1. beyd770

    Newbie asks for help: Choosing a new external soundcard!

    I've been using Steinberg CI2+ for almost a decade, and it has been great. Still, I know that the audio-technology have developed far since 2011, and it's time to look for a new card. I only require 1 mic-input per now, low latency, a good headphone-preamp and usb-connection. I have thought...
  2. Loden Reinheim

    Noob Audio Interface Question

    I have a soundblaster zxr soundcard () and I was wondering if getting an audio interface would be worth it, with any improvement in sound quality or latency/processing. Would getting something not a deep dive financially like a focusrite scarlette be an improvement(in terms of sound quality...
  3. sazema

    M-Audio PCI soundcard, static noise problem on left channel

    After I switch my workstation from old Core 2 Duo to i7 with a brand new mother board, from time to time I can hear strange static noise (like LP) only in left channel, but only when music is played. No problem if no sound - on silence. To be worst, after I restart W10 everything seams ok, and...