1. amadeus1

    Modern Scoring Strings EXPANDED LEGATO by Audiobro

    Hi guys, Here's what the Legato Sul Tasto, Sul Point, and Sordino in the expanded library sound like. Best, Bill
  2. Everratic

    CSS vs Century Strings 2 — Sordino Legato

    I made a brief comparison video to showcase the differences in sordino legato between Cinematic Studio Strings and Century Strings 2. I prefer Century Strings Sordino if I truly want a sordino sound, whereas CSS’s sordino is nicer for sound design purposes. I like layering css sordino with...
  3. 8Dio Productions

    ✨ Blendstrument + Century Strings Flash Sale 48H Left ✨

    Blendstrument Bundle Flash Sale Sale Ends: 01/16 11 AM PST The Blendstrument is a deep creative environment that gives you the ability to create an entirely new instrument with a single click of a button. The Blendstrument has an infinite amount of combinations and can never produce the same...
  4. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Century Strings 48H Flash Sale

    8Dio Century Strings 48H Flash Sale Get our flagship orchestral Century String library now: Bundle $298 - each volume $198. 48 hours only! The beating heart of Century Orchestral Strings is its completely realistic sound, playability and emotion. Every string section has a unique character...
  5. stevebarden

    8Dio memory usage in Kontakt/VEPro

    I’ve come upon an issue that I’ve never seen before. In setting up a template on a slave with VEPro, I’m seeing that 8Dio’s Century Strings and Century Strings Sordino are using approximately twice the amount of memory that it shows in Kontakt. I get that there is some overhead in any...
  6. robgb

    "Sordino" Strings Impulse Response

    Quick and dirty way to get "sordino" into your Kontakt string libraries. The link to the IR file (created using EQ matching of actual sordino strings) is below. In the example (using Amadeus Symphony Orchestra), I play it unmuted first, then with mutes...
  7. amadeus1

    LASS Full Edition vs LASS Sordino Edition

    Hi guys, Here's a video showing features and the organization of the LASS Sordino library by Audiobro that's currently on sale. A comparison between the LASS Full regular edition and the LASS Sordino version is also summarized. Thanks, Bill
  8. Cory Pelizzari

    Comparing Anthology to Adagio

  9. stigc56

    How to incorporate LASS sordino into LASS Standard

    Hi I have decided to give this library a go. So I have installed it following the tutorial from Audiobro. I especially want to use the divisi function of the lib. I also own the LASS Sordino so now I wonder if anyone here, that uses LASS a lot :rolleyes: can offer some information about how to...
  10. E

    New test: 3 x sordino: CSS - SCS - DS

    Hi, Recently I posted four tracks on my blog made with three recent productions: Cinematic Studio Strings (CSS), Spitfire Chamber Strings (SCS) and the newest DS sordino strings (DS). CSS has no original sordino recorded but uses a EQ-setting for it, I guess. I have used one the most beautiful...
  11. Silence-is-Golden

    Q to CSS owners: how is the sordino emulation?

    as I am considering CSS as an alternative string library, and I am a fan of sordino strings, how do you hear/ experience the quality of the sordino's? ( because its an emulation) With LASS the sordino-izer is so-so, and LASS LS only has legato ( and not fast legato's) which is limited.
  12. E

    Dimension Strings and sordino

    Just to let you know the latest update of my blog. It is about trying to get a virtual sordino sound to maintain the wealth of all articulations of the non-muted original Dimension Strings library. Tracks based on a short theme from Vertigo.
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