1. Bluemount Score

    New track incl. Metropolis Ark 1 - 4 + some Strezov Wotan Choir and Ilya Efimov whistle

    Hi together, just released a ("old school epic") track to try out my newly finished Metropolis Ark template, which includes all four libraries of the series. Going to use it more often in the future. Besides that, there is Strezov Sampling Wotan Male Choir in there, NI Session Guitarist Picked...
  2. TheRealNerevar

    My attempt at epic music

    Hello everyone ! So i've been listening a lot of epic hybrid orchestral music lately, and i thought it would be a good idea to give a try making one myself. Some of you will understand from where i took inspiration. I used in order Woods : Berlin (just the flutes and piccolo for accents and...
  3. T

    Rhodope 2 worth it if I already have Balkan Ethnic Orchestra?

    For anyone out there that has both libs, would you say it makes sense for me to get Rhodope 2 if I already have the choir in BEO? I absolutely love BEO and have used the choir in a number of tracks. I've been thinking about Rhodope 2 for a while but not certain if the choir will give enough...
  4. amadeus1

    Afflatus Strings Overview

    Hi guys, Here's an overview of some Afflatus ensemble patches. The legato transitions are seamless! Price is 50% off regular for the first time until December 1. Best, Bill
  5. Snarf

    Freyja & Wotan – Review, User Tips & Lord of the Rings & Hobbit mock-ups

    Hello everyone! I recently picked up Strezov Sampling’s Freyja and Wotan. So far, I think they’re great (spoilers) and wanted to leave a review to ‘return the favour’ to the people on VI-Control, as they’ve been a very good resource for me in the past. So without further ado, here goes! Some...
  6. amadeus1

    Strezov's WOTAN Men's Choir - Review

    Wotan Men's Choir by Strezov Sampling is on sale until July 25. I just did a video walkthrough. The three dynamic layers are impressive! Best, Bill
  7. ChrisSiuMusic

    Internal Resolve - Inspired by Ip Man

    Hello my friends! As you may or may not know, I am an avid fan of the Ip Man film franchise, which follows a kung fu master throughout his life, displaying his bravery, standing up for what is right, and overcoming adversity. I was inspired to write a theme based on the main Ip Man theme...
  8. bfreepro

    Storm Choir Ultimate doing Duel of the Fates and EPIC CHOIR SHOOTOUT!

    Duel of the epic choirs?! Today I put Storm Choir Ultimate (Strezov Sampling) thru the paces with an iconic choral piece from Star Wars Ep. I, and then I do some detailed comparisons with some other epic choir libraries.
  9. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling presents AFFLATUS Chapter 1 // 1.2 Update feat. 18GB of new sample content

    A Great Adventure Unfolds: Strezov Sampling are proud to present Afflatus Chapter I Strings Inspired by film and classical music icons this collection pushes the boundaries of traditional sampling methods by introducing revolutionary features like Auto Divisi combined with Polyphonic True...
  10. Taj Mikel

    Strezov Wotan?

    Hey all, I’m really interested in the Wotan choir from Strezov, but wanted to see if anyone has real world experience with it and can comment on its quality and playability?
  11. blougui

    Strezov spotted in "Solo" Star Wars end titles

    Well, may be I'm late at this but 2 days ago I went and see Solo,the StarWars spin-off prequelish. Like I usually do, I stayed to the end of the end titles, enjoying the music (so sub-mixed during the movie) AND reading the names scrolling, trying to find anyone I know. It's an old game of...
  12. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Macabre Solo Strings

  13. T

    Can Strezov's Freyja and Wotan work for epic tracks?

    It typically would cost $658 to purchase the bundle that includes Strezov Sampling's Wotan and Freyja choirs, but for Black Friday it's on sale for $460. The libraries seem really awesome so I'm leaning toward purchasing, but I just have a couple quick questions for people who own them: (1) Can...
  14. George Bellas

    Strezov Storm Choir III

    Just got an email from Strezov Sampling containing a teaser about Storm Choir III coming in the near future. Looking forward to hearing what Strezov is bringing to the table this time around as I have Freyja, Wotan, and Arva and absolutely love all three libraries.
  15. musicalweather

    Yet another choir thread... EW Symphonic vs Olympus vs Storm Choir 2 Core?

    Hi everyone, I know you're up to your ears in choir threads, but I'm still going to ask. I'm in need of a choir for epic / hybrid compositions. Need to get something soon, and as my budget is fairly tight, both EW Symphonic Choirs ($99 for me to upgrade) and Olympus (on sale for $329) are...
  16. Jazzaria

    Cornucopia strings polyphonic legato versus others autodivisi?

    What with the current sale I'm eyeing Cornucopia strings a bit, and am hoping to better understand the polyphonic legato patches. I get that they do some smart voice leading, but am wondering how specifically they compare to the more commonly labeled "autodivisi" or "divisi-live" features of...
  17. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling releases free Wotan and Freyja Updates (New Agile Legato for Wotan)

    Hello everyone, as promised from us 2 months ago: Today we release 2 free updates for Wotan and Freyja. Both of them are now fully compatible with our upcoming choir release Arva allowing the user to load and share their presets among all of these libraries. Additional small bugfixes have...
  18. StrezovSampling

    ARVA Children Choir released // Free Soloists Expansion released!!!

    Strezov Sampling proudly announces ÁRVA the final chapter in the Next Generation Choir Series and a first of its kind in the history of sampling! Being in developement for more than 3 years the final chapter of Strezov Sampling's Next Generation Choir Series is at hand. Starting with WOTAN, the...
  19. SoundChris

    Doswidanja Rodina (Russian Red Army Style Track feat. Strezov Sampling´s Wotan Epic Male Choir)

    Hey there, here is a little track that i wrote some time ago featuring the Strezov Sampling Wotan Choir in a "Hunt for Red October / Russian Red Army Choir" - style scenario. Hope you´ll enjoy it :) Instruments i have used here: Strezov Sampling: Wotan, Storm Choir II (just to add a few...
  20. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling releases Tupans X3M - Cinematic Percussion Suite // Intro Price ($129) ends Oct 31

    One of the most requested sample instruments is finally released. Inspired by the aggressive sound of recent Action Blockbusters, Strezov Sampling decided to produce the definitive sample set of Tupans. A sound which hasn't been commercially available up until now. The Tupan is a traditional...
  21. StrezovSampling

    "FREYJA Next Generation Female Choir" released

    The beauty of the female voice sampled with a no-holds-barred approach and combined with next-gen scripting. The female counterpart of the critically acclaimed WOTAN Male Choir. About FREYJA After the apocalyptic StormChoir, the mighty WOTAN Male Choir and the unique...
  22. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling releases Cornucopia Strings 2 //Intro price $129, free for owners of Cornucopia 1

    Hello everybody! As promised in several threads here on this forum and on facebook we went back to our beloved Cornucopia Strings and fixed some of the issues you guys experienced during the years. (The original library was released in early 2013) Cornucopia Strings 2 consists of a handpicked...
  23. StrezovSampling

    Thunder X3M - The epic conclusion of the Thunder Series released!!!

    THUNDER X3M takes all three previous editions of the Thunder Series and breathes new live to the sample material by implementing a powerful engine that allows the user to manipulate and map the samples. This, along with a massive amount of brandnew recorded samples, opens vast musical...
  24. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling releases free DISTORT 2 Update

    Strezov Sampling releases free Distort 2 1.1 Update adding a finetuned version of the clean samples patch with an alternative tuning. Owners of the library will receive a download link during the next 24 hours. About Distort 2: DISTORT 2 is an electric guitar sample library perfect for film...
  25. StrezovSampling

    One day left: 60% OFF The Complete THUNDER Series!!!

    Comprised of three unique recording sessions with different ensemble sizes the whole Thunder package (formerly known as three seperate volumes) is available for limited time only as a bundled offer at a nobrainer price. Everyone owning this bundle or at least one other volume of Strezov...
  26. JGRaynaud

    Star Wars : Main Title - Mockup

    Hey guys ! I recently made this mockup of the Main Title of Star Wars for Strezov Sampling.. I wanted to make a demo of their libraries because I think they are amazing and too less people use them. So here is the version I made: French Horns : Strezov Orchestra: FRENCH HORNS Trombones ...
  27. StrezovSampling

    Rhodope Standalone Legatos & FX EXP + Complete Bundle // New demos + Intro pricing ends on Nov17!!!

    About Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Expansion A After working more than a year on the orginal Rhodope version and the unique "Syllabuilder" engine, the most requested features for an expansion have been a) true legato and b) effects. Now with "Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian Choir: Expansion A"...
  28. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling announces Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Legatos & FX Expansion

    Hello everyone, we are very proud to announce the Legatos & FX Expansion Set for our critically acclaimed Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian Choir library. After the release of the free update for our core library featuring the revolutionary Syllabuilder Engine, we are now about to take Rhodope to a...
  29. StrezovSampling

    Strezov Sampling StormChoir 2 Update released + Upgrade discount available

    Hello there, one year after the completion of our critically acclaimed StormChoir 2 line we proudly release the first major free update for our flagship choir. Featuring a completely new edited sample pool for all of the 24 sustain and staccato syllables, a new tightening...
  30. StrezovSampling

    FREE Rhodope: Ethnic Bulgarian Choir Update released (New sample content, GUI and more)!!!

    One year after its release we proudly release the first free Rhodope Update. Personal download links will go out during the weekend. This update not only includes new recorded sample content, but also a brandnew Quick Word system and various changes to how our totally unique Syllabuilder...
  31. StrezovSampling

    Big news for everyone outside of the European Union!!!

    Hello everyone, we have some great news for all of our friends outside the European Union. Due to the laws of Bulgaria we unfortunately had to charge everyone who bought products from us VAT even non EU customers. Now finally we were able to get rid of this. From now on every customer living...
  32. donbodin

    Video Review & Playthough of AMS Brass Bundle from Strezov Sampling

    Spent some time getting to know the AMS Brass Bundle from Strezov Sampling - a really cool set of truly aleatoric brass instruments for kontakt. Full written review here:
  33. StrezovSampling

    Distort 2 Released |Intro price $99 ends on Aug 17

    Distort 2 is a highly intuitive mockup tool especially designed for composers working with midi keyboards. Never before has it been easier to play in guitar riffs. Splitting the keys into two zones, one with palm mutes, the other with sustains, Distort 2 allows the player to use both hands for...
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