1. Big Fish Audio

    Big Fish Audio Presents Street Percussion (With Intro Offer)

    Hey everyone! We're super excited to announce the release of our new instrument called Street Percussion! Been working on this one for a while and we're pretty proud with how it turned out. The intro offer of $149.95 ($50 off MSRP of $199.95) runs through December 9th. Product page...
  2. G

    Digital Performer: Difference between Track view and Sequence view

    I'm dipping my toes into Digital Performer after using Logic and Cubase, and man it looks like it has some great features. Can the DP users let me know what the big difference between the Track view and Sequence View are. Seems like a bit of redundancy between the views. From what I understand...
  3. creativeforge

    What software/script is Brian Eno using here?

  4. rigidaudio

    NEW! Hypernode electronic music arranger for KONTAKT

    Hi, this is to inform you about our newest release (and our most massive one ever): "Hypernode" - the modular electronic music arranger. Hypernode is a fully modular electronic music arranger and a collection of over 300 KONTAKT® multi instruments, serving pretty much most of contemporary...
  5. jesusginard

    Introducing 'Sharine' - Ultra-realistic shakers and tambourines for Kontakt Sharine is a sample library for Kontakt that features a wide variety of shakers and tambourines with different tonal characteristics for maximum versatility. 8 shakers and 4 tambourines of different materials and sizes for every situation. Including a full mixer...
  6. beely

    Extending Drum Computer script...

    So I need a drum pattern player for an instrument I'm working on, and rather than code it from scratch, the factory "Drum Computer" script has much of the functionality I need - so I'm modifying that for my purposes. In simple terms, the script supports 16 steps of 4/4 (it actually does up to...
  7. akox

    Origins of Audio: Pulse Version 1.2 out now!

    Pulse Version 1.2 is here and it includes some new cool features! As stated in previous post, Pulse will work only with the full version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5.5.1 and higher. On the “Export and Edit” section we’ve added three new buttons, the Export on Multiple Notes depicted as...
  8. akox

    30% off Storewide by Origins of Audio

    Origins of Audio celebrates Valentine's Day with all you music lovers! This is why we are offering a 30% discount on all our products, by using the coupon code VALDAY30. This offer will last until February 15. And you can still grab your free copy of Zebramatic
  9. akox

    Origins of Audio: Pulse

    Pulse is a powerful sequencer, which will inspire all of you who reached a musical dead end! The only thing you have to do is to import a group inside Kontakt's engine, choose from at least 11 different musical scales, choose a Time Signature and let Pulse do its work! Pulse's MSRP is €19,00...
  10. almound

    Realistic MIDI Mock-ups by combining sequencer with notation

    Its as though you had 32 keyboard players simultaneously sending MIDI to your sequencer! But no quantization is needed, each player controls unlimited knobs and sliders, and adjustments to the piano roll editor takes place as they play. Check out hours of free tutorials at...
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