spitfire audio

  1. M

    Spitfire Mic question

    I just purchased BML Mural and I'm really happy with the sound. I was looking for realism and that is what I got! However I have a few questions that I haven't found the answer to. Mainly it's about how to use the mic positions. How do you achieve certain sounds? Are there combinations that are...
  2. blougui

    Sable Ensembles : any users ?

    Any users of Sable ensemble here to give me a hint at how ingeniously programmed this collection is, how much the ease-of-use-factor has been tailored in, how free minded we can travel our keys from a to g with both hands with the company of a so consistent sound that the word "ensemble" could...
  3. M

    Buying my first sample library!

    Hello everyone. I'm completely new here! I write mostly film and classical music. For a long time I've been using the Logic Pro X orchestra samples and they have been fine. They're actually really good considering the price you pay for the DAW. However, as my compositions become more and more...
  4. Y

    "Paris 4 Peace" - Original Composition using Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Evolutions and Nord Stage 2EX

    Here's a composition I started on the night of the Paris attacks... I wanted to keep it pretty barebones when it came to orchestration. I ended up adding Spitfire's beautiful Olafur Arnalds' Evolutions (which I got just a couple of days ago) to the intro and ending... I ended up using a control...
  5. toddkedwards

    Do you use any Reverb with the Albion series?

    I was just curious to see if anyone uses an additional reverb(s) with Albion I, One, II, III, IV? Or do you tend to use Albion's built in reverb? If so, what types of reverbs do you like to use with them? Currently in my template setup I use two reverbs for all instruments, that are sent with...
  6. Silence-is-Golden

    SA Mural/ Sable Con Sordino strings legato? / Or only LASS LS?

    Hello Spitfire / LASS users, Maybe I am overlooking it, but I cannot find VI, VI2, VA, VC con sordino strings legato in Spitfire libraries. Apart from the Albion limited range legato sustains I cannot find them in the other library articulation sheets. Is this therefore better achieved by LASS...
  7. Ryan

    Screencast- current job (utilizing Spitfire Audio LABS)

    Hello long time since I've posted on this forum! Just wanted to shear this little glimpse on my current work. I utilize Spitfire Audio's laboratories libraries a lot in this cue. Hear how they shine!! Best Ryan
  8. Spitfire Team

    !! spitfire - mural symphonic strings - a new chapter

    The third instalment in Spitfire's award winning Symphonic Strings range. 'Progressive Techniques': some must-haves for your symphonic collection with a whole clutch of never before sampled articulations to give you an all-new original edge. Excellent as an original stand alone library. Combine...
  9. Spitfire Team

    Spitfire audio release - Ørstphone last 24 hours of promo must end 14st august !!!

    A very special new member of the mallet family. This extraordinary array of aluminium bells played by a master of his craft in the hall at Air Studios, deeply sampled to Spitfire's strict 'definitive' code. A unique and essential magical addition to your sonic arsenal. This deeply sampled multi...