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  1. marcodistefano

    Virtual Orchestration - Composition Walk through

    Hi everyone, hope you will enjoy this video where I am showing in detail how I managed to achieve a realistic orchestral sound in one of my recent compositions. Other videos are coming soon, let me know if there is something I should add in the format for the next ones.
  2. marcodistefano

    Albion one rescored

    hi everyone Yet another Albion One rescored version Thanks for feedback
  3. Ilko Birov

    Spitfire Audio - Albion ONE Trailer Competition

    Hi everybody, Hope you all have a happy New Year's eve, and 2018 is a good one. Here is my submission to the latest Spitfire Audio competition, enjoy:
  4. amnesiasound

    BT Phobos Custom Presets

    Hello Everyone! I was just wondering if generally you guys would be interested in fully mapped out / custom created presets for BT Phobos. Along with that, how much would you be willing to pay for a pack that had say 50 presets for BT Phobos? Thank you in advance for your answers! :2thumbs:
  5. Epicomposer

    Spitfire albion one 10th anniversary edition - review

    We reviewed Spitfire Audio's brand-new ALBION ONE - 10th Anniversary Edition for Epicomposer! "Featuring a 109-piece orchestra accompanied by a thunderous cinematic percussion and synthesizer section, ALBION ONE provides media composers with everything they need to create compelling scores...
  6. marcodistefano

    The last voyage - Spitfire audio and garritan cfx

    Hello All, I follow this forum since months and finally decided to join and start sharing with you my latest composition for which I have also created a video. :) You can listen/watch it on youtube if you like it visit also my website marcodistefano.art, be aware that the other compositions...
  7. fiestared

    Poll : Which one of these"bearded men" would you choose for Xmas ?

    I know, it's a very difficult choice... I can't assure you that one of these gentlemen will accept to come to your home for Xmas with lots of gifts, but who knows ? That's the "Magic" of Christmas... :dancer::elephant::dancedance::dancer: maybe this joke was a little too 'private', SO, some...
  8. A

    Need Help with Spitfire Symphonic Strings

    Guys! Need help (sorry, didn't find the actual topic). Work with Spitfire Symphonic Strings (Sonar Platinum, Cubase, last Kontakt) and have a big problem: in fast passages and especially in arpeggios, I constantly get strange, little rhythmic deformations. All my notes are arranged in a grid...
  9. A

    Danny Elfman | The Simpsons Theme | Re-make

    A complete re-make of Danny Elfman's infamous Simpsons Theme. What do you guys reckon? Any pointers? Woodwinds: Spitfire Audio Symphonic Woodwinds Brass: Cinebrass Core & Pro, Sample Modelling Trumpets and Trombones, Albion FX Percussion: Spitfire Joby Burgess Percussion, Harp = Orchestral...
  10. Spitfire Team

    Bernard Herrmann - Last Few Hours REMAINING & New Demo by Paul

    New demo by Paul here: More on Bernard Herrmann Composer Toolkit - http://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/bernard-herrmann-composer-toolkit/ More on Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra - https://www.spitfireaudio.com/shop/a-z/spitfire-symphony-orchestra/
  11. shapednoise

    NKR, UACC & Default or Standard Midi Spec CC usage for Kontakt Libraries. COMMENTS PLEASE!

    Hi all, On the Controller interfacing with software front, things seem too be slowly improving, with NI putting forward NKR and the SpitfireAudio UACC, and these are welcomed, as universality and consistency are what made MIDI so universally useful rather than proprietary brand specific...
  12. dcoscina

    Wonder Woman Ideas Suite

    This is musically what I have envisioned for Wonder Woman. Sort of a cross between Ravel and Alex North, though the latter won't seem apparent until I develop this piece further. At this point, this is just a Prelude featuring hints of the larger theme for WW. Used OT Ark I and II, Symphonic...
  13. beyd770

    First attempt at happy cinematic music - Albion ONE

    Hey guys! Norwegian noob trying to get some overview on orchestral mockups and writing with samples. I have never studied music, and I can not read from sheets, so I can only rely on my ear and what I can hear inside my head :) This is my first template, and my first "real" composition. If...
  14. Epicomposer

    Review: BT PHOBOS by Spitfire Audio

    I had the pleasure to play around with Spitfire Audio's brand-new digital polyconvolution synthesizer BT PHOBOS which was developed in collaboration with renowned composer and electronic trailblazer Brian Transeau alias “BT” (The Fast and The Furious, Monster, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider). "BT...
  15. A

    Bernard Herrmann - Vertigo - Mock-up

    A complete re-recording of Bernard Herrmann's iconic main theme from "Vertigo" (1958), realised with virtual instruments. Spitfire are supposedly releasing a specific Herrmann collaboration, but in the meantime, these sounds work well. What do you think? Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio...
  16. E

    Whatever happened to Spitfire Phobos?

    I was waiting with anticipation after NAMM 2016 for Phobos 2016. And then a year passed. NAMM 2017 passed. And then it disappeared from the Spitfire website last week. Has it met with the scythe?
  17. EpicDude

    Angels & Demons - 503

    Nothing to see here.
  18. A

    My Computer is a 1950s Orchestra - Part 2

    Hello, I had a lot of fun doing the first one of these and learned a few things, so decided to do another to see if I could better it. What do you think? Sounds used: Strings: Spitfire Audio Chamber Strings & Orchestral Tools OSR Brass: Cinesamples Cinebrass Core and Cinebrass PRO Woodwinds...
  19. Time+Space

    Win NI Komplete Kontrol 88-note keyboard and huge software bundle

    Happy birthday to us! This year we´re celebrating our 20th anniversary and kicking things off with our biggest ever competition giving you the chance to not only win a Native Instruments keyboard but also an outstanding collection of NKS compatible plug-ins from some of our top brands. To...
  20. J

    Spitfire Audio Albion II Loegria

    Changing career so selling some of my sample libraries. Spitfire doesn't actually allow the transfer of licenses so what I'm doing instead is selling my Spitfire account. The winning bidder will be given my username and password so they can access my account, change the username and password to...
  21. danielb

    Last Work with SpitFire Symphonic Orchestra

    Hi guys ! Very happy to work with the SpitFire Orchestra ! Here is a little song made exclusively with it... What do you think ? Cheers :)
  22. windyweekend

    Spitfire Audio - Que Lastas

    For those who haven't seen this yet on the SA site, I strongly recommend a peak when you can: https://www.spitfireaudio.com/editorial/up-close/up-close-charlie-clouser/ Unbelievable sound. Seriously hope they find a way to collaborate with Chad and Charlie and find a way of bottling this...
  23. E

    Spitfire Audio - Very Slow Downloads

    Hi - Does anyone also experience a slow download experience with Spitfire Audio? We're on a 200Mb business broadband pipe with no throttling by the ISP up- or downstream. Speedtest.net in fact gives a consistent 206Mb downstream, not from the ISP's own servers. With Spitfire the download...
  24. Svyato

    Epic fantasy music attempt (Albion One)

    Hello everyone, That's been one year that I've been using sample libraries (for scoring) and wanted to try a new genre, that is epic / fantasy epic style. I would be glad to have some of your feedbacks in order to improve my skills, please, if you enjoy it (or not). :) Have a very nice day ;)
  25. A

    Predator OST "Payback time" - Alan Silvestri - Mock up

    Hiya, As a big fan of Alan Silvestri and Predator, I had a pop at mocking up one of the cues from the score with a bunch of libraries. Was a really useful learning tool. It contains great orchestration and a heck of a lot of mileage from small ideas thrown around the orchestra. Harmony is...
  26. catibi79

    My first composition in 2017 using libraries from Spitfire Audio, Heavyocity, Strezov

    Hello . Here is my firts composition in 2017 . Enjoy. :)
  27. Rick Horrocks

    Backdraft OST Remake (Hans Zimmer) Ft. 8Dio, Orchestral Tools & Spitfire Audio Products

    Hey all, So I've released a video showing how I achieved I relatively realistic mock-up of 'You Go, We Go' from one of Zimmer's lesser known scores, Backdraft. I love the score to this movie so thought I'd share it with you guys :) I talk a little about how I use VE Pro and what sample...
  28. danielb

    100% Spitfire - Tchaikovski's Trepak from Nutcracker

    Hi guys ! With the black friday sale I got totally spitfire-ized & I thought it would be interesting to redo a classical well known song with my new template.. So I did Tchaikovski's Trepak song from nutcracker, I took the partition, and program it in cubase using only spitfire stuff ...
  29. Chris Porter

    Spitfire Audio is finally producing a choir library (with Eric Whitacre!)

    Here's a link to the announcement video from Eric's Facebook page.
  30. FredrikJonasson

    Clicks/artifacts Spitfire libraries

    Hi all, I've been using Spitfire for my whole orchestra for a couple of years at least. I do have one problem though. I want to ask you you peeps if you recognize it, if it actually is the libraries and perhaps if there's any solution. Maybe, just maybe, the problem becomes more obvious on...
  31. Z

    Moving Spitfire libraries t a New iMac

    Hi there, Newbie question. Two years ago I bought lots of Spitfire Libraries and stored them on a separate hard drive having installed them on an older machine. I've just bought a new iMac and want to use the libraries with a new install of Logic Pro X and Contact of course. The libraries are...
  32. blougui

    Mural EVO vs Albion UIST

    As an owner of UIST, I'ld like to know your feeling, experience with both products, if you put aside the EVO grid itself and focus on the articulations, phrases of the "longs" in UIST : are EVO and Albion IV overlapping each others ? Thanx for any help !
  33. The Darris

    Samples Spotlight - Albion V Tundra Review

    Hey VI-Controllers, I've just posted the latest Samples Spotlight review of Albion V: Tundra. I have to say, having been a proud owner of the entire Albion series, this one certainly stands out the most when it comes to character. Tundra features a load of inspiring orchestral samples that...
  34. N

    Dreamworks logo mock up

    Hey guys! I made a mock up of another studio logo theme. These are so much fun to do. Please let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy! Disclaimer: I know the guitar is subpar! I don't have money for a better nylon guitar library, yet lol. Mock Up: Source:
  35. windyweekend

    Spitfire Mural vs Future Symphonic Strings

    Hi all I'm looking to upgrade my strings from Albion ONE/VSL and would love to hear some opinions. I prefer to compose w divisi so find AONE frustrating and limited. I'm thinking of going to Mural but can't bridge the financial gap to the entire bundle. Am considering starting with Mural 2 to...
  36. M

    Percussion Library for Wildlife Documentary

    Hi everybody, I am starting to work on a Wildlife Documentary about South Africa. My plan is to mix ethnic instruments and percussion with some orchestra. My question is which Percussion library/libraries to buy. I have Toms from 8Dio and another company which has loads of sticks, rims etc and...

    Spitfire Audio - Yamaha CS80

    Christian, Thoroughly enjoyed 'Creative Cribs' with Daniel Pemberton, great and inspiring video. For anyone interested, check out . Spitfire should definitely consider sampling Daniel's Yamaha CS80. Incredible sound.
  38. cliffordmartin

    New mix edit?

    Remix of an old composition that became un-mixable due to balancing problems between the voices and the orchestra. Any help on 'Mixing/Mastering" Voices with Orchestra? Warning:It suddenly goes Loud!
  39. RRBE Sound

    Composer Career ''Investment''?

    Dear Everyone, As I am new to this forum, I wasn't sure if this was the right topic to post in. But as my ''concern'' relate to all sorts of bits and pieces of ''gear'' I thought this should be okay. So to the main point. Some background: I come from Denmark, I am 23 years old and I have...
  40. scoredfilms

    Open letter to Spitfire Audio - No Legato Update?

    Spitfire, When are we getting legato updates? I'm desperate for a more wide-ranging legato. :) The only problems I've ever had: Legato patches which aren't practical to use at most moderate speeds. (it's at very least on the slow side) No fast legatos outside the clarinet. A Mural 3 "runs"...
  41. cliffordmartin


    Hi, This is an UN MIXED song for a Requiem I have been asked to do. It's quite difficult to get the balances exactly between the orchestra and the choir. I think this is because the choir has P's and S's so at times the voices jump out and at others it can be a bit quiet. So, this is a basic...
  42. Silence-is-Golden

    Spitfire Audio 2016......speculation time...

    SA put on their website the latest trick to get our minds caught in....... what is their next move or library that we need/ like/ desire/ crave to own.....:shocked: ...it says that last year was their debut year, and this year they land with a big bang...... I think it will mainly mean that...
  43. M

    Spitfire Mic question

    I just purchased BML Mural and I'm really happy with the sound. I was looking for realism and that is what I got! However I have a few questions that I haven't found the answer to. Mainly it's about how to use the mic positions. How do you achieve certain sounds? Are there combinations that are...
  44. blougui

    Sable Ensembles : any users ?

    Any users of Sable ensemble here to give me a hint at how ingeniously programmed this collection is, how much the ease-of-use-factor has been tailored in, how free minded we can travel our keys from a to g with both hands with the company of a so consistent sound that the word "ensemble" could...
  45. M

    Buying my first sample library!

    Hello everyone. I'm completely new here! I write mostly film and classical music. For a long time I've been using the Logic Pro X orchestra samples and they have been fine. They're actually really good considering the price you pay for the DAW. However, as my compositions become more and more...
  46. Y

    "Paris 4 Peace" - Original Composition using Spitfire Olafur Arnalds Evolutions and Nord Stage 2EX

    Here's a composition I started on the night of the Paris attacks... I wanted to keep it pretty barebones when it came to orchestration. I ended up adding Spitfire's beautiful Olafur Arnalds' Evolutions (which I got just a couple of days ago) to the intro and ending... I ended up using a control...
  47. toddkedwards

    Do you use any Reverb with the Albion series?

    I was just curious to see if anyone uses an additional reverb(s) with Albion I, One, II, III, IV? Or do you tend to use Albion's built in reverb? If so, what types of reverbs do you like to use with them? Currently in my template setup I use two reverbs for all instruments, that are sent with...
  48. Silence-is-Golden

    SA Mural/ Sable Con Sordino strings legato? / Or only LASS LS?

    Hello Spitfire / LASS users, Maybe I am overlooking it, but I cannot find VI, VI2, VA, VC con sordino strings legato in Spitfire libraries. Apart from the Albion limited range legato sustains I cannot find them in the other library articulation sheets. Is this therefore better achieved by LASS...
  49. Ryan

    Screencast- current job (utilizing Spitfire Audio LABS)

    Hello long time since I've posted on this forum! Just wanted to shear this little glimpse on my current work. I utilize Spitfire Audio's laboratories libraries a lot in this cue. Hear how they shine!! Best Ryan
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