1. JunoVHS

    Soundiron Kontakt Player Summer Sale

    Save 30% On these seven professional Kontakt Player and NKS / S-Series Keyboard-compatible virtual instrument libraries, or get the whole bundle for only $419! Hurry, this sale ends this coming Monday, July 17th. This sale includes Apocalypse...
  2. APD

    Deal: get 86% off soundiron 5-in-1 bundle.

    For just $99, get this insane bundle of 5 Kontakt libraries from SOUNDIRON with a combined value of $715. SOUNDIRON libraries are built with over 20 years of award-winning engineering experience and come packed with intuitive features and unique content that you won't find elsewhere. This deal...
  3. J

    Any experience with either ''String Audio Dark Matter' or 'Soundiron sonesphere distance'

    Wanting something as background noise and these two sound similar but I am leaning towards the Dark Matter as i like the guitar feedback sound that is prominant in thier demo's. Also any other soundscape libraries that blend well with orchestral / cinematic? I have Output Signal but it is...
  4. Time+Space

    Win NI Komplete Kontrol 88-note keyboard and huge software bundle

    Happy birthday to us! This year we´re celebrating our 20th anniversary and kicking things off with our biggest ever competition giving you the chance to not only win a Native Instruments keyboard but also an outstanding collection of NKS compatible plug-ins from some of our top brands. To...
  5. 1

    SOLD (Delete)

  6. JunoVHS

    Well what do we have here...

  7. N

    Difference Between Apocalypse Elements and Full Version

    Is the only difference between the two the extra mic positions? Or are there less drums? Within the instruments that are shared between the two libraries, are there less velocity layers / round robins? Is the elements version smaller sounding or lower quality sounding than the full version
  8. cliffordmartin


    Hi, This is an UN MIXED song for a Requiem I have been asked to do. It's quite difficult to get the balances exactly between the orchestra and the choir. I think this is because the choir has P's and S's so at times the voices jump out and at others it can be a bit quiet. So, this is a basic...
  9. Peaslee

    Witness Soundiron's new horror doompocayplse - Sick 6: 666 - The Sickening

    Awwww yeah, it's that time again. We're back with another Sick and this one pushes things to the limit of awesome. Sick 6 is a horror-themed cinematic trailer effects library for composers, sound designers, animators, film makers and game developers. It includes over 4GB of sound-designed...
  10. A

    My interview on Soundiron
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