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  1. J

    CLOSED U-he bazille SOLD

  2. N

    [Berlin] Native Instruments are hiring a Product Owner (f/m/x) for sampled instruments

    As the Product Owner for sampled instruments you will act as a Project/Product Manager and you will be responsible for Native Instruments’ KONTAKT based instruments portfolio. Driven by the needs of our customers you will be leading the instruments creation process from ideation to development...
  3. rhearhino

    New Modular MIDI Controller for Software Synthesizers

    Hi guys! I would like to know your opinion about the MIDI controller idea that we’ve been developing for some time together with a group of several musicians. The idea is to design a MIDI controller fo software synthesizers, which will be built of modules. However, unlike other modular...
  4. M

    Software Instr. that can play any Freq and takes Data input sets from a file

    Hi I am mucking about with Fibonacci sets and various frequencies outside the standard western octave range. I am looking for some kind of tone generator that can accept data sets in a file format, and then plays them. Preferably something that works in Cubase and/or runs on windows but I can...
  5. J

    Sample Fuel Poly and Wave by Ask Audio

    AskAudio just posted a great review of Sample Fuel's Poly and Wave products. Check it out here:
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