1. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: Getting started with SFZ: the free sampler + free SFZ sample library

    In this video, I provide a basic introduction to SFZ – a free sampling format that provides a lot of the same functionality as Kontakt, albeit with a far more basic UI. A link to the toy xylophone sample I created in this video can be found in the YouTube video description.
  2. Dave Hilowitz

    Free violin sample library in Kontakt, Ableton, SFZ formats

    First, here's the story behind the sample: The link to the samples is in the description to the YouTube video.
  3. DSmolken

    Sfzformat - documenting SFZ and how to use it

    For a couple of months now, I've been documenting the sfzformat.com wiki with information on all the listed opcodes, and also added a couple of guides on mapping basic drums and sustained instruments. I've collected the information published in other places, documented SFZ 2 and ARIA extensions...
  4. Michael_Picher

    Organs, Toy Instruments, Pianos, & More!

    I make virtual instruments in my spare time, mostly in the SFZ format. You can hear previews bellow, as well as follow the link to see everything I have! http://michaelpichermusic.wixsite.com/composer/all