1. AlexKC

    The Hollow - Smartphone Short Movie and OST

    In my several attempts at creating something different, I ended up filming a short movie with a smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.: For this short movie I collaborated with Kilian Seavers who was writer, director and actor, while I was cinamatographer, editor and composer. Here you can...
  2. R

    Introducing Theatrical Progressive: A single from my debut hybrid-orchestral album

    Hello musicians and music-lovers, I am delighted to share with you an experimental track from my debut album "Wrong Side Out". The track is called "Rucci" and many others have called it polystylistic, contemporary classical, new-age, sound-track, etc. It may be a mixture of them all but I like...
  3. R

    Identifying the genre for my modern/hybrid composition

    Hello well-wishers I come from a background where I wasn't exposed to the different genres out there. So my music (original, independent - not for any TV or film) is an experimental hybrid score that doesn't exactly respect genre boundaries. I need some help from those who have experience in...
  4. M

    What's your opinion on BBC Symphony Orchestra Core/Pro?

    I got the Core version, I think it's pretty great, though the lack of mic positions is a bit annoying at times. Also felt like the brass could use a little extra at times, but that's pretty easily fixed with a bit of saturation. Overall, good library for what you get for your money.
  5. pixelcrave

    Original Christmas composition with BBCSO

    Hello Hope everyone's having a good start of a Christmas / holiday week. I wrote a short original Christmas-y tune using BBCSO and would love to hear some feedbacks from you good people here! I'm still new at composing/arranging and have not learned much about mixing just yet. But that said...
  6. macavalon

    Getting ready for Spitfire Audio summer sale...

    At the last spring sale I found it really challenging to limit what I should purchase ! Pretty much all spitfire libraries sound great... but how to choose. So I put together a spreadsheet ! https://www.dropbox.com/s/4qqoe0f75ohw783/2020_spring_sale.xlsx?dl=0 Hopefully this information will be...
  7. Graham Wayne

    Spitfire BBCSO control surface for DAWS using TouchOSC on IOS and Android devices

    UPDATE: NEW VERSION NOW AVAILABLE WHICH SUPPORTS BBCSO V1.20 TECHNIQUES (MUTED BRASS) - SEE THIS POST BELOW FOR DETAILS, DOWNLOAD LINKS AND INSTRUCTIONS ON USAGE I recently invested in Spitfire’s BBCSO, and while it’s great to use, the interface isn't always as good to use as it is to look at...
  8. Mattia Chiappa

    Flying Sleigh - BBCSO

    Hello! I've heard quite a lot of slow, intimate music made with this library so I wanted to try something different and I challenged myself with a piece I knew it would be hard to mockup. Here you go! Files and score here...
  9. Mattia Chiappa

    Closure - BBCSO Demo

    Hello! I just finished working on this track. I wrote this precisely to test the new BBCSO library. I tried to make it sound the best I could given I only really had a couple of days to play with it. I had a ton of fun making this and I'm curious to know your thoughts! Here's the track...
  10. D

    Albion ONE 10th Anniversary Edition trailer_rescored

    Here is mine, please give me your inputs to achieve a better result. Thank you.
  11. storyteller

    Spitfire Albion Trailer Rescore Competition (Storyteller - My Entry)

    Hey guys! Thought I’d share my Spitfire Albion Trailer Rescore entry. Just for fun I added a small 15 second and 10 second edits to the video just to see how trailerette variations would look. Hope you enjoy! Spitfire Albion Trailer Rescore Links Full Version: 15 Second: 10 Second...
  12. Jetzer

    Will You Help Me (piano/strings piece)

    Set out to write something cool to show off to my friends..but I seem to naturally write these soft/subtle pieces. Decided to just get on with it and finish the thing. Here it is:
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