraries (Mural, CineStrings, CinematicStrings 2)

    I'm looking for a proper string library and possible choices for me are: Spitfire Mural 1 CineStrings Cinematic Strings 2 Quick question: Is Mural the obvious choice or would you prefer CineStrings or Cinematic Strings 2 for some of their qualities and features? More specific: Currently, I'm...
  25. I

    String library that requires the most time and effort

    Hi, I am looking for a flexible string library that can produce sounds varying from small chamber orchestra to huge hollywood "Epic" orchestra. The string library needs to be super customizable, takes lots of effort and time to learn and master. What I don't want is a "plug'n play" kind of...
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