1. Garlu

    Strings Arrangement for Flamenco artist

    Hi there, Now you can listen on all platforms an arrangement I did for, flamenco artist: Maria Toledo. She has just released "Ranchera flamenca" which is popular mexican tunes re-arranged in flamenco style, so, it was quite a challenge. :-) She is a great artist and they (producer and herself)...
  2. P

    Thread about non orchestral, smaller specialist instruments in a variety of styles (Folk, Celtic, Boss Nova, Greek, Traditional ,Flamenco + more)

    Hey all, Trying to make a thread about instruments, associated with all number of different styles, but on the whole NON ORCHESTRAL. A great example would be the Birth of a Trumpet, which is very popular for Jazz etc. Here are some more examples of what I am talking about from Dream...
  3. FredericBernard

    Pop Opera - feat. Budapest Scoring Orchestra (Live Recording)

    ...FINALLY some new music to share – freshly recorded in Budapest/Buenos Aires!! :) The Story behind: I was asked to orchestrate and re-arrange/adapt a Spanish song this Summer from scratch. After plenty of long nights, getting back and forth with a plethora of different prototype versions, as...
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