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  1. jrrshop

    Up to 67% off Steven Slate Drums and Joey Sturgis Tones

    Up to 67% off Steven Slate Drums, now $49 each for Trigger 2 Platinum and all Trigger and SSD expansions, or $99 for SSD5: 50% off JST Sidewidener, now $24 instead of $49:
  2. Cory Pelizzari

    The Ups & Downs of Slate Drums 5

    Get it here: Get the free NoteMapper (for Windows only): Get the NoteMapper presets:
  3. kurtvanzo

    Slate Digital Monthly- Is this crazy?

    Slate digital has now joined the monthly payment plan bandwagon. Now, I don't love their stuff so it's clearly not for me. But I wanted to take people's pulse, is this the point at which, even if you like the plugs, paying monthly for each developer would get out of hand? It sounds like a great...