1. Aleela

    SSO Reverb?

    Do you use any reverb for the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra (SSW SSB SSS) plus Spitfire Percussion? Or do you just keep the reverb of the hall where it was recorded? How do you use it? Thanks!
  2. windyweekend

    Spitfire SSB Expansion Pack

    Can anyone out there with the expansion pack (and I guess the original BML libraries) care to share their thoughts on the library? Is it worth expanding? I've been considering this for a while but it's quite a massive leap without knowing what's really in it (esp as I'll likely need a hardware...
  3. Karma

    Disney/Fairytale Wedding Piece

    To give a little background behind this piece... my brother recently got engaged and a few people around me suggested that I compose a piece for his wedding day. His fiance is a big Disney fan so I decided to try and aim for something along those lines. Lots of inspiration taken from...