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    Up to 94% off Soundtoys, JRR Sounds, SONiVOX, Air Music Tech, Akai, and MixMeister

    77% off Soundtoys PhaseMistress, featuring the styles of 69 classic phasers. Now $29 instead of $129: 66% off JRR Sounds Uno Vol.1 Cinematic Atmospheres Moog One sample set, now $9.99 instead of $29:
  2. jrrshop

    Up to 90% off Soundtoys, Overloud, Air Music Tech, Positive Grid, SONiVOX, XLN Audio, & Ableton

    70% off Soundtoys Little Alter Boy, now $29 instead of $99: 35% off Overloud American Classics TH-U Rig Library introductory sale, now $19 instead of $29: Up to 90% off almost...
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    Up to 88% off Eventide, Vienna Symphonic Library, Air Music Tech, McDSP, SONiVOX, and more

    77% off Eventide Tverb reverb, now $59 instead of $249: 30% off the new Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron-ized Special Editions: Up to 88% off Air Music Tech Vacuum Classic...
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    50% off VSL Symphonic Cube + deals from Musiclab, Softube, FabFilter, SONiVOX, PSP, Akai, & more

    50% off Vienna Symphonic Library Symphonic Cube Standard, Full, and Upgrade. An unprecedented sale, this is the lowest price there has ever been for Symphonic Cube: 50% off Mastering The Mix Animate Ignite, now...
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    Up to 90% off SONiVOX, Air Music Tech, IK Multimedia, Nomad Factory, Akai, and MixMeister

    Up to 90% off SONiVOX, including Wobble 2, Twist 2, and Orchestral Companion Brass, Strings, and Woodwinds for $4.99 each, as well as TimewARP 2600 and Vocalizer Pro for $19.99 each: Up to 90% off Air Music Tech, including Boom...
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    $3.99 each for SONiVOX Orchestra Companion Brass, Woodwinds, & Strings, plus Twist 2

    $3.99 each for SONiVOX Orchestra Companion Brass, Woodwinds, and Strings, as well as Twist2:
  7. M

    [Game Over] All sold

    It's over. All plugins are sold, and those that haven't, it's because they are unsellable due to Black Friday sales. They will be available in a future date.
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    Up to 70% off EastWest, Air Music Tech, SONiVOX, Akai, IRCAM Tools, and Positive Grid

    60% off EastWest Hollywood Choirs + Voices of the Empire bundles, now $399 for Gold or $499 for Diamond: Up to 70% off Air Music Tech Loom II, Strike 2, Transfuser 2, and Creative FX Collection Plus, now $49 each or $39 for...
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    Up to 75% off Best Service, Kilohearts, Audified iZotope, Overloud, Melda, SONiVOX, Xhun, & more

    75% off Best Service Phantom Files 1 + 2 Bundle, now $20 instead of $79: 66% off Kilohearts Disperser, now $20 instead of $59: 60% off Audified STA Preamp 2, now $20 instead of $49...
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    Up to 74% off EastWest, Softube, PSP, Audiomodern, iZotope, Melodyne, DS Audio, Kilohearts, & more

    33% off EastWest until May 31: Softube Tube-Tech mkII introductory sale, now up to 25% off plugins, bundle, and upgrades. Plus, 50% off Tube Delay and introductory sale on Weiss Deess...
  11. K

    Does anyone have a copy of the SoniVox Complete Symphonic Kontakt 3.5 & 4 Update?

    Hello, So here's an unusual request about a rather old product. In about 2008, I bought the SoniVox Complete Symphonic Collection (and Harp) for Kontakt 2. In 2011 or so, they released updated nki files for Kontakt 3.5 & 4. Unfortunately, I never knew about it and never downloaded the update...
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