spitfire sable

  1. E

    Thoughts on Spitfire Chamber Strings, VSL Dimension, Berlin, Cinematic Studio Strings

    Apologies up front for asking what must be a common question from a noob. Which library do you like the best from this list and why? I'm new to the forum and have listened to what seems like countless sound demos of the various string libraries on manufacturers websites, youtube and this forum...
  2. BradHoyt

    Composition w/ Sable, Cimbalom, Naeshult Table Piano, Stroh Violin, Orphica Piano, Music box & more.

    Hi all, Thought those who peruse this forum would appreciate this recording. Here are the instruments I used on the track: Impact Soundworks Stroh Violin - http://impactsoundworks.com/products/orchestral/the-stroh-violin/ Spitfire Sable Strings - (Don't remember which volume) Spitfire...