solo strings

  1. Cory Pelizzari

    Library Spotlight - Sospiro Strings & String Flow

    Get them here: Buy an album:
  2. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Anthology and Adagio Strings Flash Sale

    8Dio Anthology and Adagio Strings Flash Sale Anthology Strings Bundle $188 - Adagio Volumes $48 Anthology Strings was crafted by Academy Award, TEC, and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer and Producer, Troels Folmann and Emmy-Nominated Composer and Orchestrator, Colin O’Malley. Anthology is the...
  3. ThomCSounds

    Checking Out : LSS Solo Strings by Aria Sounds

    Hi everyone! Here's my review of LSS Solo Strings by Aria Sounds in different contexts. In this video, I go through all the different articulations & mic perspectives of the library and showcase them both solo and in context. You'll also hear the strings in a folk pop composition, in...
  4. jrrshop

    Up to 47% off Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings and Crossgrades, starting at $114

    Up to 47% off Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings and Crossgrades, starting at $114: This solo instruments collection of two violins, one viola, two cellos and one double bass is based on...
  5. Ben

    SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings now available!

    After many requests it's finally here: SYNCHRON-ized Solo Strings! Reworked and optimized samples for better sound and greater playability + usability. And it contains the same number of articulations as the original VI Solo Strings! The pre-recorded runs and scales are now easier to use thanks...
  6. gh0stwrit3r

    Floating Balloons [Orchestral - Film Music]

    I composed a new music track. This time with solo strings, solo woodwinds, small percussion, harp, piano and supporting chamber strings. I've tried to accomplish a positive happy energy. I would really love to get some feedback on this one.
  7. Black Light Recordings

    Just Got CSSS and CineStrings SOLO!

    Been a while since I posted! Went on a solo strings binge. Compared the two libraries using Alan Slivestri's quartet work from Infinity War and End Game here: Then wrote a quick original quartet motif here: Looking forward to really pushing my quartet writing! G
  8. M

    For sale Embertone ISS Bundle

    I'm selling the ISS bundle from Embertone, Friedlander Violin, Fischer Viola, Blakus Cello and Leonid Bass. 200 $. Embertone needs this information about the new user: Full Name Phone Number Email Address
  9. Alex Niedt

    Spitfire Alternative Solo Strings Demo

    I think this is a great library for modern avant-garde material. Just have to play to its strengths. Next I want to see how Alternative Solo Strings sounds with LCO Strings. Wondering if they might be a match made in heaven for scratchy, dissonant stuff!
  10. Dear Villain

    2nd try with this piano quintet

    Hey all, Here's a piano quintet in 2 movements that I wrote called Pathos and Rapture. I did post it a while back, but..."crickets" :) lol Anyway, I'll give it one more go. I totally get that it's not the style of music most crave and the length is also a challenge in our fast-paced world...
  11. Phryq

    Is Embertone updating their Intimate Strings?

    More articulations?! Comon for Leonid Hammer-Ons!
  12. M

    Solo Strings library advice for BF

    Hi Everyone, I have a question a lot of people might have in mind. Which do you think is the best Solo Strings library at the moment and why? (Legato performance, playability, sound, articulations, etc.) I have my eyes in Chris Hein Solo Strings and CSSS, I just can't decide as I see...
  13. Ganampf

    Which Solo String Library should I buy?

    Hello, I really need a Solo String Library, as I haven't got one; I also am a student and don't want to bust the bank. For the rest of the orchestra I am using EW Hollywood Orchestra Diamond. At first I thought about the new Spitfire Solo Strings, but heard some bad things about their...
  14. M

    Embertone ISS Bundle, Spitfire Solo Strings, or CSSS (Cinematic Studio Solo Strings)?

    I have been researching solo strings for months now, and continue to waffle about what set to purchase. I think I've just about exhausted all of the options and have come down to these three choices. I would like to hear what other people think here. Here are the pluses/minuses of each for me...
  15. Phryq

    F.S. Embertone ISS bundle + Joshua Bell + Herring Clarinet

    I love these, but I really really want the new Embertone piano, and can't justify purchasing anything new when I'm only a hobbyist. So I'd like to sell enough to buy their piano (though it'll pain me to lose what I have). Joshua Bell Violin Retails $199 Selling for $150 or best offer...
  16. Alex Niedt

    Spitfire Solo Strings legato-focused experiment

    All sounds are from the Spitfire Solo Strings library
  17. Jorgakis

    Something "UP"-ish for Orchestra+CSSS

    Hello all, this is a piece I wrote in order to challenge myself to write something easy and "compact". Not quiet sure If accomplished so... I thought throwing in some CSSS for a string-quartet solo part was a nice use for the library as well and reminded me of the "UP" Soundtrack. I hope...
  18. V

    Good Strings/Solo Strings Libraries with flautando??

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new Strings and Solo Strings Library (currently using EWQL Hollywood Strings). As EWQLHS has flautando and harmonics only in 2. Violins, I'm really interested in getting one with flautando patches in Violas and Celli as well, and maybe harmonics. Recorded con sordino...
  19. Vik

    The pros/cons of using solo strings instead of first chairs?

    I just listened again to OT's first chair demo.... ...and wonder what the pros and cons would be for someone who used regular solo instruments (in this case, it would be most relevant to use OT's solo strings I guess) instead of using the first chair library?
  20. P

    FS: VSL Dim Strings 1 Full Library + VSL Solo Strings Bundle + VSL Dim Brass 1: $1600 USD

    Hello VI Control members: I'm selling these libraries as a set only. Price $1600 USD. I will send you my Vienna Key (eLicencer). I will pay the VSL transfer fee. All of these libraries are downloadable products, I do not have disks. Thank you. Paul Worbey
  21. P

    FS: VSL Dim Strings Full + Dim Brass 1 + Solo Strings Bundle: $1600 USD

    For Sale: VSL Dim Strings Full + Dim Brass 1 + Solo Strings Full $1700 USD for all three. I will pay the 10% VSL licence transfer fee. I'll send you my Vienna Key. I've already been in contact with VSL. I have way too many sample libraries. Payment via PayPal only please. Thank you. Paul...
  22. Fa

    Samplemodeling SWAM Cello: what's special about it

    After few weeks from the launch of the new VI (and few days from the last nice update), I was reading comments and listening to demos. I think one point has not been checked and discussed yet enough, and it's what makes this VI so special to me: the Physical Modeling approach, enabling a set...
  23. Virharmonic Tea boy

    First Cello Performer in Soul Capture Series - RELEASED

    We are very proud to present our First ever showing of the second performer in the Soul Capture Series, the Bohemian Cello. As soon as the Bohemian Violin was launched we immediately set off on the hunt to bag a Cellist, but not just any Cellist, it had to be someone who could bounce off...
  24. Phryq

    Which articulation for double-stops?

    So I'm trying to write some solo violin / viola passages, and want to use double stops. {edit, here's my attempt, I tried using a poly-sustain, with 'harsh' attack (I'm using Embertone Strings btw), but the lack of legato sounds fake to me. Listening to some real violin, specifically this...
  25. StrezovSampling

    ***Strezov Sampling releases free MACABRE Solo Strings Update // 1.1 walkthrough added***

    As with every product released at Strezov Sampling we listen to the feedback of our customers and then release a free update improving our instruments even further. Macabre is no exception to this rule. Macabre Solo Strings 1.1 is a 2.6 Gigabyte Update, which completely replaces the old Macabre...
  26. W

    Solo Strings: Access to samples in order to modify?

    I've had some frustration with some of the solo string libraries, when I can identify a change that would be very good but the libraries are locked up so no samples can be modified. And reviewers inevitably seem to ignore this issue in their reviews, so before you buy it can be very hard to...
  27. L

    VSL Solo Strings - Another original piece

    This is another Baroque inspired piece realized with VSL's Solo Strings - Full: I continue to find arpeggios challenging, but what seems to help is to start the first note off with one articulation, e.g. staccato, and follow the rest of the notes with another, e.g. marcato. Anyway, let me...