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  1. GiuseppeS+OS

    24.5 $ intro price: FREAKTION - Tormented Metal SFX Kontakt library by Silence+OtherSounds

    FREAKTION - Tormented Metal SFX library + Kontakt instrument 50% OFF INTRO PRICE! Freaktion is a collection of sounds from tormented metallic objects. We've experimented with friction mallets, superballs, bows and multiple stiff and sharp...
  2. shapednoise

    No… WE have an announcement to make

    And it's out RIGHT NOW!
  3. timprebble

    New HISSandaROAR Sound FX Libraries released

    SD027 SMALL PROPS I've been collecting small sound-emitting props and musical instruments for decades, so my creative restraint for this library was to only record props small enough to fit in a suitcase. The result is an eclectic collection of fresh sounds, like a magicians case full of sounds…...
  4. Mundano

    Project sampling "Apollo-Dresden" 1884 Piano

    Good Morning, i've spent a month or so being member of this forum, and i thank you for your wonderful community! In this month i have learned a lot about virtual instruments, sample libraries, i have known new and old products and tools i didn't know, and i am improving my musical work with all...
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