solo piano

  1. CGR

    New Solo Piano Album released

    Very happy to announce my new solo piano album, available to purchase and stream on the following platforms: I didn't seem to be able to...
  2. I

    Counterpoint in Jazz

    Hello Everyone! As any composer/musician coming of age in the late 20th century, I was exposed to many disparate styles and traditions of music. Two currents of musical thought that especially impacted me were complex contrapuntal music as exemplified by Bach and Josquin, and mid-last-century...
  3. W

    Invention for piano and pizz also birds

    Hello, I had this invention sitting around and thought I throw it over some bird videos haha. Hope you enjoy, comments, thoughts welcome :) made with spitfire tundra
  4. ricz

    Solo Piano...For Contrast

    No epicness here. A little Tiersenesque, I suppose... <iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe> Enjoy! Ric