streaming samples

  1. wuubb

    Host samples on NAS with 10gbe

    So this is part question, part personal anecdote from my own setup. I currently have a Linux server that I use as a NAS with 3x1TB SSDs with all of my samples on them. Back when I built this SSD's were really $$$ so it seemed like a good idea at the time. The server has a Mellanox Infiniband...
  2. cato

    Streaming samples from SSD's via a USB3 docking station?

    Hi, quick question, how would plugging in a couple of these USB 3.0 docking stations into a Mac Pro 5,1 with my SSD drives work when it comes to working with sample instruments like Spitfire Albion in my projects? Will I come across lots of issues? Or this one...
  3. blougui

    SSD internal : any brand to avoid in 960/1to range ?

    Hello fellow producers and composers, I'ld to know if there's any brand/model to avoid at the moment for a SSD 960/1 t range, for streaming my Kontakt3d party virtual instruments ? Thanx for any feedback ! Erik
  4. Silence-is-Golden

    IMac with 500GB SSD, useful to make a sample streaming partition?

    as the title indicates: is it of any use to differentiate the main OS from the streaming of samples? Or would it not make any difference? Main reasons: that the samples don't get scattered around the SSD, and therefore no delay in streaming speeds. Or would you even discourage to stream from...