1. jenssieckmann

    My first orchestral track (traditional filmmusic style)

    Hi composers, I'm totally new to the whole world of music production (just a hobbyist). I enjoy filmmusic since I've been a child (in the early 90s) and wanted to do at least something similar. In the last 12 months or so I learned again (had 2 years piano training ages ago) music theory...
  2. damirexus

    My Dyscovery Channel gig (fake it 'till u make it)

    Hi guys here you can have a listen on my recent work where I scored music for this video from Ocean documentary. I wish one day I will be able to say for real that I've completed a Discovery Channel gig. :) Let me know what you think. Cheers!
  3. R

    Metapop Gefle town

    Hi! I couldn't find any thread about the metapop competition. Here is my track! Also performed saxophone myself on this track :) Might be something for @doctoremmet (sax lovers).
  4. damirexus

    Orchestral Soundtrack inspired by a BOOK

    Hi guys, I would like to present my soundtrack inspired by a book "The Tattooist Of Auschwitz" by Heather Morris. It is a true about a man who survided to tell it. In my mind this music could follow one of the scenes where a prisoner thies to escape as the title says. Let me know your...
  5. Paul Ameller

    WHY DO WE FALL | The Dark Knight Rises | Hans Zimmer (Orchestral Cover)

    Hello Fellows, This Remake was something else to make.. To be honest, I think I started it in 2019 and abandoned it a first time due to the fact that this track was more complexed than it seemed. I don't know how many times I had to start over and over.... But there was this little voice in...
  6. Mads Skønberg

    Stranger Things - my remix - a tribute to a fantastic show!

    I am making my own remix of the Stranger Things intro soundtrack. Hope you will listen and give Feedback:
  7. Emanuel Fróes

    Meditation for the Green Friday, for organ (3 part counterpoint)

  8. N

    “Empty Horizons Suite” – A medley of themes from my first audiobook OST

    This is an end-credits-style suite of character and setting themes from my score for a fan-made audiobook of a fiction story I like. (That was a mouthful.) The original album was completed a couple years ago, but I decided it needed a little something extra to cap it off for good. The score is a...
  9. bosone

    Nostalgic and introvert piano

    this was supposed to be a sort very of short composition for piano, violin, viola and cello, with a "soundtrack" style, in the sense that in my opinion it could work in a short movie scene where the characters think about their past looking out of the window in a rainy day (or something like...
  10. BradHoyt

    New Soundtrack Released - All proceeds go to aid Ukrainian refugee and/or military funds.

    Today I'm releasing this full soundtrack of the game "The Safe Place" exclusively on Bandcamp. The game is by Ukrainian developer Anate Studio. All proceeds from purchases made via the Bandcamp page will go straight to Anatolii Koval at Anate Studio in Ukraine, who will then distribute the money...
  11. dunamisstudio

    Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Soundtrack

    I've been playing through the latest content for Destiny 2. They did a great job with the soundtrack.
  12. Klingsor

    Star Trek – Jazz Piano Arrangement

    Hi there, last year I arranged Jerry Goldsmith's iconic main theme for "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as a little jazz piano fantasy. Alexander Courage's opening fanfare for the original series from 1966 as well as some other well-known motifs (like the one for the Klingons) appear along the...
  13. Hannes

    Dear Future Children - Original Soundtrack

    A while ago I got the chance to compose music for the German/British documentary feature film "Dear Future Children" along with the German composer Leonard Küßner. It was a wonderful collaboration - together with the (very) young director Franz Böhm we managed to come up with a very diverse...
  14. Klingsor

    Music for a Star Wars Fan Film

    Hi, a couple of friends from Vienna have produced a small Star Wars-inspired fan film. What the flick lacks in dialogues and dramaturgy is hopefully compensated by the excessive overuse of homicidal martial arts elements :P (All are passionate fencers.) Well, since John Williams unfortunately...
  15. N

    “The Lonely Promise (Primrose’s Theme)” – sad/melancholic character theme w/ piano, celesta & soft vocals

    Heya all, first time sharing one of my pieces here. I’m a self-taught amateur bedroom composer who’s recently started freelancing to broaden my horizons (and to make a li’l extra dough). I’ve been lurking around these forums for a while, and I figured it was time I submitted myself to VI-C’s...
  16. damirexus

    Escape of B11679 - My 1st BBCCore Soundtrack

    Hi everyone this is my first post here and also my first soundtrack that I created using Spitfire BBC Core audio library. This track is inspired by a book about true story from Auschwitz. Let me know if you have any feedback / suggestions on which things should I improve in my future...
  17. SonicMotion

    Sonic Motion - Impacto - Percussion Library - Intro Price Sale!

    SONIC MOTION - IMPACTO - A new Percussion Library for Kontakt 6 - INTRO PRICE - 49€ (Reg. 79€) - ends December 31 Click here to buy From sticks to epic toms, recorded from the lowest dynamic possible to earth-shaking power up to 6 dynamic layers, our team has worked tirelessly to capture...
  18. TheUniversalninja

    My introduction!

    I'm new to this site and how it works exactly so let me know if I'm doing something wrong! Anyways, hi, I'm TheUniversalninja. I've been composing original works since 2014. My work is inspired by all types of game soundtracks. Throughout the years, I've made music in many genres such as...
  19. gcorcella

    Fan Film Album Soundtrack

    Hello I'm probably going to be hired to score a Star Wars fan film. If so I'm obviously going to write all original music and themes for which I keep 100% of rights, master, writer's share. My music would be licensed to the producer on a non-exclusive basis. The film is probably going to be...
  20. Marius2021

    Hi everyone

    Hello, everyone. I'm a Romanian composer and songwriter interested in composing film/game music and meet interesting people here. I am new here therefore I believe the best way to introduce myself is to post some of my music. I hope you'll enjoy it.
  21. Manaberry

    My first documentary soundtrack, YAY

    I'm happy to share with you guys what I've been working on last month: a nature documentary! And it's about the wolves. I took a bit of inspiration from the Apalachee and Argentina traditional music (subtle). That's also the first time I'm playing "that many" instruments myself: Banjo, Electric...
  22. quickbrownf0x

    Jason Graves' work on Lone Echo

    Hey guys, @Jason Graves just dropped three of these cues on Youtube and I thought I'd share at least one of them, because they sound fantastic. I'm a fan (obviously). Plus that mix is as crisp as a.... ehr, fancy simile that I can't think of right now. Whatever - it's pretty crispy is what...
  23. quickbrownf0x

    A quick sneak preview - my new Inception suite

    Okay, so I've been working on this new, almost 20-minute arrangement/suite/mock-up of the Inception soundtrack for a while now. I think I'm about... 3/4 in and I just finished composing 16+ new bars of it just a few minutes ago, so I figured why not put it out there, see what you guys think...
  24. Q

    Tristan Blaskowitz - Believe (New Age/Ambient Video Game Soundtrack)

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to my latest work: Believe. This is the soundtrack to the video game of the same name from Sleeping Forest Interactive. Believe is a short first-person exploration game with elements of puzzles and adventure. You slip into the role of an...
  25. Kubler

    “Guerre Secrète” – Cloaks & swords short film score

    Hey everyone ! Here is a piece I worked on early this past summer – the title of the thread is pretty self-explainatory ! The orchestra is almost exclusively Cinematic Studio, except for the percussions, harp and keys. I'm planning on releasing a score video soon, as some writing and...
  26. Yombai

    Hello from a Swede with a Bachelor's Degree in music development for video games!

    Hello everybody! TL;DR: Open to work on films and games alike -- key words in bold below. I just found out about this forum. Earlier this summer I received my Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration (my research on atonal harmony available for free here...
  27. Jacob Cadmus

    Boss Battle I - JRPG-Style Track - Symphonic Metal

    Hi everyone, I've got another battle track to share. I mixed some metal with orchestra, electronics, and a little bit of jazz(?) elements. All the rock instruments are my own playing, though I performed the drums on an e-kit triggering samples. Let me know what you think!
  28. AdamSold

    Only one Chance | HGW style short score

    Hi! Its a short one, I just got into the mood of HGW's scores after watching Deja Vu with Denzel. Tried to create a quite similar musical enviroment. Hope u like it! :)
  29. Loïc D

    While we're waiting for Bond...

    I spent the last few weeks working on this tune. I actually started writing the revised Bond theme arrangement and variations upon God Save The Queen. Any comments a warmly welcome ! Video version (my first DAWcast !) : Audio only : The video took me a LOT of time - I'm learning Resolve...
  30. M

    How did 'Finishing Move Inc' create the space of the MSFS 2020 track

    Link should be here for the 30 second clip example - Playing MSFS 2020 has got me obsessed with the sound track, and the space that "Finishing Move Inc" managed to create with it is really silky and warm and phat and inviting. I really want to analyse the reverb and the compression and know...
  31. Antoinemr

    Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh - A Biblical theme

    Hey everyone! It's been almost a decade since I've posted here. I'm happy to share a small track I composed for a painting commission inspired by the Easter biblical resurrection. Libraries used: Spirtfire Audio, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Strezov Freyja/StormChoirs and U-He Diva synth. Any...
  32. Wibben

    Retro Shooter metal!

    Hi all! I recently saw the trailer for the upcoming retro shooter Dread Templar. There’s been a real boom of great retro FPS games the past decade and I am a big fan of the genre. Anyways, I felt inspired and made some appropriate metal music for the genre (to my ears, anyways). I’m obviously a...
  33. hauspe

    Trance Trailer - Release

    Hi there, as a new member I'm grabbing the chance to announce one of my newest compositions: "Trance Trailer." Trance Trailer is for the main part "Uplifting Trance" including typically film trailer elements. I merged both worlds into one epic piece. I used Omnisphere, Soundmaster One and 2...
  34. Jacob Cadmus

    Another JRPG-Style Track - Boss Battle II

    Hey folks, here's a new track I did as a commission for a friend. It's the second of two "boss battle" pieces. I'm still writing the first one - backwards I know - I have them labeled as such within context of the project that it's for. Heavily inspired by Uematsu's work in the 90s. Let me know...
  35. ffion

    Soundtrack Vocalist - Game / Film / Cinematic

    Hi there! I'm Ffion, a vocalist and songwriter working remotely from North West Wales, UK. Over the past year, I've worked on numerous projects from game soundtracks, vocal sample packs and I am about to sing on my first feature film soundtrack. I'm at the annoying stage where I can't actually...


    I recently watched Stargate after many many years, I remember I used to watch it a lot when I was younger in the 90s. I mean...what a movie, something I don't see anymore. Maybe the nostalgia effect had its part in it but I think I can say that it is a really good sci-fi movie and I wish it...
  37. Jonas.Ingebretsen

    Let me go - Disney inspired music (w. Vocals) - Feedback appreciated

    Hello! I'm working on my next song. It's not mastered yet and there's some noticeable clipping. This is the first minute of the track. If you have any comments, critique, or such as; please leave a comment here. Thank you! :)
  38. Tatiana Gordeeva

    My attempt at a 2 min music video... The Chernobyl Eye... What do you think?

    The Chernobyl Eye is now online on YouTube This short music video is showing some spectacular drone views of the Exclusion Zone set to my music. The events that took place in 1986 near Chernobyl have a special meaning for me as I was studying nearby at the time. Thankfully I was, still am...
  39. Secret Soundworks

    Horizons (Cinematic Sci-Fi Electronic Orchestral Music)

    Did a little sci-fi hybrid electronic orchestral piece called Horizons. Would love to know your thoughts :)
  40. Wunderhorn

    Classical Meets Hybrid - Throwing the Gauntlet

    This post was inspired by another thread ("I'm done with hybrid"). Let's assume - for this thread - that by hybrid we mean the mix of orchestral with electronics/samples etc. In my very extensive music collection (and I regularly look out for new things) I have a hard time finding many good...
  41. gohrev

    Mrs. Fleck (Joker's Mother)

    "Mrs. Fleck", Joker's mother according to the 2019 origin story, tells the 1:13 story of a mother who foresees the violent nature of her son before he became the Joker. The 4-note motif was the basis for my "Scoring the Dark Knight Chase Scene" project.
  42. H

    Which piano for "Flight of the Pigeon" from Battlefield 1?

    Which piano libraries can sound like "Flight of the Pigeon" from Battlefield 1? Thanks! :)
  43. gohrev

    First time film-scoring

    After watching the @Spitfire Team Summer Class on film scoring by Homay Schmitz, I decided to download the clip and give it a go. Never realised how hard it is to time your music to what's happening on screen! Here's my little soundtrack + video: And here is the slightly amplified...
  44. Secret Soundworks

    The New World (Epic Sci-Fi Hybrid Orchestral Dramatic)

    Made a little track today, cinematic synth sound design and orchestral kind of thing. Hope you like it!
  45. Loïc D

    Il Magnifico (tribute to Ennio Morricone)

    Ragazze i ragazzi, Here's my personal hommage to the great maestro Ennio Morricone. He was hugely influencial to me, and the first music I can remember in my life (3 years old). Of course, it borrows everything from his style, arranging, creativity and a lot of this 60's-70's Cineccità sound...
  46. Bluemount Score

    I made a radio play soundtrack

    This is the first time I made an original soundtrack for a radio play. It's linked in the description, however it is in german and also the final episode of the series, so I can't expect anyone to understand the background of it! Still hope you enjoy the music! This is my favorite track, others...
  47. Klingsor

    Review: The Film Music of Mark Isaacs Vol. 1

    I finally got my hands on "The Film Music of Mark Isaacs", a 2-disk compilation released by the Australian soundtrack label 1M1-Records. It is a compilation of four rather unknown cartoon scores from the 80s. A short introduction to the composer, who is unfortunately rather unknown for most...
  48. gohrev

    Menu soundtrack for a medieval strategy game

    Hi everyone, to hone my skills and to try something different, I wrote a little 40-second track that could act as a soundtrack for the main menu of a video game. Think Age of Empires :) As people spend very little time in the menu, it would repeat itself after 40 seconds. I don't think of...
  49. Adam Takacs

    The arrival of mankind | orchestra, electric guitar and synths |

    Hi there! I'd like to share my latest work which is an orchestral/electronic hybrid piece. I used many different sample libraries and some live guitar recording. Mixed with my Audio Technica M40x headphone and my two favorite plugins for mixing: Fabfilter ProQ-3 and Gullfoss. Comments would...
  50. ChrisSiuMusic

    The Fantastic Music Of Mario Kart 8 - Analyzed

    Hi everyone! So I've been a fan of Mario Kart 8's soundtrack for a while now, and just had to make a video going in deep with it. Let's explore the jazzy big band, funk, rock, and orchestral fusion behind the music and see what we can find. Please enjoy!
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