1. musicbyjoao

    Top moments where a film/games that blew you away the first time you watched it (because of how the score was used)

    The following are some moments that immediately came to mind when thinking of occasions that blew me away when I watched them for the first time. They are mostly simple moments that were different than expected and therefore had a great impact and made some impression on me. In no particular...
  2. BenBotkin

    Film Scoring for Beginners - Online Course by Benjamin Botkin 30% OFF ENDS TONIGHT

    Hey guys! The second online course that I just launched through my new online educational site (Forte Composer Academy) is called Film Scoring for Beginners. This in-depth, 42 lesson/10-hour-long video course course is intended to be a pretty comprehensive introduction to the art, craft...
  3. keepforest

    Aizerx Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit by Keepforest (INTRO PRICE 199$)

    AizerX Hybrid Cyberpunk Toolkit is the latest addition to the Keepforest's successful AizerX series and one of the biggest library ever released by Keepforest with +3000 wave samples. Inspired by the atmosphere of the cyberpunk world, this new library offers a lot of character and personality...
  4. X

    Re-create a soundtrack, who is willing to negotiate about this?

    I need to contact someone to redo a song that has a low quality, and I need someone to do it with a good quality and with the instruments that are used. - The track lasts 1:47. - The track is suspense and mystery. - The track is from an anime that uses unofficial music from their album and the...
  5. jbstanley

    Introduction - Composer

    Just wanted to say "hello" to this great forum. Have enjoyed reading some posts. I'm a composer and music producer who has had the wonderful privilege of working with some outstanding talent across a variety of genres. I started out as a drummer (hold the jokes! :) ) and have grown into...
  6. Daniele Nasuti

    Hi from Italy

    Hello, I'm Daniele Nasuti, I come from Italy and I've been playing piano since I was 7 and the accordion from 14. In these years I learned also Tuba, Guitar, Electric Bass and Drums and sang in several choirs. As musician I come from italian pop music which I've listened since I was a child...
  7. Mads Skønberg

    Long time - no music..

    But finally I have found back to composing again after a 3 months break. This is what I am working on now, please give some feedback. All is welcome.
  8. Mads Skønberg

    My first 15 weeks of composing - SHOWREEL

    Hello again! I have made a Showreel of my first 15 weeks of composing. Please listen, and please give all kind of feedback you want:)
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