1. PaulieDC

    Spitfire Abbey Road Vibrant Reeds Is Out, but so is a DISCOUNT

    My apologies if this has been mentioned already, but I got the release email about Vibrant Reeds, Spitfire's 5th module for AROOF for $49. HOWEVER, I scrolled down and saw "View Your Price" and clicked on it. Sure enough, it says Regularly $245 (5 modules at $49), your price $171.22. I haven't...
  2. ChrisSiuMusic

    Sample libraries. Are we addicted?

    As composers, we're attracted to sample libraries like flies to a sweaty headband. But why is that the case? Is GAS a real thing? Let's discuss in today's video.
  3. C

    Spitfire BBCSO + Chamber Strings

    Hi forum, So I'm trying to find a neater, smaller sound for my string arrangements. My main (string) library is Spitfire's BBCSO Pro and while the strings are great, sometimes (often) I wish they could be dialled back - and without having to resort to EQ and mic positioning tricks. I love the...
  4. Artemi

    The Mummy Returns by Alan Silvestri [CineBrass & Berlin Strings / Mockup]

    Hello! I wanted to share my recent mockup from the Mummy Returns film. (This is a combination of Evy kidnapped and My first bus ride themes from the movie) The main libraries used for this mockup are Cinebrass core, Berlin Strings, True Strike 1 and some Albion One for woodwinds and...
  5. Angora

    Spitfire Audio x DC - Scoring Competition

    https://www.spitfireaudio.com/stargirl Create your own score to an exclusive clip for a chance to win every Spitfire Audio library, a signed score manuscript and a mentoring session with top composer, Pinar Toprak! Spitfire Audio is delighted to have teamed up with A-list composer Pinar Toprak...
  6. tonio_

    Which first couple of orchestral libraries for RPG video game scores?

    Hey guys! I'm new here, nice to meet yous :D I'm currently looking for some orchestral libraries, like I said in the title. I'm wanting to seriously get into video game music, mainly things along the lines of RPGs, MMORPGs and maybe Rougelites. I of course understand that this means pretty much...
  7. C

    Orchestral piece inspired by Western film scores - feedback welcome!

    I've always been fascinated by the famous scores from classic Western movies. From The Magnificent Seven (Elmer Bernstein) to Once Upon a Time in the West (the great Ennio Morricone), these scores evoked vastness, hope and adventure through memorable melodies and beautiful orchestration. This...
  8. J

    Spitfire Albion Neo 1.0.44 update: Fixed missing reverb IRs, incorrect expression CC mapping, and a few others

    Albion Neo was just updated to version 1.0.44, which fixes a number of minor issues: The missing IRs for the reverbs used in the main and eDNA patches has been corrected. So if you have been getting the "content missing" warnings when loading patches, and haven't already contacted support to...
  9. R

    What would you choose and why?

    I am seeking for a refreshment of orchestra libraries.. A new start so to speak. Current libs, is a frankstein of all kinds.. and i want to make it a bit more less frankenstein. Before you say: but The bbc so options written below are considered a frankenstein setup, it kind of is.. but i...
  10. S

    BBC orchestra (pro version) Multi Timbral instrument HELP

    Hi guys, Is there a way to route different articulations to different midi outputs so I can use only one instance of BBCSO per instrument (and be able to control all different articulations)? Thanks Shai
  11. Pernix

    Spitfire BBCSO: Reconfigure Keyswitches for Cubase Expression Maps

    Hi, I need to reconfigure all BBCSO Core instruments in my template in order to match the new Cubase Expression Maps I just loaded. Is there a quicker way then reconfiguring each BBCSO instrument one by one? Thank You Tom
  12. I

    Awful glitch with Spitfire Symphonic Strings

    While I know most of you like and use SSS a lot, I noticed that no one really talked about recurrent glitches in this library. In Violins 1 & 2 Performance Legato, there's an irritating audio phase / panning issue when triggering different legato transitions with velocity. If you play two...
  13. josh_campbell

    Progressive Rock & Metal

    Hello fellow composers! My name is Josh. I wasn't sure what kind of reaction (if any) I would get for posting in here. Like most of you, I am a composer of different styles, including orchestral, honing my craft and finding my way. Well, my other passion is progressive rock and metal and I...
  14. I

    SSS - Uneven "Dynamics" curve?

    Hey guys, I recently got Spitfire Symphonic Strings and overall I'm happy with the sound and playability, especially with the Performance legato patch. Though when playing with the mod wheel, I find the dynamics curve really weird. It sounds like it's not linear at all, and has sudden volume /...
  15. Alex Niedt

    Eric Whitacre Choir | Ethereal User Demo

    Here's a demo using only the Eric Whitacre Choir from Spitfire. I scrapped this a couple years ago, then listened again tonight and thought, "I guess it's not that bad." I find the library difficult to use for convincing melodic content, but it's cool as a textural kit.
  16. Christoph Pawlowski

    Hans Zimmer Piano - How large is it really?

    Hi there! I'm thinking of purchasing the Spitfire Hans Zimmer Piano. The demos and the overall sound is more than just promising, but I have one question: The library is quite big, so I looked on the Spitfire page, where it says the library is 211gb. My friend who owns the Library claims that...
  17. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Alternative Solo Strings

    Get it here: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/alternative-solo-strings/
  18. Bluemount Score

    New years track using BBCSO, Tina Guo, CSS / CSB, 8DIO Insolidus

    I made a little "opening track" last year and published it January 1st, so I decided to do it again! Happy new year folks! The beginning is a little dark, but it brightens up.
  19. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Best Cinematic Orchestral Libraries For Composers and Songwriters! (Buyer's Guide for 2021)

    This is it my friends. 2020's produced some wonderful fruit (in terms of sample libraries), so let's review some of the best. Please enjoy!
  20. Wunderhorn

    Kepler - Favorite Techniques and Uses

    I have been using Spitfire Kepler on a few occasions. I like the concept. What feels difficult to work with is the evo grid. I cannot quite wrap my head around the question why it is not possible to assign keyswitches to the different rhythm speeds (horizontal). It feels limiting and simply...
  21. S

    Legend of Zelda Thematic Overture using exclusively the Spitfire Symphonic series.

    I love the game, but the music even more. I made this using the Spitfire symphonic series as well as their percussion. Great sound if you layer the right articulations together.
  22. Jetzer

    How I created my mockup of Hans Zimmer's The Rock: Main Title

    Hey all, A while ago I made this mockup of Hans Zimmer's main title for The Rock. I love that theme and it was fun to re-create it! Here I show how I did it. I have for a loooong time been thinking about making videos, but I am quite shy to talk on camera! Please let me know if this any good...
  23. Jetzer

    Hans Zimmer's The Rock: Main Title - Mockup

    I always loved this classic theme and thought it would be fun to re-create it! Here it is: Libraries used: - Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra - East West Hollywood Brass - East West Hollywood Percussion - U-He Zebra - Omnisphere I also made a walkthrough where I go over each section in detail...
  24. M

    Spitfire Chamber Strings - Unusable CPU Usage

    Hi all, I just purchased SCS, and am very impressed with how the library sounds. Unfortunately, the performance legato patches cause incredibly high ASIO spikes at normal buffer settings, up to 512. With a full section of performance legato patches, there are crackles and pops every note...
  25. lgmcben

    Where can we see a changelog of bug fixes/updates for SSO ?

    I own zero library recorded at AIR and am interested in SSO. Especially when black friday sale is coming up. I'll be honest that I'm going after that "hall" sound. The library itself can be just 'ok' to 'good' quality with few bugs, I don't care. However, during the past month I've been...
  26. Ganampf

    SF Chamber Strings Legato Issue

    Hey there, I've been trying to get a slow legato string passage to work with Spitfire Chamber Strings Pro, but the performance always turns out not very smooth. For each section I am using the Jake Jackson Stereo Mix Performance Legato Patch in Broad Setting, each with 3 layers for a broader...
  27. C

    Abbey Road One - Stuck in Collapsed Size

    tl;dr: The expand/collapse button doesn't work and I'm stuck in collapsed mode. I just downloaded Spitfire's new Abbey Road One, and I've hit a breaking bug. I set the Default Size to 'Collapsed'. I've also just discovered that the expand/collapse button does not work. Because collapsing the...
  28. slowdon

    Scoring for brass ensemble – mock-up with Spitfire BBCSO Core

    Hello all! For those interested, you can follow my Logic session for a nine piece brass ensemble piece ‘The Once And Future King’. All instruments are from Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra Core, plus standard Logic EQ and reverbs. Best wishes, Simon
  29. P

    I want a new percussion library, but mostly timpani. What should I look at?

    Been considering a new perc library to replace hollywood perc (gold). That library isn't awful but the lack of mic positions, the tone, and the timpani especially leave a lot to be desired. I don't mind most of the instruments, but my current project demands a lot of good, nuanced timpani stuff...
  30. him4nshug4ur

    "SWAM" Ultimate Test - Harry Potter, John Williams (Hagrid's Friendly Bird) Mockup.

    The responsiveness of SWAM AUDIO is just phenomenal. I wanted to do a demo that showcased that exactly. The moment I heard the SWAM Flute, I couldn't help but think about this piece. "Hagrid's friendly bird" from Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban, Composed by "John Williams". However, I...
  31. Ndee

    Please help me out with Kontakt full - Spitfire library problem

    Hi peeps, I'm not too experienced with Kontakt yet. Bought a library from Spitfire requireing Kontakt full, which I have, and followed the installing advice from Spitfire's website carefully. Question: Do I really have to double-click an .nki file from the desired library to load it every...
  32. amadeus1

    A Comparison of 9 Top Solo String Basses

    Hi guys, Here's a video on most articulations of 9 Solo String Basses including VSL, Synchron, VIP, Chris Heins, Cinestrings, Spitfire, East West, Orchestral Tools, Embertone, and the Kontakt Factory. Best, Bill
  33. LeonRossMusic

    Spitfire Audio - Hans Zimmer Strings | Multiout Question

    Hey guys, Quick question- does anyone know if there's a way to multi-out multiple microphones from Hans Zimmer Strings? Cubase shows there's 16 available Stereo Outputs, however I cannot find the function within the Spitfire Player to output specific mics. I can see you can route CC's to...
  34. amadeus1

    A comparison of 10 solo violas

    Hi guys, Here's a quick comparison of 10 solo violas by a variety of top of the line manufacturers. Best, Bill
  35. jzhwu

    Spitfire BBCSO Track vs CC automation in Ableton

    Hey everyone, first time poster here and new to composing. I saw another thread from a couple of years ago that seems relevant to the issue I'm experiencing...
  36. amadeus1

    A Quick Illustration of my Mixing process, plugins, and sample libraries that I use to get broadcast quality

    Hi guys, I go through some plugins I usually use when mixing a cue and the steps I take to refine the sound to get broadcast quality. Best, Bill
  37. Sachi

    Discovery Waltz - Spitfire BBCSO Discover

    A short orchestral piece I wrote with the BBCSO Discover Edition by Spitfire Audio.
  38. amadeus1

    Solo Violin Comparison of 7 Violins

    Hi Guys, I just did a comparison of 7 Solo Violins including, the new Stradivarius, Orchestral Tools Tableau and First Chairs 2.0, VSL's Synchronized Solo Violin, Vienna Instrument Pro Solo Violin, Joshua Bells and Spitfire's Solo Violin. There is a free download of the midi melody and chord...
  39. D

    Expressive Libraries

    Hi, I've posted a bit on here before about BBCSO (Core) and I've now decided why I'm not entirely satisfied with it. It's good for what it is, but it doesn't do EPIC, nor does it do really expressive and emotional; it just sits in the middle and can go louder and quieter, but doesn't do...
  40. BradHoyt

    March of the Automatons - VI highlights

    Hi all, I released a new soundtrack based on the 3rd book in the Newbury & Hobbes steampunk mystery series by UK author George Mann, and thought I'd share some tracks from the album here periodically and mention some of the virtual instruments I used. This track is called "March of the...
  41. D

    BBCSO Core - What Next?

    I bought Spitfire BBCSO Core quite recently, and am now looking for my next library, preferably spitfire if possible. I like BBCSO, but want some more versatility and something that compliments it well. I've been looking at the albions, specifically ONE, Tundra and NEO, but anything you think...
  42. filipjonathan

    Dystopian Hope | Spitfire Audio Alex Epton Entropy Demo

    Hey guys!! Here is a track I made using only the new Entropy sample library. I really dig the whole apocalyptic vibe of the library. Let me know what you think and thanks for listening! 😊
  43. Bluemount Score

    Spitfire Library Repair vs Reinstall

    Does deleting and reinstalling a library via the Spitfire App solve this? The Support seems to be very slow right now. I would simply try it, but we are talking about 600GB BBCSO download size...
  44. MatthewVere

    Here is an Action Sequence from Westworld I rescored - Hybrid Orchestral (yes, another one)

    Hey friends, I've been composing for a month; this is the second project I've worked on. However, I have made Electronic music for over a decade and drew from this experience when creating the score. My goal was to fuse the Orchestral world with the Electronic one and create something that I...
  45. MatthewVere

    Here is an Action Sequence from Westworld I rescored - Hybrid Orchestral (yes, another one)

    Hey friends, I've been composing for a month; this is the second project I've worked on. However, I have made Electronic music for over a decade and drew from this experience when creating the score. My goal was to fuse the Orchestral world with the Electronic one and create something that I...
  46. fedelecuo

    My first time scoring to picture #SpitfireWestworldCompetition

    Hi! This is the first time that i compose a piece for a film scene. I will really apreaciate if you watch my entry for the Spitfire & HBO westworld competition and give me your opinion Thank you! if you also are participating in this competition, feel free to show me your entry, i will love to...
  47. fedelecuo

    My entry for #WestworldCompetition

    Hi! This is the first time posting on this website and also the first time that i compose a piece for a film scene. A friend of mine recomended me this place because of the great community that it has. I will really apreaciate if you watch my entry for the Spitfire & HBO westworld competition...
  48. F

    What is the difference between Spitfire's Sul Tasto and Flautando Techniques?

    I was looking through the technique list of Spitfire's Chamber Strings, and they listed Long Flautando and Long Sul Tasto as different techniques - at least it seems like that to me. However as far as I thought, Sul Tasto and Flautando are pretty much the same. Can anyone offer an explanation or...
  49. D

    Usual support response time for Spitfire

    What's the usual support response turn around time for Spitfire? I created a support ticket on Friday with a severity of "High" stating I could no longer reset my SSW library, but I still haven't received a response. Is this average for them, or do you think the BBCSO announcement has severely...
  50. Peter Satera

    Spitfire Audio: Westworld Scoring Competition

    Spitfire Audio have teamed up with HBO's Westworld for a scoring competition! The scene is from Season 3 episode 5, a car chase scene. One winner will win the Everything Drive, which has all their libraries as well as a signed Westworld prop and signed Vinyl. Fiver runners up will win the...
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