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  1. Spitfire Team

    TOMORROW 18th July - Tune in for a special announcement!

    Head to our YouTube at 18:00 BST on Thursday 18th July for a special LIVE announcement from Christian and Paul! Subscribe to our channel here: http://bit.ly/30CTmUc
  2. dfhagai

    SPitfire Studio Winds - Free expression maps & Track Presets!!!

    Hey Guys, Here's a link to download my super detailed Cubase Expression Maps & Track Prestes for all of the instruments in the Spitfire Studio Winds Bundle!!! I’ve been using Cubase for more then two decade. As a full time musician and a Steinberg Certified trainer for well over a decade, I...
  3. Karma

    SSO Mockup - "Leaving Hogwarts" from Harry Potter

    Hello everyone, you may (or most likely may not) remember that last year I did a mockup of Williams' "Dartmoor, 1912" from War Horse. I recently decided to take a shot at another and this time went for one of my favourite cues from the first Harry Potter film. I had a lot of fun with this one...
  4. ptram

    Review: Spitfire Audio LCO Strings

    Tired of the usual sounds? Spitfire Audio has something unusual to add to the usual recipe. The LCO Strings let you explore new sound worlds, now very common in the most adventurous productions, at the meeting point between classical contemporary and experimental rock. For this new sonic...
  5. Spitfire Team

    Hauschka Composer Toolkit — Available Now

    Learn More
  6. marcodistefano

    Behind the scene - The rite of spring (Stravinsky) - FLOW & Spitfire audio

    Hi All, I just published the behind the scene of my latest production "the rite of spring" from Stravinsky. https://marcodistefano.art/vo-17-program-a-realistic-midi-orchestra-the-rite-of-spring-stravinsky/ Here you can listen to the whole track before jumping into the behind the scene And...
  7. Genki

    Spitfire Studio Brass Core - Worth it?

    Hey guys. I just got the Spitfire Studio Strings (standard version), and I would like to get some brass to accompany them. Now it should be noted I can and am making use of my EDU discounts, so I basically have 30% off of all of their libraries. I don't really see reviews of the Core version of...
  8. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Studio Brass

    I worked my butt off to get this video up as soon as possible, but... ... Don't bother with this one. Free Patches & Multis...
  9. will_m

    Albion One vs Metropolis Ark 1

    Not strictly a review as such but hopefully a useful comparison between two of the big ensemble libraries.
  10. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Studio Woodwinds

    Get it here: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.spitfireaudio.com%2Fshop%2Fa-z%2Fspitfire-studio-woodwinds%2F&redir_token=LYrV5YxByWaZe45NqNSEMuMq_il8MTU1NzY4Nzg4MkAxNTU3NjAxNDgy&v=FOWkkkMi_XE&event=video_description Fluffy Audio's Solo Woodwinds...
  11. Loïc D

    Logic Pro X - my Spitfire UACC all articulations plist (link to dl)

    Hi there, These past weeks (months?) I've been working on building my own template. I relies quite heavily on Spitfire Audio products and UACC keyswitching. Since I could not find a comprehensive UACC plist file to import all articulations, I made my own. I share it here, for what it's worth...
  12. Theodor Andrews

    Teaser mainly made with spitfire LCOT and Tundra

    This is a video teaser I've done for my upcoming album. It features spitfire audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures, Albion V Tundra (Vral Grid) and other sounds. Hope you like it!
  13. nickmurraymusic

    Cinematic Studio Strings (CSS) vs. Spitfire Symphonic Strings

    Hey guys, I did a quick comparison between these 2 popular string libraries. I find they do have a different sound, but actually work well together as well.
  14. beyd770

    Wandering - Orchestral Projects:

    Here is my recent composition, which is my first finished track (!). I started the process by finding motifs, harmony and countervoices with a pianosketch. The tempo has later been adjusted, and all themes have been re-recorded to match the individual instruments used in the mockup. Libraries...
  15. Alex Niedt

    Spitfire Ambient Guitars | User Demo

    Here's a quick demo I just did with Spitfire Ambient Guitars. All sounds come from Ambient Guitars except for the sine bass, which comes from Albion III Iceni. I really like this library, and it's definitely a step up from Enigma 1, which I had previously.
  16. K

    Need experienced Spitfire user willing to help me "massage" my orchestral lines

    I am a big Spitfire fan who has all the Symphonic Orchestra and the Studio Orchestra as well as Albion ONE 10th Anniversary Edition. Having come from VSL before discovering Spitfire, I'm sometimes frustrated by the fact that Spitfire's long patches are all velocity insensitive, expecting the...
  17. Alex Niedt

    Spitfire Alternative Solo Strings Demo

    I think this is a great library for modern avant-garde material. Just have to play to its strengths. Next I want to see how Alternative Solo Strings sounds with LCO Strings. Wondering if they might be a match made in heaven for scratchy, dissonant stuff!
  18. marcodistefano

    The 6th Extinction Crisis - BIFSC 2019 - 100% Spitfire Audio

    It was very an interesting experience to compose this year for the BIFSC Although I did not make it to the short list I am happy of what I have composed and glad to share it here I cannot share the music with the BIFSC video for copyright restriction though The track is composed based on the...
  19. jonesdip

    Spitfire Studio Woodwinds

    Anyone else notice an @chensonmusic tweet in reply to @mitchdietz asking about SA Studio Woodwinds. Christian said, "Interesting that the background in my studio on vlog 200 was multicoloured?" @mitchdietz replied, " Aha! Admittedly I haven’t had a chance to watch the 200 vlog (yet!). I’ll...
  20. Fry777

    Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures – Available now

    Here is Spiftire Audio's second collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra. "A one-of-a-kind collection of organic expansive sounds, recorded in an awe-inspiring aircraft hangar" Having bought the previous LCO library during the wishlist sale, I'm looking forward to see what this one...
  21. cliffordmartin

    Labs Frozen Strings Composition

    Frozen Strings Spitfire LABS Mock Up [Also using the Free Labs Piano]
  22. W

    Spitfire Library Alternative Demos (not official)

    Here's my playlist on SC that uses Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit as the foundation. There are several other libraries from them and others that are also quite nice and listed in the notes. But, I could have done almost all of it with BHCT. Hopefully Spitfire will do some sort of sale for the...
  23. amadeus1

    Free Excellent Felt Piano From Spitfire Audio

    Hey guys, In case you weren't aware, here's an excellent felt piano from Spitfire Audio. Thanks, Bill
  24. river angler

    Urgent tech info needed before deal closes at spitfire!

    Appealing to all fellow composers! Please forgive me for posting here! but this is related to deals! deals! deals! in the respect that I need some urgent feedback from anyone here in answer to a simple technical issue which is at the moment forcing me to abandon investing heavily in the...
  25. josephspirits

    Videos for Spitfire Audio - Sound Dust Vol. 2

    I was thrilled to see this new release from Spitfire and Sound Dust. I went ahead and made a youtube playlist of the related videos if anyone wants to watch them all in one place, like I did: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgsQ8vu8urW0VsqtAt_WOPwHNnnIIsBZv
  26. beyd770

    Spitfire people: BML vs SSW/SSB

    I've noticed in the walkthroughs of the older BML libraries, that the outrigger-mics are included, while in the new "symphonic"-brand, they are not (only in expansion packs). Are there any other differences going on under the hood? Same samples, new GUI? Say f.ex Spitfire Audio - BML 101 Flute...
  27. beyd770

    Albion 1 vs updates - Why so many prefer the old version?

    Why does the first version of Albion 1 show up in so many composers VST-lists? Albion ONE has a "Legacy"-version included - is this the same as the original version? Both Junkie XL and Daniel James claim they use the original version for various reasons. Do you guys still prefer the first...
  28. B

    Macbook Pro 2018 internal disk size

    Hi guys, I'm currently debating whether to get 512GB or 1TB internal SSD for my 15' MBP with 2.6 i7 processor, 32GB RAM and 560X graphics card. I was wondering if people here that are using Macbooks could give me an insight into their workflow and whether it's better to go for 512GB and store...
  29. B

    Logic x gone rogue!!!!

    Hi! I hope the answer to this problem is simple. Basically my midi draw seems to have gone totally rogue. When I record in my modwheel data for my Spitfire Libraries, as I go to edit in the Piano roll editor it seems to have been transported to an entirely foreign (to me anyway) place as well...
  30. jpb007.uk

    Spitfire Audio FireSale until 23rd August 2018

    Hi everyone, I've just noticed that Spitfire Audio are having a firesale on their Extension libraries for their Symphonic series (ie. Strings, Brass, Woodwinds), reduced to around £99 each. You will need to have the basic library for each of these, but if you are wanting the extra mics and...
  31. Alex Niedt

    Spitfire Solo Strings legato-focused experiment

    All sounds are from the Spitfire Solo Strings library
  32. Spitfire Team

    SPITFIRE - British Drama Toolkit Promo Price ENDING in 24 Hours!

  33. marcodistefano

    Portraits - my new album online - powered by Spitfire Audio

    Hi All, you probably have already listened to these compositions in my latest posts, I am happy to share with you that I finally have produced and released my first album which includes 4 compositions based on portraits. It is avaliable for streaming: Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2M0Z2QF Apple...
  34. marcodistefano

    Behind the scene - Realistic orchestral sound with spitfire audio

    Hi All, In this video I show in details the techniques I use to orchestrate and to create a sound which is (as much as I can today) closer to realism. The composition is this one Libraries used in this composition: ▸Cubase Pro 9.5 ▸Spitfire EVO 4 ▸Hans Zimmer Strings ▸Spitfire Chamber Strings...
  35. marcodistefano

    Flooded Memories - Orchestral - Spitfire Audio libraries

    Hi All I am happy to share the last track of my orchestral album "Portraits" which will publish soon on Spotify/ITunes Looking forward to hearing your feedback! Subscribe to my YouTube channel, the behind the scene will be published in a couple of weeks!
  36. marcodistefano

    Portrait #3 An orchestral track inspired by Sicilian folk music - 100% spitfire audio rendered

    Hi All For the third portrait of my orchestral album I have scored on the portrait of a man from Palermo, the city were I was born So I decided to merge rythm and melodies of the Sicilian folk music with my own style I used only spitfire audio libraries for this and soon will create a behind...
  37. A

    My big fat guide to using a virtual orchestra.

    Hi all I've made an hour long guide to using VIs to create realistic orchestral mock ups and recordings. Hope it's helpful.
  38. marcodistefano

    Behind the scene composition with 10 spitfire audio libraries

    Hi All, just published a new behind the scene of my latest composition, hope you will like it #scoringtopicture #spitfireaudio Libraries used ▸Garritan CFX Grand piano ▸Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions ▸Hans Zimmer Strings ▸Spitfire Chamber Strings ▸Spitfire London Contemporary Orchestra...
  39. W

    Invention for piano and pizz also birds

    Hello, I had this invention sitting around and thought I throw it over some bird videos haha. Hope you enjoy, comments, thoughts welcome :) made with spitfire tundra
  40. marcodistefano

    Behind the scene of orchestrating and rendering a composition using spitfire audio

    Hi All, This is the 8th video I publish on virtual orchestration. It is a deep look into my latest composition. If you find it interesting you can check my other videos and composition and subscribe to my channel! If you watch it I would like to know what you think. Is there something I should...
  41. windyweekend

    Spitfire SSB Expansion Pack

    Can anyone out there with the expansion pack (and I guess the original BML libraries) care to share their thoughts on the library? Is it worth expanding? I've been considering this for a while but it's quite a massive leap without knowing what's really in it (esp as I'll likely need a hardware...
  42. A

    Predator Theme for virtual orchestra

    I had a pop at recreating Alan Silvestri's Predator Theme with virtual instruments. The libraries are shown in the video along with some broad analysis of the harmony. What do you guys think?
  43. Epicomposer

    Spitfire Audio - Hans Zimmer Strings (Review)

    As probably one of their most ambitious projects to date, award-winning British sample library developer Spitfire Audio just released an orchestral string library that carries the name of one of the best and most successful film composers of our time: Hans Zimmer Strings. Having scored iconic...
  44. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  45. marcodistefano

    Hans Zimmer Strings vs spitfire alternative solo, chamber and symphonic strings

    Hi guys, just made a rendering of the same composition with 4 spitfire audio string libraries alternative solo chamber strings symphonic strings hans zimmer strings Below is the video, you can take your conclusions. I am sure that with the time I will be able to do even better than this (I...
  46. EpicDude

    Nothing to see here.

    Nothing to see here.
  47. marcodistefano

    Giving away 10 Spitfire audio libraries expression maps

    Hi everyone, I am giving away all my expression maps for spitfire audio libraries. If you appreciate subscribe to my YouTube channel! :) Link in the description of the video or below in this page. Libraries included are: Bernard Herrman Composer Toolkit London Contemporary Orchestra Strings...
  48. ashtongleckman

    Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions: In-Action Video

    Hey guys! I recently created a short in-action look at the new Olafur Arnalds Chamber Evolutions library from Spitfire Audio. Really love the sound, and once again the grid engine has proven to be a heavy dose of inspiration. Hope you enjoy!
  49. ward0

    Spitfire Choir News?

    Does anyone have any news on the upcoming Spitfire Choir library? On november 25th, 2016, Eric Whitacre posted on his Facebook page a promo video of him and Eric Whitacre Singers at Air Studios working on what would be Spitfire's first choir library: I was so excited but already one year has...
  50. marcodistefano

    Virtual Orchestration - Composition Walk through

    Hi everyone, hope you will enjoy this video where I am showing in detail how I managed to achieve a realistic orchestral sound in one of my recent compositions. Other videos are coming soon, let me know if there is something I should add in the format for the next ones.
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