sheet music

  1. F

    Reading along score better

    I have a 21 page long score from a film as pdf and want to read along the sheet music. Right now I am looking at it through Foxit Reader and am basically permanently busy with scrolling. It would be much easier if there is a way to scroll the sheet music as you read it: from left to right...
  2. Jorgakis

    Ipad Pro 12,9" alternatives?

    Hello everyone, this might not be a studio-related question, but rather a question regarding live-gigs. In the past year I started to play more and more live as a piano accompanist and other stuff and I sometimes have like 30 songs to play and this is just really annoying to take care about all...
  3. paularthur

    What is the best place to find Film Scores?

    Curious where people source sheet music to study and or interpret? What is the best place to find real Film Score sheet music?
  4. M

    Daw project to sheet music

    Hello, I write a lot of symphonic music in Logic Pro X using samples (mostly from Spitfire Audio). I have been asked by someone to show a score for some cues and as I don't have any finished sheet music. I don't have much experience with sheet music and notation for all instruments so was...
  5. M

    Best DAW for creating sheet music for drums

    Hi everyone, new here and fairly new to music, takes bloody ages to handwrite drum scores and I know for a fact that garageband can create drum sheets but I don't have a mac. I want to basically plug in my electronic drums, record straight live into a Daw and print the sheet music once I...
  6. D

    Sheet Music Question

    Does anyone know a resource for finding sheet music to a public domain film?
  7. O

    Selling music notations (sheet music) (own and arrangements from other composers) questions

    I hope this is right forum to post this questions. 1. I want sell my composition as notation (sheet music) for real players. For example someone buy notation and he can only perform it for free. My name and name of composition must be displayed and if he want perform it for profit, he give me...
  8. ranaprathap

    Is it possible to get sheet music of new movie scores?

    Hello, Is it possible to get the full orchestra sheet music of new movie scores? I am not looking for something like a piano cover, which can be done by ear. I want to learn the orchestration of specific pieces.(eg:Trafalgar Celebration from Wonder Woman) Anyone aware of any resources...
  9. E

    Getting hold of full orchestral film scores

    I'm looking for some orchestral film scores to study from, but can't really rake out $75 for a few pieces which seems to be a fairly normal price for some John Williams scores Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks