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  1. fretti


    Hi! I'm selling my full licenses of Session Strings Pro (the "old" version) and Komplete Elements MK2/Kontakt Elements Selection R2 Prices: Session Strings Pro: Sold (update to the "new" Version possible for 149€ now for an ultimate of 194 vs. 299€ full Version price; or just wait until NI has...
  2. S

    CLOSED FS: N.I, Reason, DMG, Tone2, Heavyocity, Overloud, Audified, Soniccouture, UA.

    Hello, PM me if you have any questions. I’m looking for Acustica-Audio plugins for trade, especially Nebula. For Sale: DMG Audio Multiplicity $135 Propellerheads Reason 10 $175 Native Instruments Razor $40 Native Instruments Kinetic Toys $50 (includes Kinetic Treats) Native Instruments...
  3. L

    A Schema Exercise

    This is a short binary piece I wrote using Session Strings Pro. I used the patterns, or schemas, described in Robert Gjerdingen's book, "Music in the Galant Style." A: Do-Re-Mi Prinner Prinner - Modulating Cadence B: Fonte Monte Falling Sixths Cadence I don't know if "Falling Sixths" is...
  4. L

    A Vivaldi Partimento

    I've had a fascination with Baroque form "Concerti a Quattro." Vivaldi wrote a lot of these (RV 109-169 or so). To me they're more fun than a soloist concerto where a virtuosi section alternates with a ritornello section. I've also had a fascination with partimenti. So I thought I'd try to...
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