1. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Turn a Piano Sketch Into a Full String Arrangement

    Hey composers! Today's video is a highly-requested one: string arranging! Please enjoy my take on the process, and my workflow when it comes to this style of music.
  2. ChrisSiuMusic

    How To Write a Classic Disney-Style Song Intro

    Hey all! In today's video, let's explore a fun topic: writing a Disney-style song intro! Using secondary dominants and exploring the circle of 5ths, how can we pull this off? Enjoy :)
  3. beyd770

    Feedback on structure, form and harmony: Pianosketch for orchestra

    Just finished Mike Verta's "Structure"-masterclass, and learned a ton! What do you think of this little sketch? What could I do to improve my form even more before starting writing out the individual pieces? Piano is The Grandeur from NI, with Altiverb Todd AO-input at 40% and...
  4. SBK

    Project Chaos Live Sketching (Dangerously Good)

    Hey, I am not sure why I did this video. But I want you to see how dangerously good and inspiring this library is. Here is a live performance with 2 instances of Project Chaos and 8 layers made for fun No mixing has been done I am saying dangerous because everybody can create a cool track...
  5. MOMA

    "The Unpredictable Journeys of Archibald Whim" – a favourite theme in raw costume

    Hello! Now this is a gamble. I did work on this theme for a suite called "The Unpredictable Journeys of Archibald Whim" when most of my machines broke down, leaving me with Natives Essentials and some woodwinds and brass from the same basic quality. Still the theme itself I do think is a strong...
  6. S

    Small Sketches - Original Composition

    Composite sketches throughout my life. Softwares: Finale, Kontakt, Cinebrass PRO, The Giant Piano, EWQL Symphony Orchestra.
  7. hozierschurch

    Is Notion on the iPad worthwhile?

    By iPad I mean iPad Air not iPad Pro. Just looking for different workflow ideas (mainly to work on initial sketches so I’m not always stuck at my DAW). It’s only £15 but still, I don’t want to purchase it if it isn’t user friendly etc
  8. Vartio

    Jupiter Needs Drones

    Just a little sketchy thing I wrote today. I hope you dig it.
  9. Lukas K

    Custom Studio Desk

    Hey guys, I would like to show you a sketch and a little animation of a studio desk I designed. I wanted to come up with a design, that would allow me to use both keyboard+mouse and a midi controller in the same height, but at the same time have the ability to move the keyboard tray out of...