1. jrrshop

    25% off the newly updated Acon Digital Acoustica 7.2 with AI Stem Separation

    25% off the newly updated Acon Digital Acoustica 7.2, now $44 for Standard or $149 for Premium: Acoustica 7.2 — now with Stem Separation Tools Acoustica 7 is the perfect solution for audio editing, mastering and restoration...
  2. Karsten Laser

    Cubase Mixer - Create STEM View

    Hello fellow Vi-Controllers, i want use MixConsole 2 for exclusively showing my 20 Stems (Grouptracks) I created a Visibility Config only showing the corresponding Grouptracks and did not link it to the visibility of my Arrangement window. BUT: When I create new Grouptracks they are shown in the...
  3. JaikumarS

    LogicProX Stems - Workflow - Instruments - Subgroups -Fx Channels

    Hi there! I found the vidoe attached here very useful. Could you recommend the best way to route the signals in LogicProX [ Instruments -> Submix groups (eg woodwind short high, woodwind short low, woodwind long high, woodwind long low, etc) -> Groups (Woodwinds) -> Mix Print] I found it was...
  4. Callum Hoskin

    Reverb Sends Logic - Best Way???

    At the moment I have my tracks routed to reverbs, through auxiliary sends, and the tracks outputed to a bus. Eg: Violins I Legato goes to the Valhalla aux and is outputed to the UpperStringsLong bus. The problem is when I bounce out my section buses as stems they are 100% dry I wanted to know if...
  5. hozierschurch

    Workflow and Track Stack / Stem Organisation

    I currently have 17 Summing Stacks (Stems) for different instruments / groups i.e. Strings, Brass, Keys, Epic Percussion e.t.c. Is it advisable (or even necessary) to be more specific i.e. Strings Short High, String Short Low, Strings Long High, Strings Long Low to avoid EQ / Reverb issues...
  6. Fab

    Do we think actually 'scoring to picture' JW style is going to continue being a thing in future

    Curious to hear what working film and TV composers have found, and what they think is easier, where are the pitfalls / benefits? So, if you have the time...thanks, share your knowledge! IMO; I think I'd be fine delivering the stems and not so protective letting the overlords mess around with...
  7. paulvanderwalt

    Mastering of stems...Advice please?

    Hi I've got some library tracks which I need to send mastered stems of, but I'm finding it really hard to keep the balance. Please note that I mean that I need to master the actual stems, not to master WITH stems. The client needs to be able to drop all the separate tracks/stems into a...
  8. hozierschurch

    Logic X - Is it possible to print stems with reverb e.t.c.?

    Read a ton of posts about this and struggling to find something definitive. Basically I have summing track stacks i.e. Orchestral Strings, routed to Spaces Reverb which results in a Strings Master. It is this master I am trying to print together with the reverb effects e.t.c. :confused:
  9. Dr Sabs

    Cubase 9 Record Stems into Pro Tools 12

    Hi All, I am currently trying to find a way to be able to have Cubase record stems directly into Pro Tools. Is this only possible through 2 computers, or am I able to do it all on the same machine (with pro tools hosting video and such). Either way, what software/routing does one have to go...
  10. Garlu

    [VIDEO] Offline Stems in Logic

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share a method on how to create offline stems in Logic (similar to batch export, in Cubase). This topic came out on Christian Henson's #14 video ("All about stems"), so, I hope this helps -sorry for my spaniard accent! ;) Best, Vanessa G. "Garlu"
  11. M

    Analog summing for film scoring.

    Hi, Is there anyone who uses analog summing for film / tv scores? I'm considering x-desk or a sigma, but think that maybe it's hard with stems and tweaks? Thanks!
  12. DanielOutro

    What types of sounds/instruments would you like to hear in a sample pack?

    There are a lot of sample packs with classic drum machines, synths and traditional instruments. Let us know what new sounds you think could be interesting or helpful in your productions! This includes: Genres Playing styles FX Moods
  13. karelpsota

    How to deal with Sends and Stem Exports?

    I would always use sends because it was convenient and CPU efficient to have one reverb on various instruments.... But now that I'm required to deliver stems that sound like my master. I find myself duplicating reverbs on each bus. Its a bit annoying. What is the most efficient technique in...
  14. Garlu

    [VIDEO] ProTools: Spot multiple clips to original TimeStamp

    Dear ProTools user friends: I'd like to share with you a trick about importing multiple clips to their original TimeStamp (through an Applescript). I made a video to show the entire process and see how it could speed up our workflow. This might benefit engineers, composers (and composer...
  15. A

    Average SSD: How many WAV files stream simultaneosly?

    Hey guys! I need to know how many WAVs (5.1, 24bit, 48khz) does a average SSD (Samsung Evo 750 class) handle simultaneosly? A guessing number could helpful too?
  16. composerguy78

    Automating Bouncing Stems

    I thought some fellow composers might find this useful. It's a macro I set up which is basically a recording of the key commands used to bounce stems. As long as you use track stacks and set up your session in this way it might help take some of the tedium out of bouncing stems. (click to view...
  17. will_m

    Mastering process for stems?

    Hi guys, I'm working on some music for a film that's going to have a 5.1 mix. I don't have a 5.1 set-up in my studio so I'm going to be supplying them with stems from my stereo mix. Just wondering what peoples approach to mastering is in this situation? Do you get the guys doing the mix to...
  18. Jaybee

    Delivering Stems for Production Music - which groups?

    I've done a few searches and as someone quite new to this industry I may well be using the wrong terminology which is why I can't find the answer so bear with me! I'm on the finishing stages of my first ever template. It seems to have taken weeks to assemble but I'm finally getting it to work...