1. M

    Comparing Solo Violins

    Hi all, I'm looking to pick up one of the following VIs for a solo violin. Haven't seen a discussion comparing these three, so I'd like to hear your thoughts! Which out of these three has the most value right now, and has the most variety for different styles? Would like something that covers...
  2. M

    What solo brass library would you use for that airy, quiet jazz feel?

    I've been searching for a library with brass that has a more airy jazzy tone. Almost melancholy texture. I've searched here on the forums, although most of the recommendations I'm seeing are for large sections. I have cinebrass although it's brass is more shiny and bright. Great for big...
  3. 8Dio Productions

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 5!

    Welcome to 8Dio's Holiday Sonic Advent(ure) Day 5! Join us for 22 days of Flash sales, Gifts with qualifying purchases, and introducing 'On the House' compliments of 8Dio. For the next 36 hours, place an order of $98 or more, receive our Century Harps for FREE! There is only 12 hours left to...
  4. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Custom Instrument Series: Circle Strings is Available now

    8Dio Custom Instrument Series: Circle Strings is Available now We did it again! We partnered with our master luthier and designed an instrument from scratch looking for new sounds, new timbres, new possibilities of sonic fulfillment, and we created Circle Strings. Circle Strings is a peculiar...
  5. cliffordmartin

    Guitar Solo Prelude Composition

    Short Guitar Prelude for War Memorial
  6. 9

    Piccolo Electric Bass Library...... Does One Exist?

    I just recently jumped on the NI sale offering OTS Evolution Flatwound and Roundwound bass instruments. Love them both. But I was just thinking, I haven't come across any libraries offering piccolo strung electric bass. Sure, I could tune my existing bass libraries up 12 semitones, but it's...
  7. Bluemount Score


    So what's your favorite Trumpet Ensemble / Solo patch / library? Dynamic range is always appreciated. True legato a must. I'm mainly looking for a heroic, loud sound that doesn't need too much tweaking. I've already had Cinesamples Core / Pro in mind but haven't been able to find too many audio...
  8. M

    Suggestions for all-in-one Kontakt library for orchestral solo instruments?

    Hello! I've been trying to dip my foot into composing as a hobby for years, and I've finally taken the leap of getting into software. I'm still pretty new to it, but it's very fun and interesting. For one of my first forays into this stuff, I wanted to get an all-in-one orchestra package. I...
  9. R

    Electrical guitar playing techniques

    Over the years I have bought a few electrical guitar libraries for kontakt, especially to create lead guitar parts. These libraries contain many different articulations. But as I am a keyboard player, but not a guitar player, sometimes I do not know what the playing technique actually is and...
  10. ScoreFace

    Lyrical Violin Phrases by Sonuscore - Thoughts?

    Hey there, I'm thinking about purchasing the Lyrical Violin Phrases, as long as it is on sale. The Trailer sounds absolutely marvelous - I have searched for such emotional solo performances since long time, to get a kind of ancient Game of Thrones vibe into atmospheric tracks or for highly...
  11. J

    How do I make this solo piano piece better in terms of reverb/mixing/mastering

    So I've been playing around with the mixing of this piece today. I think it sounds all right now, but I'm sure it could be better. How do you guys process your pianos?
  12. Ihnoc

    Tips for making the most of solo brass patches/instruments

    I'm thinking of biting the bullet on Spitfire's wonderful Symphonic Brass library due to the Black Friday sale. Very recently I removed every ensemble patch from my template in an attempt to force myself into writing multiple trumpet/horn lines within the same section (ala Berlin Brass). It was...
  13. P

    Orchestrating Sections in a DAW

    I'm wondering what everyone's opinions are as far as how to orchestrate an instrument section in a DAW. What I normally do for strings is that I use string section patches (Violins I, Violins II, Viola, Cellos, Double Basses) and then I also have a solo patch for each instrument. This seems to...
  14. L

    FS: Emberton Strings Solo: Violin & Cello

    Hello, I'm selling my Solo Violin & Solo Cello Library from Emberton for each 90 EUR. I sent a mail to Emberton and the guys gave me the OK. Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested. Hello. Thanks for reaching out. We can certainly do that for you! All we need is the buyer's...
  15. kurtvanzo

    Recording Techniques : Videos Added

    Someone posting in another section asked for details on recording solo instruments. I gave his some advice as a long time recording engineer and thought a thread on recording different types of live instruments might be helpful to some composers interested in adding live recordings to their...
  16. Pianistikboy

    Two excerpts from my 'Agnus Dei', for mezzo-soprano, choir and orchestra.

    Hi ! This is my last composition for orchestra entitled 'Agnus Dei'. Hope that you'll enjoy it. Thanks for listening and for your feed-back.
  17. M

    Famous solos to remember the sound/timbre of the modern orchestra's instruments ?

    Maybe there is already a thread about that but I haven't found it yet. I am looking for masterpiece's instruments solos to help me to firmly integrate instruments timbre in my mind, at different range/pitch. For instance, if I want to precisely hear an oboe in my mind, I play Morricone...
  18. calebfaith

    EW Hollywood Solo Violin Review/Walkthrough

    Hi, Let me know what you'd like to see next and don't forget to subscribe! Here is the review:
  19. Daniel Petras

    Solo Piano recording and sheet music

    A solo piano work I composed and performed several months back. A sort of fuse between Chopin and Ragtime. Piano is my second instrument. I made the sheet music available today for anyone interested: Recording: PDF:
  20. Less Miles

    FS: Embertone Friedlander Violin and Blakus Cello

    I've already been in contact the the guys over at Embertone, and have received their blessing to do a license transfer. These are GREAT sounding strings if haven't heard them already. I bought them for a project that didn't have a budget for strings, and the results spoke for themselves. Some...
  21. E.Heart

    Allegretto for Violin - rendered with a new virtual instrument (solo violin)

    This is my first post on this forum. I love the violin and wish I could play it, but actually my main instrument is the piano and keyboard. I mostly work on orchestral work with my DAW and have been looking for a good solo violin virtual instrument for a long time. A new solo violin library has...
  22. Pianistikboy

    BERCEUSE, 3rd piano solo piece by Anthony Sylvestre (feat. Piano in Blue)

    Hi ! I'm Anthony Sylvestre, french composer. Last August, I have composed a new piece for piano entitled 'Berceuse'. I didn't thought of composing a new piece of piano soon because my previous piece 'Le Piano Supendu' was difficult for me to complete. Finally, I'm happy to have completed this...
  23. stigma

    Problem with solo mute and allow dissalow groups

    Hallo everyone! I am newbie in kontakt scripting and maybe my problem is not so big... anyway i can't find a solution. Here it is: I declared my groups, my solo buttons and my mute buttons. Then i used "on note" callback and allow dissalow groups I managed to activate the solo buttons(everything...
  24. C

    Turning solo instrument to an ensemble...

    Hello people, in my free times I am testing to achieve as much as possible realistic sounding ensemble out of solo instrument. Under experimentation is included Reaktor 5 Chet Singer's Serenade III string instrument ensemble which for solo instrument it is sounding quite realistic. My first try...