1. jrrshop

    25% off Avid Pro Tools, Sibelius, and Media Composer subscriptions and renewals, including educational version

    25% off Avid Pro Tools, Sibelius, and Media Composer subscriptions and renewals, including educational version: Avid Pro Tools 1 Year Subscription (no iLok) 9938-30001-50 $224.25 Avid Pro Tools 1 Year Subscription (no iLok) for...
  2. W

    NotePerformer Sibelius Two Harmonics on one Stave don't play

    I use Sibelius Ultimate version 2019.12 on a MAC with NotePerformer 3. Has anyone noticed that If you have more than one harmonic note on a stave of a string instrument neither note plays back. This is the case with separate parts as well as writing a divisi chord. Using other configurations...
  3. G

    Hollywood Choirs Sibelius soundset

    Hello! I would like to use Hollywood Choirs with Sibelius. Even though a few tips are available at, I would like something more integrated, ultimately a Sibelius soundset. If someone has tips, resources or even a soundset, it'll be...
  4. Zedcars

    Trying to Register Sibelius 6 on New Mac Nightmare

    Hello, I'm having a bit of an issue trying to get back to using Sibelius 6 again after a few years not using it. I upgraded to a new Mac a few months ago. I imported all my old apps. I haven't touched Sibelius for a few years. Now I have a need to use it again but it wants me to register (I...
  5. G

    VSL Special Edition Complete to VSL Symphonic Cube?

    Hello, I'm doing orchestration and most of my work is to be able to come up with a realistic orchestral mockup, that can possibly be played by a real orchestra. Here's my (very simple) workflow: - Logic Pro X: find ideas - Sibelius: import ideas from Logic Pro X and then write correctly /...
  6. nightwatch

    I'm back! Vienna Ensemble Pro templates and training. An update on my YouTube channel and website

    UPDATE: It's taken a few months but I'm now announcing my YouTube channel as an active channel making videos daily. Steve Steele's YouTube channel, new unfinished website recent VSL Certification and much more. (Dorico...
  7. M

    Scripts to help composition development

    Hi, Do you know where to find scripts (on Cubase logical editor, or Reaper, or any other DAW...) to generate variations using classical compositional techniques ? I am not talking about repetition or transposition... but rather more advanced techniques like : - embellishment, - simplification...
  8. M

    Cubase 9.5 with Sibelius 2018.4 as Rewire Slave

    Anybody running this setup? I'm using Cubase 9.5 as the master for film composition as it has the embedded video and various audio/MIDI tracks. Sibelius acts as the primary writing platform. I've had this working in previous versions but doesn't seem to be working. Sibelius does show up in...
  9. O

    Sibelius 7.5 and Sounds (Custom playback for midi) and multiple dynamics

    Hello Does someone know how to program own sound for playback? I created some sounds for midi to control VSTi. It is not hard to understand from created sounds (sound.xml) files, but I hope there are more possibilities with sound.xml as only change keyswitch or change midi cc. I want different...
  10. Infiniquity

    Sibelius - azerty keyboard support

    Hi, I'm about to buy a magic keyboard with num pads. I hesitate between a french keyboard (AZERTY) or an international English. Could you tell me whether I should expect some issues inputing Sibelius shortcuts if I go the AZERTY way? BR,
  11. RRBE Sound

    Logic Pro X Transcribing MIDI to XML/Sib file (help wanted)

    Hello Everyone, I am having some trouble transcribing a track I composed, from MIDI to a ''real'' readable score. I am using Logic Pro X, and I have done this with smaller composition, containing fewer instruments before. However, I always had (In my experience) the sheet view in some weird...
  12. tarantulis

    Orchestrator needed

    I'm looking for an orchestrator to convert a MIDI mockup into a readable score. The piece is roughly 7.5 minutes in length. No actual orchestration needed, I just need a score. Timetable is flexible. PM me for details. -Dave
  13. Vik

    Is Sibelius more user - and key command - friendly than Finale?

    I like to use key commands, and with some crucial exceptions, Logic is quite good at offering ket commands (and menu commands, and contextual menus) for it's important functions. But Logic has stopped developing as a score app, and Dorico is still too far away from being usable for me (plus...
  14. maro

    Laptop Holder - upright piano addition

    Hello to everyone! I'm a semi professional composer and piano player. I love benefit of digital workstation but I'm a kind of old school guy regarding a process of composing. I love working on my 1973 Petrof upright piano, so I invented a kind of notebook holder which helps me to write down...
  15. R

    Sibelius (Help req with complex chord notion)

    Hi, I'm using Sibelius 7.5.1 and want to notate the chord (which shouldn't be too complex I assumed) Cm with an added 6th & 11th over a G bass Note: Written, 'not' a chord diagram. Cm(6/11)/G Could some explain the syntax for writing it, I've yet to find how to do so. Kind regards.
  16. N

    * Hiring Music Editor: Epic Film Orchestral Score (Sibelius) *

    I hope it's a right place. I'm seeking an orchestrator (music editor) to edit a full orchestral score (in Sibelius file): sci-fi fantasy epic themes. We're a small team of sci-fi series production. Reference music can be found in our draft trailer: NewEraHumans (see the pinned post, or PM for...
  17. Phryq

    Making Reaper Notation like Sibelius

    Hi guys, so as some may know, Reaper now has built in notation. Reaper is much cheaper than Sibelius, or other scoring software, however, the workflow is much different. As someone who had been using Sibelius since version 2 (since I was a child) I couldn't change workflow. And so I've created...
  18. michaelrohanek

    Anyone using Sibelius/Finale/Dorico on a 13inch MBP?

    Hi, Just about to look at a new MBP. I primarily use my iMac 27 5K for composing, recording, mixing, creating large scores, but for working on the road and general portability, will a 13 inch MBP i5 suffice? What's everyone using?
  19. Paul T McGraw

    DAW alternatives Notion, Overture, Dorico?

    After years of praying for a true notation based alternative to a DAW, finally we have (or are about to have) multiple alternatives. HURRAH! I have tried using a DAW, two of them in fact, and I just don't like them. I like working with notation. I use Sibelius, and I really like Sibelius, for...
  20. RRBE Sound

    Field of Poppies - For string orchestra.

    Hey everyone. So a few weeks back I composed a track named ''Field of Poppies'' - (not small dogs, but flowers, if you didn't know). In remembrance of World War One. Now I have made a Sibelius Score, and I wonder if you would give me some feedback on the orchestration? The track, made in...
  21. W

    Midi out from Sibelius to Ableton

    Hi, I am using a macbook pro, I am finding it hard routing midi from sibelius to ableton to make all the midi play the vsts in ableton! I followed the instructions on the internet but nothing happens!
  22. Paul T McGraw

    What is the best use for SSD's

    I know there are some really smart people on VI and your advice would be appreciated. My computer dedicated to music had two 500GB hardrives. I just bought 3 Samsung 850 SSDs with 500GB each. So obviously sample libraries should go on the SSDs, but should anything else go on the SSDs...
  23. Paul T McGraw

    Advice Requested about VSL for Sibelius vs NotePerformer

    I have tried using sequencers like Sonar and Cubase, but I really prefer to work with notation and Sibelius. Still, I would like the best playback sounds possible. I found NotePerformer and that was a giant leap forward in achieving better playback sounds. (Thank you Wallander!) I know there...
  24. 1

    EW Hollywood Series sound set?

    Hello guys! I'm just wondering if anyone of you have had experience with "The Sound Set Project"? I use Cubase to do my mockups, but I would like try out some new sounds for Sibelius (7.5 atm) when notating some of them, as I have the complete Hollywood series diamond and some other libs from...
  25. almound

    String quartet mock up with Sibelius remotely controlling Presonus Studio One

    Here's the URL to the playlist for a string quartet that I recorded via Sibelius as a scoring editor for Presonus Studio One (its the actual playback). (Three movements are available, and a fourth is coming.) Carnavale...
  26. almound

    String quartet mock up with Sibelius remotely controlling Presonus Studio One

    Here's the URL to the playlist for a string quartet that I recorded via Sibelius as a scoring editor for Presonus Studio One (its the actual playback). (Three movements are available, and a fourth is coming.) Carnavale...
  27. JohnBMears

    Exporting from Sibelius into Logic Pro X

    Since I have worked in Sibelius for so many years (and use it for part production) I am much faster at inputting for some types of projects. But when EXPORTING a MIDI file from Sibelius into Logic Pro X, there is a ton of program change, pan, reverb, etc info that I don't want to bring into...
  28. almound

    Advanced_DAW_Networking tutorials posted

    Advanced_DAW_Networking In the 3 videos of this series, we take the concepts explained in the first four videos (of "DAW network: How to network your DAWs together") to another level. Just as in my "32 MIDI Controllers vs. One Sequencer" tutorials, we develop a symphony orchestra template as a...
  29. almound

    Realistic MIDI Mock-ups by combining sequencer with notation

    Its as though you had 32 keyboard players simultaneously sending MIDI to your sequencer! But no quantization is needed, each player controls unlimited knobs and sliders, and adjustments to the piano roll editor takes place as they play. Check out hours of free tutorials at...
  30. almound

    I need a "Change dynamic" Sibelius plug-in that handles custom dynamics

    Anybody good at writing Sibelius plug-ins? Care to give pointers on how to write a "change dynamic" plug-in like the one under the Text menu of Sibelius 7.5.1, but which handles custom dynamics rather than Sibelius standard dynamics? (No, the plug-in's option "Custom dynamic mapping" doesn't...