1. A

    I need your help: new single out on Feb. 14th, 2020

    Dear friends, my new single “Fragile” will be released on February 14th, 2020 on all major digital streaming/download platforms. You can really support me and help putting my music in front of Spotify algorithm and curators by pre-saving my new track clicking the link below and then logging in...
  2. N.Caffrey

    Modern classical playlist: give me some suggestions

    Hi all, I created a new playlist on Spotify, hoping to be both a place where you can listen to some of the best from the contemplative classical genre, but also to discover new emerging artist that would otherwise go unnoticed. Here's the link...
  3. M

    4 New Soundtrack Albums (Adventure Music 1-4)

    Hello everyone, I recently released 4 soundtrack albums! All four of the scores are part of an ongoing series of stories about an investigator who discovers and solves different mysteries and crimes around the world. Adventure Music: The Hidden Mystery, Pt.1 (Original Motion Picture...
  4. Vsevolod

    Film score mastering for iTunes, Spotify, etc

    Hi, folks! It is difficult to find information on this topic. I finished work on my short film. I wrote a soundtrack and sent it with stems for mixing in 5.1. I did a basic eq adjustment, for some percussion I used a bit of compression, reverb, emulation tape. My master bus is empty. What...
  5. Celestial Aeon

    Spotify milestone

    Just wanted to share a weird and uncommon feat - today two of my tunes got added at the same time to an official 400k follower Spotify playlist. So 2 tunes out of the 50 are mine :) It's not something that happens every day to an artist to be so well represented on a single official list so...
  6. Celestial Aeon

    Weird situation regarding songwriter revenue

    EDIT: this situation got eventually resolved by Jamendo / BMI, but I'll leave the original message here for context. The resolution is to join BMI or ASCAP and follow a procedure that states that specific tunes are part of Jamendo / Creative Commons business. ORIGINAL QUESTION: I have quite a...
  7. Wunderhorn

    Streaming services fight royalty increase for song writers

    As if the entire streaming model wasn't already based on organized robbery IMO now they openly show their true colors - Here is an interesting read: Spotify, Google, Pandora, Amazon Go to U.S. Appeals Court to Overturn Royalty Increase
  8. L

    Spotify vs Library/Production Music

    Hi Vi control, I know that several people on the forum publish music through CDBaby/Tunecore. I was wondering when an album has been published like this to iTunes and Spotify, is it still possible to send it to 'Production Libraries' to use? I've done a few searches but couldn't find some...
  9. Celestial Aeon

    Personal Spotify milestone

    Just wanted to share one of my biggest personal milestones of my music career - my fantasy music / instrumental music project Celestial Aeon Project managed to surpass 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify few days ago! Feels amazing as I never thought I would get this far! Will be great to...
  10. Archduke

    Barro Sublevado | tango

    If you enjoy Tango Argentino (music in the line of -say- Astor Piazzolla), you might like this instrumental piece: Barro sublevado. You can also consider it classical music with strong roots in tango, something similar to what Bartók made with Rumanian folk music - but here with Urban Argentine...
  11. Dear Villain

    How many are successful on Spotify with Orchestral Music?

    I'm just curious if anyone has had success in selling tracks/albums that are modern classical/orchestral (not epic/film) via Spotify, iTunes, etc. If so, have people found your music through related searches for other artists, or do you do a lot of promotion via social media and/or other...
  12. Kyle Preston

    The Truth About Spotify...

    Credit goes to @chillbot for sharing this article with me: