sound fx

  1. jrrshop

    Up to 27% off BOOM Library cinematic effects, bass, and post production tool plugins

    Up to 27% off BOOM Library cinematic effects, bass, and post production tool plugins: BOOM Library Enforcer Plugin $79 BOOM Library LiftFX $49 BOOM Library Recenter $49 BOOM Library Turbine $179
  2. Zero-G Ltd

    OUT NOW! Zero-G Tension Vectors

    OUT NOW! Created by Adam Pietruszko, the sound designer behind our highly acclaimed Haunted Ground and Other Worlds sample libraries, Zero-G Tension Vectors is a fantastic new multi-format sample library perfect for scoring any picture or game where suspense and emotional manipulations are...
  3. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron Releases Bowed Bucket 3.0 with Intro Offer

    Bowed Bucket 3.0 is available now! Learn more: You can purchase Bowed Bucket on sale now for only $19.00 (MSRP $29) Hurry, sale ends June 18th! Watch the full library walkthrough Soundiron's Bowed Bucket is a unique virtual instrument built from an...
  4. Craig Peters

    New from Soundiron - Flatulus: Never silent. Always deadly

    LET US RIP APART YOUR TRACKS WITH OUR CUTTING EDGE THUNDER! Just a little something fun for April Fools Day to all of our friends. But make no mistake, this library is most definitely and awesomely real! Soundiron's FLATULUS is the new industry standard in gaseous sound design and...
  5. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron - Save 50% on SICK Halloween deals!

    We're celebrating the most terrifying day of the year with a brand new episode of E.V.P. Patrol Squad and gutting prices on our entire horror collection! Sale ends Tuesday, November 6th! You can now get the complete ']Sick Bundle which includes the all 7 installments of our Sick series...
  6. Davanan

    Synplant For Sale

    I'm selling my Sonic Charge Synplant v1.2.1 plugin for half it's original price (46 GBP). The main feature would be the growth concept for developing the sound (seed, branch, plant) and can be done within tuning or via Atonality. The GUI is simple and interactive when it comes to tweaking the...
  7. Fermile

    Sound FXs

    Hi forum, Lately I'm in need of a collection of SFXs. Things like metal bend, car tire blows, vacuum cleaner, electricity, ETC. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good SFX source like VST for kontakt, any information you may share would be valuable to me :) Thanks
  8. Y

    30 Gb Free Sound Fx Samples

    Thought I'd let my fellow forum members know about this. If you need Sound Fx samples here's a good place to start! Full commercial license, direct download. There's also a list of included samples. Only catch is, very slow download on the server I tried.
  9. Pierre

    Quiet Planet Basics

    Hi guys, we have just released our latest product: The Quiet Planet Basics. The nature basic library consists of 1.000 stereo files containing the essential sound effects of each library of Gordon Hempton’s Quiet Planet series. The 40+ GB data give you a comprehensive basic nature ambience and...
  10. Xenox.AFL

    Aphelion v1.5 FREE released - our modern cinematic tool kit library!

    We finally released our FREE version of Aphelion v1.5, our cinematic tool kit library for the Kontakt sampler. In this version you can try out some of the sounds and loops out of the big and full version, there is no limitation except the amount of sounds and samples, you get the same sound...