1. M

    Need midi mockup service

    Hi, I am looking for a midi mockup service that can produce a guitar tone similar to the following. I bought this library. But I can't produce the same tone as advertised. Best
  2. M

    The Orchestra (SOLD) and T Racks 5 MAX (SOLD)

    The Orchestra (By Sonuscore / Best Service) - €199 T Racks 5 MAX (By IK Multimedia) - $149 I can't believe I'm doing this... These are my "lowest price ever" offer. Loosing so much money already! Selling only for financial reasons.
  3. ChrisSiuMusic

    Emotional Violin: A Walkthrough

    Best Service has just uploaded a walkthrough of the Emotional Violin. Check it out here:
  4. kierangreig

    New Free Kontakt Instrument Subscription Service

    Hi there! I've started a free subscription service where you signup and get one free instrument a month. This is a project that I started primarily to improve my abilities in creating NKI's. If anyone is interested, I'll post our Facebook page!