spitfire symphonic orchestra

  1. darkneo57

    Best cinematic strings libraries ( spitfire , cinematic studio strings, cinematic strings 2 )

    Hi, I'm french, 34 yo, piano teacher, I am a beginner in computer music. I'm looking for the best strings libraries and also the easiest to use. It would be to make rather epic / cinematic orchestral music( two steps from hells, video games music...) Having subscribed to eastwest's...
  2. Aleela

    Mic settings - Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra

    Hi! I need help setting up the microphones of each section of the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra (with Spitfire Percussion, Spitfire Harp, Spitfire Solo Strings). I want to recreate the typical orchestral layout. I'm looking for settings that have already been tested. Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  3. Akarin

    How coherent is Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra between sections?

    AHi all, Currently, I'm using Steinberg Iconica for its ease of use and I'm thinking about graduating to a better sounding orchestral library (Iconica is great but is somewhat limited.) I'm looking at the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra with the Chamber Strings instead of the Symphonic ones. How...
  4. Karma

    SSO Mockup - "Dartmoor, 1912" from War Horse

    Hello fellow MIDI tweakers, I'd like to share what I've been working on in my free time for the past couple of months. I recently purchased some John Williams scores and wanted to mockup something that to my knowledge hadn't been done before. It was definitely a challenging piece at times (tons...
  5. Jetzer

    Resolve (Spitfire Symphonic Strings)

    Finally had a Saturday off to write a string piece with this library. So used to Hollywood Strings, but starting to really like this library. Hope you like it! Feedback always welcome :)
  6. A

    Need Help with Spitfire Symphonic Strings

    Guys! Need help (sorry, didn't find the actual topic). Work with Spitfire Symphonic Strings (Sonar Platinum, Cubase, last Kontakt) and have a big problem: in fast passages and especially in arpeggios, I constantly get strange, little rhythmic deformations. All my notes are arranged in a grid...
  7. danielb

    Expression Maps for Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra #Cubase

    Hi guys, I'm working on my template for Cubase and I just finished all the expressions map for Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra ... As it was a lot of time to do it and it's stupid that everybody loose time doing his I thought I should share it ... so here it is...