1. Fab

    SoundCloud Mastering Service

    I noticed this recently and although I currently prefer to do them myself, I wonder how many of you have tried this and is it similar to other online mastering technology (LANDR?) Moreover, it seems some people like to complain of the soundcloud compression being quite bad! If that is true then...
  2. LHMusic

    Hello! :D

    Hey there! I'm Lewis Harvey, From Wales. I'm 24 (though my head still tells me 18), I like long walks on the beach, Playing World of Warcraft late into the night and binge watching YouTube. I've been making music digitally to some degree for about 10 years now. I'm self taught, which really...
  3. Bartholomeus

    Any tips on how to put music up for streaming in reasonable quality?

    Edit: perhaps I should have posted this under Newbie Questions. If so, feel free to move it. --- In the past I've put some music on Soundcloud. Now, I am not an audiophile at all, but the quality of the stream was just horrendous, strange warbling and clipping that definitely wasn't part of...
  4. Mads Skønberg

    Epic Music - Mads Skønberg - now on YouTube

    I now have a YouTube-channel. Here you can listen to my latest compostition on SoundCloud: And here is a YouTube-video - the theme is pollution of our planet...
  5. musicalweather

    What are you using to build your websites?

    Or do you even have your own website if you've got a Soundcloud profile? My website is sorely in need of a revamping. For the last couple of years, I've actually been sending people to my Soundcloud profile, so I've been less aware than I should have about how outdated my website is. Now I...
  6. Dominic Stein

    Hello Everyone! :)

    Hi guys, my name is Dominic, 23 years old, from Dusseldorf Germany and play guitar, piano & drums. It is still my hobby but i would like to jump in to the industry in the near future. I am new in this forum and would like to connect with musician, composer, audio engineers, singer, producer etc...
  7. D

    Greetings (again!)

    Hi all, I've been on the forum for a couple of years now, while plugging away making music like everybody else. The only thing is, I've really avoided putting my stuff out there via Soundcloud, social media, etc. and have finally taken the plunge to launch a soundcloud page. I already have...
  8. Paul T McGraw


    I like Orfium as an alternative to Soundcloud. Files are 320 instead of 128 which makes a BIG difference in sound quality. But the easy embed of a Soundcloud clip in the forum is sure nice. Can anything similar to the Soundcloud embed be done with Orfium? I have tried and cannot find a way.
  9. Anami

    Giving your music to vloggers and video makers.(YouTube)

    Hi all, I was just wondering (and researching a bit) to give some of my music away. (promotion) I found some YouTube channels, soundcloud pages specially made for vloggers. But one thing I really dislike is that it's also for commercial use. Do you guys know a good place for non commercial usage?
  10. Phryq

    Albert McKay, composer extraordinaire :P
  11. A

    This is how I've been getting more R E A L fans.

  12. thecompactor

    Crossing the Threshold (First Post)

    First time posting in here, so forgive my possible ignorance. This is the first cue from a short film I recently composed for. I am really trying to hone in on my mix, so I would really appreciate critique, however big or little it may be. Just for kicks, below is a youtube link to a cue that...
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