spitfire chamber strings

  1. M

    Spitfire Chamber Strings vs Albion Neo

    Hi everyone, i would know, if you own both libraries, what are the differences; i already know that chamber strings has separate sections, i would know how much is different the sound of the strings, articulations like flautando, harmonics, sul tasto, etc... Thanks
  2. Ray

    Spitfire Chamber Strings or Vienna Chamber Strings?

    Everything pretty much in the thread title. If you could provide additional info about why would you choose one over the other, it'd be great.
  3. thestickman8

    Cherry Blossom Boulevard

    Hi all, I recently completed a new track and thought you might enjoy it!
  4. stigc56

    Cubase + Spitfire Chamber Strings - playing divisi?

    Hi I have a strange situation: In an arrangement I have a divisi passage in the 1st violins. So in VEPro6 I have created a set-up to care for this: I have Spitfire Chamber Strings 1st violins on BOTH channel 1 and 2. I have all the other strings set-up in a similar way. I was under the...
  5. amadeus1

    Spitfire Chamber Strings - Regular vs Pro Edition

    Hi guys, Here's a short video on the additional mic positions for the pro version of Spitfire's Chamber Strings.
  6. marcodistefano

    Behind the scene of my latest composition - Fragments - Spitfire audio libraries

    Hi All, In this video I show in details the techniques I use to orchestrate and to create a sound which is closer to realism. Libraries used in this composition: - Hans Zimmer Strings - Spitfire Symphonic Strings - Spitfire Chamber Strings - Spitfire solo alternative strings - Olafur Arnalds...
  7. marcodistefano

    Concerto per Orchestra (with score) - Spitfire audio realistic orchestra

    Dear Composers, I just finished to produce this Concerto per Orchestra. It is not a conventional composition, so feel free to like it or not. It is based on a personal style which I matured in the last ten years, a mix of contemporary and classical music. It is dedicated to the memory of...
  8. A

    James Bond mockup

    Had a stab at remaking John Barry's theme from "Thunderball" with virtual instruments. Also continuing my experiments with recreating the sound of a vintage recordings with some processing. There's analysis running in the titles throughout explaining the underpinning harmony and orchestration.
  9. HidenoriYoshi

    Layering Spitfire Chamber String to a full section?

    Layering Spitfire Chamber String to a full section? (Auto Divisi) As my question stated, how to layer chamber string to a full section? with an auto divisi system. We know that SCS has: 4 1st Violins 3 2nd Violins 3 Violas 3 Cellos 3 Basses 4 Patches that completes the articulations for a...
  10. T

    SCS, CSS ... is it possible to pan the sections wherever you want?

    Edited original post to reflect the shift in focus of this thread to one particular issue: Looking at getting either SCS or CSS for black friday (SCS will be 25% off so around $500 and CSS will be 20% off so around $320) but had a quick question: I noticed that both SCS and CSS are recorded...
  11. A

    Jerry Goldsmith - Hypersleep (Alien) - mock-up

    As I just watched "Alien Covenant" this week, and noticed music from the original Alien interpolated into the soundtrack, I thought I'd have a go at re-recording a cue from Jerry Goldsmith's incredible score to "Alien". Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings & Albion Brass...
  12. catibi79

    My first composition in 2017 using libraries from Spitfire Audio, Heavyocity, Strezov

    Hello . Here is my firts composition in 2017 . Enjoy. :)
  13. tav.one

    Spitfire Chamber Strings - Volume Dip?

    I'm using Spitfire Chamber Strings - Legato Performance patch (clip attached) Is the volume dip normal when portamento articulation is triggered? Can it be solved with CCs or any other trick? Speaking of legato performance patch (which I use so that I can unload articulations that are not...
  14. tav.one

    Can Spitfire Chamber Strings do this?

    Users of Sable/Spitfire Chamber Strings, can you share your experience regarding the flexibility & quality of its portamento. Specifically, can it do anything close to this (0:56 - 1:12) I'm gonna buy SCS anyway, just wanted to know if I can do this in it or will need to buy another library...
  15. E

    Expression Maps in Cubase

    Hi, I'm in the process of making expression maps for my libraries and I'm having trouble setting them up. I want one track that has kontact and an expression map that houses all available articulations for that instrument. A lot of my libraries come with multi patches but also the individual...
  16. E

    Thoughts on Spitfire Chamber Strings, VSL Dimension, Berlin, Cinematic Studio Strings

    Apologies up front for asking what must be a common question from a noob. Which library do you like the best from this list and why? I'm new to the forum and have listened to what seems like countless sound demos of the various string libraries on manufacturers websites, youtube and this forum...