stranger things

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  2. AdamSold

    80s Synths Dream

    I've been busy with this lately, hopefully it causes some retro vibe for the listener. Not a perfect mix but Ive tried my best :) enjoy and stay safe!
  3. luigizaccheo


    Stranger Things music tutorial on sound synthesis for academic students of electronic music, sound engineering and computer music Reaktor Blocks Reaktor Monark 7 Retrologue 2 6 Massive Performed on Cubase Pro
  4. Epicomposer

    Review: Gothic Instruments - DRONAR Dark Synthesis

    After the first three successful installments, Gothic Instruments is back with their fourth volume of their exclusive drones & ambience creation engine DRONAR – this time introducing DRONAR Dark Synthesis. DRONAR Dark Synthesis focuses on the realm of gloomy and mysterious retro synth sound...
  5. Kyle Preston

    Stranger Things Orchestrated

    Recently, I 'recomposed' the Stranger Things theme. Translating bleeps and bloops into strings and brass was a blast. Literally. I don't go full forte very often, but it's THE main theme of the show and I wanted to try something new.
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