1. wuubb

    Nature of hardware limits when using Kontakt?

    Between these 3 components: RAM, CPU, and storage, what is the order in which they usually crap out when running large templates? I'm curious from a hardware standpoint what the priorities should be when building a system say for VEP. Based on what I read on here, it seems that CPU would be the...
  2. wuubb

    Anyone tried using infiniband to stream samples?

    I currently have my main workstation, a VE Pro server, and a Linux server, which host my samples a several SSDs. The workstation and VEP machine are connected to the Linux via infiniband. I originally did this as I figured it would be cheaper than having to buy more SSD each time I expanded my...
  3. H

    External SSD library acting weird

    I am trying to use an external SSD to hold all my sound libraries. In the past, I have used a regular hard drive and it has worked fine, but with growing size of libraries I thought of moving to SSD. When I moved my libraries (specifically Cinematic Strings) from regular to SSD (both external)...
  4. G

    Paragon NTFS or MacDrive

    I'm getting a new PC Slave, Currently been using a single Mac. So my samples all reside on a Mac formatted SSD drive. But I still want to be able to move the drive to my MacBook Pro when I'm mobile. So should I format the sample drive as NTFS and then use Paragon NTFS on my Mac's to access the...
  5. MoeWalsaad

    One SSD to load them all - Good idea?

    Hello, I want to improve my Sample library loading times and performance, I brought one new large SSD, So I wonder whether it's a good idea to run all my main VST libraries on it, or is it better to split between several drives (includes HDDs)? I know that loading too many instruments from one...
  6. A

    Do I need an upgrade?

    Currently running a laptop with the following specs: Intel i7 6820HK 32 GB RAM 1 TB SSD (for samples - have a separate drive for the OS and other stuff) As it stands 500 GB of the 1 Tb is occupied and I'm expecting this to go up to 700 GB by the end of the year. I am still building up my...
  7. GrapeBotherhood

    Cloning Mac Boot Drive to SSD drive

    Hi all, I hope this is the right place where to ask this. I have this Mac Pro: Mac Pro 5,1 (Mid 2012) (Silver Tower) 3,33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon OS: High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65) My Goal: - Clone the boot drive to a SSD Samsung Evo 860 drive (I have a 2,5'' to 3,5'' adapter to mount the ssd in...
  8. cato

    Streaming samples from SSD's via a USB3 docking station?

    Hi, quick question, how would plugging in a couple of these USB 3.0 docking stations into a Mac Pro 5,1 with my SSD drives work when it comes to working with sample instruments like Spitfire Albion in my projects? Will I come across lots of issues? Or this one...
  9. HeliaVox

    Samsung T5 SDD

    Just saw a deal on Amazon and got a 500GB drive for $99. This is my first SSD for streaming samples and my Kontakt library is well over 500GB. I was wondering what libraries would best be served by moving them over to the SSD. Thanks for everyones input! P
  10. B

    Macbook Pro 2018 internal disk size

    Hi guys, I'm currently debating whether to get 512GB or 1TB internal SSD for my 15' MBP with 2.6 i7 processor, 32GB RAM and 560X graphics card. I was wondering if people here that are using Macbooks could give me an insight into their workflow and whether it's better to go for 512GB and store...
  11. T

    Will an NMVe M.2 drive work better than SATA M.2 drive for Kontakt's DFD?

    I have my main operating system installed on a Samsung PM981 NMVe drive. I have one more M.2 SSD slot in my Intel Hades Canyon NUC, and would like a dedicated samples drive to allow Kontakt's DFD feature to save RAM. Is there any point in getting a more expensive NMVE drive for this purpose...
  12. B

    Seeking Advice on 2nd internal SSD for MacBook Pro

    Dear VI-Control folks, Thanks so much for your amazing posts. I learn so much from you! I'm requesting your tech expertise, as I'm about to dive into the world of score composing. Q: I want to install a 2nd SSD into my MBP (swapping out the Optical/DVD) to hold sample libraries. I prefer...
  13. M

    Moving sample libraries to a new external harddrive

    Hello, I ave also bought an external SSD hard drive. Until now I have always stored my samples on an external skinny drive. I use Logic Pro and use basically only Spitfire orchestral libraries that I have stored on the external hard drive. Now I would like to clone the external hard drive to my...
  14. H

    Help build new computer.

    Hi everybody. Long time reading from this Forum. First time asking for help. Intel I7-8700k, Asus Prime Z370-A, 16 Gb Rams, No idea about Hard drives, Should I go with SSD hard drive or regulare ones and how many do I need. Windows 10, Spitefire Albion One, Eastwest Composercloud Monthly plan...
  15. W

    Reasons to use separate sample drive(s) rather than system SSD?

    I’m expecting to soon get a new DAW that will have a 4TB internal SSD system drive. My current DAW has a standard internal drive, so I have most of my sample libraries residing on a pair of Samsung T3 SSDs connected via USB. They aren’t the fastest things available, but they have worked pretty...
  16. G

    Raid0 sata drives?

    I have some spare old SATA 1TB drives lying around, and was wondering if would get a slight performance gain if I RAID0-ed them and put my less used sample libraries on them? Currently my less used libraries are on one of the SATA 1TB drives connected via an external USB3 enclosure going into my...
  17. C

    Kontakt 5.7.3 and Ssd not work well

    Hi Guy I run in Cubase 9.5.2 a big template for orchestral stuff, in kontakt 5.7.3 and about some week updated my old HDD to a 2 SSD to avoid all killing voices, overload disk, and more efficient in general way, because i think this was my bottle neck, i have a good pc with i7 7700k , 64 gb ram...
  18. cjbrett22

    External SSD

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to get an external SSD drive as my iMac (mid 2016) is filling up. What would be a good option to go for? I've never ran sample libraries off of an external drive before so I'm not really sure where to start! Thanks!
  19. G

    Intel SSD Octane Drives

    Have you seen the Intel Optane PCI SSD's. Man these look cool! Plus their's a video on the page of BT and his studio and how he uses the Optane drives.
  20. stigc56

    Sonnet Tempo SSD Pro Plus - extra internal SSD in Mac Pro 5.1

    This card goes in a PCIe slot in a Mac Pro 5.1 and hosts 2 SSD and has 2 eSATA ports on the front as well. Highest bid above 200$/170€
  21. creativeforge

    Booting SSD not booting after update to Skype 8.0

    WARNING! I'm on Windows 7 64, and decided to update my Skype to the latest as I was working on graphics with a client and the connection sucked. Upon reboot, my SSD didn't fire up. It's not showing in Speccy either. Anyone had this happen? I hope I didn't lose everything.
  22. Josh Richman

    Samsung 850 pro ssd or the samsung 850 evo ssd ???

    Samsung 850 PRO SSD OR the Samsung 850 EVO SSD ???
  23. hozierschurch

    Faulty MacBook. Do I need an iMac?

    My Late 2011 MacBook Pro is dying due to a GPU fault so I'm looking for an upgrade but with limited funds. I use LPX and want to start creating large orchestral projects using EWQL e.t.c. Portability isn't a huge concern - more of a bonus ... My budget is pretty dismal (about £1200) but if I...
  24. kingseamus

    PCIe SSD disappeared from Mac Pro 4,1

    I have an early 2009 Mac Pro (running 10.11.6) and I've been using an Angelbird PCIe drive (MX2) as my main sample drive for about eight months now. Last week, however, the drive disappeared from my desktop, and is no longer visible in recovery mode or in the list output of "diskutil list"...
  25. tarantulis

    FS: StudioCat Platinum Slave PC

    Hey guys, Selling a 2016 slave PC built by Jim Roseberry of StudioCat. Specs below: Platinum Slave - Case: Silent Mid-Tower - Power-Supply: 750w ultra quiet - Haswell CPU: 5820k - RAM: 64GB DDR4/2400 (4x16GB) - OS drive: 1TB 7200RPM HD - Samples drive 1: 500GB SSD - Samples...
  26. TigerTheFrog

    Difference between Samsung 850 Pro and Evo

    While my computer boots off of a SSD, I have used a second internal 7800 hard drive for most of my samples. But I'm running out of space and I'm looking to move some of them to a new SSD. As I'm a hobbyist who rarely uses large templates, the waits have not been an unacceptable problem for...
  27. M

    Looking for a system to run this library template...(RAM, disk speed, raid 0)

    For the orchestral composers out there..:sneaky::sneaky::sneaky: What do you guys think would be an adequate system to run these libraries together, both loading the patches and playing back? Strings: CS2, CSS Brass: Berlin Brass Woodwinds: Spitfire Woodwinds Percussion: Berlin Percussion...
  28. S

    MacPro 5.1 12core 3,33Ghz 48gb Ram in Germany

    I bought this mac 1 year ago - new assembled from new Hardware and just the case is old and has some scratches. CPU: 12x 3,33Ghz (XEON 5680) RAM: 48GB Festplatte: 256GB SSD + 2Tb HDD Grafik: ATI 5770 1GB OSX: 10.12.2 Incl. Mouse, Keyboard, Bill, Packaging Price: 2950€ Optional: Sonnet PCIe to...
  29. kingseamus

    Any Mac Pro owners using Samsung 850 Evo/Pro SSD's?

    I'm considering a 2TB Samsung 850 Pro or Evo SSD for my Mac Pro 4,1 (early 2009 model). I would be using the drive for sample storage. It appears as if the drive should be compatible with my Mac Pro, and that it's TRIM-enabled out of the box, but I'm curious if there are any Samsung 850 users...
  30. blougui

    SSD internal : any brand to avoid in 960/1to range ?

    Hello fellow producers and composers, I'ld to know if there's any brand/model to avoid at the moment for a SSD 960/1 t range, for streaming my Kontakt3d party virtual instruments ? Thanx for any feedback ! Erik
  31. M

    Samsung 850 PRO 512 vs Sandisk Extreme PRO 480

    I already own 2x 850 PRO for system and projects. I am seriously thinking about buying others high-end SATA 3 SSD's to stream my Kontakt based libraries (my PCIe NMVe slots are full of 512 GB 950 PRO). I almost bought a pair of 512 GB 850 PRO but I have found this accurate bench of the 850 PRO...

    Samsung sm961 ssd(nvme)

    Hi Guys, Anyone purchased or looking to purchase this NMVe drive? If noone has heard of it, is the successor to the Samsung 950 Pro. Definitely thinking of purchasing one myself, most likely for...
  33. stigc56

    External SSD on MacPro 2009

    Hi I have all 4 storage slots in my MacPro 2009 occupied, and need some more SSD storage for streaming samples. I seem to remember that I can put a special card in my MP I can have some kind of external SSD running. Has anyone tried that and have any recommendations?
  34. A

    Average SSD: How many WAV files stream simultaneosly?

    Hey guys! I need to know how many WAVs (5.1, 24bit, 48khz) does a average SSD (Samsung Evo 750 class) handle simultaneosly? A guessing number could helpful too?
  35. G

    Macbook with RAID0?

    Has anyone tried using a RAID0 with SSDs drives in their Macbook Pro. I want to have a portable setup with as much performance boost as possible. So I have a caddy drive bay in my 13-inch 2012 Macbook. I'm going to add an extra SSD and stripe them in a RAID0 to get the most read and writes...
  36. C

    Kontakt and SSD format

    Hello forum. I've ran into a little problem with my new external SSD (1TB). I've moved my sample libraries to it, and the libraries under the "libraries" tab in Kontakt are working just fine (HZ01, Spitfire Symphonic Brass etc.). But my SSD doesn't show up under the "Files" tab, so I'm not able...
  37. P

    Replacing an SSD. Libraries relinking?

    Hi everybody, I have a blackmagic multidock with 4 ssd and now I’m running out of space. I was thinking about replacing one of my 240 Gb ssd with 1Tb ssd and a silly question came to mind. If I replace the ssd where I have all kontakt libraries that don’t require to be authorized (the ones you...
  38. ag75

    Question about formatting an external SSD for OS X

    I just purchased two Samsung Portable SSD T3 drives to stream my samples when I am on the road. The drives come formatted ExFAT, which to my understanding allows them to be read by both OSX and PC. If I am using these drives to only read/stream samples, is there a better format I should be...
  39. J

    IMac purchasing advice

    I am preparing to purchase a new iMac 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display and upgrading to the 4.0GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 4.2GHz to use with Logic and sample libraries. I have two questions regarding both the memory and the storage. First of all I've been told that...
  40. Silence-is-Golden

    IMac with 500GB SSD, useful to make a sample streaming partition?

    as the title indicates: is it of any use to differentiate the main OS from the streaming of samples? Or would it not make any difference? Main reasons: that the samples don't get scattered around the SSD, and therefore no delay in streaming speeds. Or would you even discourage to stream from...
  41. M

    Your PCIe SSD choice : Samsung 950 PRO 512 GB vs Intel 750 Series 400 GB

    Hi, I mainly use Kontakt libraries (Spitfire Albion, BML, Percussion, Project SAM Symphobia, some Sonokinetic stuff, Orchestral Tools Woodwinds, etc...) and EWQL (Orchestra, Stormdrum 2, etc...). I have already installed a Samsung in my M.2 slot (but not tested yet with this new built) and I...
  42. G

    Will I get better performance from two computers or one spec-ed up one

    Hi Guys, I've got a Macbook Pro 2012 with a 2.5Ghz i5, 16GB RAM and 250GB Crucial SSD I've also got an HP Probook 450G2 with a 2.4Ghz i5, with 16GB RAM, and 250GB Crucial SSD. I'm wanting to set the two up together in a master/slave setup. You think I'll be ok with performance with these two...
  43. J

    OWC Thunderbay 4 with SSDs - Turning the fan off

    Hey guys, I have a Thunderbay 4 here that I'd like to use with SSDs. Was wondering if any of you who have one have had any luck with disconnecting the fan on the back? It's far to loud to have in the studio while recording. From what I know, SSDs don't get very hot. The Black Magic Multi-dock...
  44. SillyMidOn

    Any alternatives to Blackmagic Multidock?

    Hi Looking to buy a thunderbolt enclosure for ssd drives. The Black Magic looks the best option, but was wondering if anyone knew of any alternatives? Thanks in advance, Ladies and Gentlemen!
  45. K

    High dfd in vep

    Hello, So, I'm getting a weird behavior in Vienna Ensemble Pro (it's been like this for a while). I'm getting really high readings of DFD inside Kontakt, but only when I host Kontakt inside VEP. First time I noticed this was with Mural Strings, as soon as I deleted them from VEP and hosted them...
  46. dtonthept

    Pimp my.... Magma Expansion Chassis?????

    Hey all, I'm one of those folks who has been updating their Cheesegrater Mac Pros in recent times, I'm currently rocking the 12 core 3.46GHz setup with 32GB Ram and a bunch of SSDs. I have a Protools HDX card and two UAD Octos in my machine, so wasn't able to add any fast storage via PCIe...
  47. stigc56

    Samsung SSD Pro or standard?

    Hi I'm about to invest in another SSD, this time a 2TB Samsung. I wonder if anyone here can recommend the Pro version for the standard. The price factor is about 1.5, so it's still a decent amount of money.
  48. Silence-is-Golden

    MBP OSX yosemity with UVI workstation+Bohemian violin issue

    This may be an (too) specific question regarding a setup I use on a relative older model MBP for live usage: MacBook Pro (15-inch, medio 2010) 2,4 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB DDR3 It's internal HD is of a lousy (!) 5400speed so I use an external SSD via USB2 (!) for sample streaming. Contact runs...
  49. Silence-is-Golden

    Will SSD via USB2 do the streaming trick?

    can any of you IT knowledgable members confirm or not whether SSD via USB 2 is enough to stream samples via disk? Thank you in advance
  50. N

    Programs on ssd

    other than booting up faster, are programs significantly faster on an ssd? if you're using a slave, do you need to have vep on an ssd, or does that not really matter if it's just there to play back samples?