1. M

    Spitfire Chamber Strings vs Albion Neo

    Hi everyone, i would know, if you own both libraries, what are the differences; i already know that chamber strings has separate sections, i would know how much is different the sound of the strings, articulations like flautando, harmonics, sul tasto, etc... Thanks
  2. T

    SCS, CSS ... is it possible to pan the sections wherever you want?

    Edited original post to reflect the shift in focus of this thread to one particular issue: Looking at getting either SCS or CSS for black friday (SCS will be 25% off so around $500 and CSS will be 20% off so around $320) but had a quick question: I noticed that both SCS and CSS are recorded...
  3. Shamgar

    Need help deciding on Strings (+ solo)

    After messing around with Miroslav Philharmonik 2 (which is dreadful), which I bought on sale some years ago, I decided to save up for Black Friday sales and get a decent Solo and Ensemble String library (and get winds/brass sections later on). A year ago, my mind settled on the CineStrings...
  4. cliffordmartin

    Orchestral Score

    Orchestral Score. Again trying out SCS.
  5. cliffordmartin

    Orchestral "Funtime" Mock up

    Chamber Strings mixed with orchestra demo/mock up.