1. ChrisSiuMusic

    How the Harmonic Series Makes Orchestration SO Much Easier

    Hi everyone! I hope you're well. I wanted to share with you a concept that not enough people talk about, and it really can make or break an orchestral arrangement: the harmonic series. I think many people have a natural ear for what sounds muddy or clear in an arrangement, but hopefully this...
  2. Alex Niedt

    Orchestral Tools Blank Page Series

    Hello, everyone! The first of my Blank Page videos for Orchestral Tools is up now. This will be a series of quick compositions, rolling out a brief idea within half an hour with a specific library or two. I'm hoping to give those of us creating quietly in a small apartment an idea of what we...
  3. jdrcomposer

    Brass Quintet (Cinematic Studio Brass)

    I'm loving CSB so far and decided to put it through its paces in an exposed brass quintet context. Would love feedback on composition, mix, programming, etc.!
  4. zygomatic

    Tyrell N6 Quick Tip YouTube video series

    I proudly inform everyone that the pilot episode of my humble Tyrell N6 Quick Tip YouTube video series is up on YouTube as of last night. Please check it out. Any suggestion or critique is welcome. The first episode is about the VCA1: PAN parameter. Here's the link to the video: Merry...
  5. ChrisSiuMusic

    SonuScore: The Origins Series (A Review)

    Hey all! Today I'm taking a look at a very unique set of libraries: The Origins Series from SonuScore. Feel free to have a look!
  6. 1

    VEPRO Superslow/totally freezes when connected with Cubase 9 (running Play template) *FIXED*

    Hello, Like the title says VEPRO is Superslow/totally freezes when connected with Cubase 9 (running Play template). Anyone else experiencing this problem and have a solution? I'm running one 6 i7 core machine with HWS and HOP, and another 8 AMD Ryzen core machine with HWB and HOW.
  7. StudioSpotlight

    VIDEO | VEPro 5 & 6 - Brief overview and loading time comparison

    ------------------------------------------- NEW FROM STUDIO SPOTLIGHT ------------------------------------------- In Studio Spotlight's first video, we look at the recently released Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, comparing the load times of a string section from EastWest's Hollywood Orchestra Gold with...
  8. S

    SOLVED_SFX Editor / Dialogue Editor Needed

    This post has been solved. Thanks everyone!
  9. M

    Your PCIe SSD choice : Samsung 950 PRO 512 GB vs Intel 750 Series 400 GB

    Hi, I mainly use Kontakt libraries (Spitfire Albion, BML, Percussion, Project SAM Symphobia, some Sonokinetic stuff, Orchestral Tools Woodwinds, etc...) and EWQL (Orchestra, Stormdrum 2, etc...). I have already installed a Samsung in my M.2 slot (but not tested yet with this new built) and I...
  10. donbodin

    Video Review & Playthough of AMS Brass Bundle from Strezov Sampling

    Spent some time getting to know the AMS Brass Bundle from Strezov Sampling - a really cool set of truly aleatoric brass instruments for kontakt. Full written review here: