spitfire audio

  1. Spitfire Team

    !! spitfire - mural symphonic strings - a new chapter

    The third instalment in Spitfire's award winning Symphonic Strings range. 'Progressive Techniques': some must-haves for your symphonic collection with a whole clutch of never before sampled articulations to give you an all-new original edge. Excellent as an original stand alone library. Combine...
  2. Spitfire Team

    Spitfire audio release - Ørstphone last 24 hours of promo must end 14st august !!!

    A very special new member of the mallet family. This extraordinary array of aluminium bells played by a master of his craft in the hall at Air Studios, deeply sampled to Spitfire's strict 'definitive' code. A unique and essential magical addition to your sonic arsenal. This deeply sampled multi...
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