1. A

    For Sale Impact Soundworks Ventus Shakuhachi Asking for 80 USD. Payment via paypal. Search for axb312 for my feedback on KVR. Cheers!
  2. Mukar

    Questions about Shakuhachi Premier G

    Hi! Recently I've been looking into making a Japanese-style soundtrack and was looking at several libraries to accomplish this. At my price point and sound standards, I've narrowed down my options to be either Impact Soundwork's Ventus Shakuhachi, or Shakuhachi Premier G by Premier Sound...
  3. kessel

    List of Japanese Instruments VSTs

    Hi, I'm going to copy/paste a post I did on a different forum just in case someone is interested in japanese instruments as VST and if you do know some more to add to this list For those interested in japanese VSTs, I did some research on Japanese VSTs months ago, I ended up buying some of...
  4. kessel

    Japanese Shinobue Flute VST?

    Hi, I asked this on a different thread but as it weren't directly related to this kind of flute and after a good recommendation I decided to open a new thread specially for this. As the title says, I've been watching for a very specific kind of flute coming from Japan called Shinobue and see...
  5. APD

    FINAL DAY! Get 70% off Ventus Ethnic Winds Bundle by Impact Soundworks!

    Order Now:
  6. APD

    JUST 1 WEEK LEFT! Get 70% off Impact Soundworks Ventus Ethnic Bundle

    For just $149.99, Impact Soundworks proudly offer The Ventus Ethnic Winds Bundle featuring 5 beautiful and deeply sampled woodwinds at a whopping 70% off ($350 savings). The collection feature an Irish tin whistle, Japanese shakuhachi, Indian bansuri, two pan flutes, and three ocarinas. This is...
  7. X-Bassist

    Premier Shakuhachi Flute Free GUI

    Hey VI comrads, *** I have decided to add the interface to this thread, since the PM system here has been an issue. Please scroll down for the GUI download and instructions. Thank you for those that have been so patient with my lack of a response. I just hope anyone who can use it will enjoy...
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