1. fedemantoni94

    Arpeggiator with mono polyphony (help)

    Hello everyone. Is it possible to add a button with a polyphony function to an arpeggiator so that when playing it sounds in mono or poly? That is, when playing several keys, only the last key that is played sounds, not a chord or its ascending or descending function.
  2. I

    Awful glitch with Spitfire Symphonic Strings

    While I know most of you like and use SSS a lot, I noticed that no one really talked about recurrent glitches in this library. In Violins 1 & 2 Performance Legato, there's an irritating audio phase / panning issue when triggering different legato transitions with velocity. If you play two...
  3. rigidaudio

    Get_font_id (custom PNG fonts) problem (Kontakt 6.4.2)

    Hello everybody, i am using this online tool... create custom fonts for the new Kontakt feature "get_font_id". However, i still don't get it completely. To be precise, my problem is the following. Once i create a font using the above mentioned...
  4. 1

    Kontakt Scripting: Button colors without resource folder

    I'm trying find a way to color buttons in Kontakt without using a resource folder and custom graphics. Attached is the current setup, and I want the bottom tables and labels to cover the buttons, so that there's only the colored ones visible. Only the buttons have a function, so there's no...
  5. 1

    Kontakt: scripting specific release groups (SOLVED)

    Got a question about releases in KSP. So I'm trying to make the releases so that when group 1 has been played it will trigger on release group 2 no matter what, and the same pattern for the other groups. Got 8 groups in total. I believe it has to be scripted, or else the releases on chords just...
  6. D

    Please help solve the problem with the arpeggiator

    Hello! Please help solve the problem with the arpeggiator. On one note I have a four samples on a different layers. They are played simultaneously by pressing a key. The task is to set each layer its own unique frequency of the arpeggiator (rate), as well as the duration of the note (duration)...
  7. sleepfacingwest

    Logic Articulation Sets and VEP - Sending CC data to the right instrument

    Hey all, I hope this is the right place to post this. My issue isn't with Kontakt per se, but it's the only place that seemed to specialize in scripting. This is an issue getting automation data to go to the correct place using Logic Pro, VEP, articulation sets, and logic scripting. Setup...
  8. d.healey

    Want to learn Kontakt scripting? 30% OFF COUPON!

    If you want to create your own Kontakt instruments but don't know where to start with Kontakt scripting then this is the deal for you! My KSP tutorial bundle is now discounted by an additional 30%! This is on top of the effective discount of 15% compared to buying the classes individually...
  9. silverling_co

    Favorite KONTAKT Scripts

    I've been learning a lot of new scripting techniques through the last couple projects I've done. (Like adding a custom knob to a modulator--thanks @EvilDragon, different legato scripts, etc.) And it got me thinking about how many people have different things they go to time and time again. So my...
  10. Scooter Fort

    Trying to create dropdown menu that changes mapping

    I'm trying to create a simple dropdown menu that will allow the user to remap the snare to whichever note they prefer - I haven't been able to find any information on this at all I've been searching through the forums and the reference manual for a couple hours Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Beluga

    What programming language is Kontakt Scripting based on?

    Title says it all, hope this is not too obvious or previously discussed. Just wondering to get some background and get better at scripting. I would imagine NI didn't invent their own language from scratch?
  12. P

    Release Sample Scripting.

    Apologize if there's a feature built in to kontakt for this, but if so I haven't found one. Essentially I'm sampling a metal plucked instrument. There is a natural decay to the sound. I have sampled also me stopping the note early, not letting it ring, because this has a distinct sound to it. I...
  13. d.healey

    **HISE Video Tutorials**

    Hello, If you're interested in creating your own VST instrument or FX plugins then HISE is a platform you should really consider using. I've been planning on releasing a series of detailed video tutorials for working in HISE. I was originally going to do this in the same way I did for my...
  14. Beluga

    Kontakt scripting - where to start?

    Sorry, if this is an obvious answer, but where would someone start from simple to deep if interested in learning Kontakt programming and scripting? Thanks, Beluga.
  15. mrazz

    Kontakt, Legato on Selected Groups

    Hello All! I have a hurdy gurdy that I am about to sample. The instrument has an on going drone that never stops as the wheel is turned comprised of two notes one octave apart. Then there is a melody string that always makes its lowest note as the wheel is turned. The player then presses...
  16. D

    PAID - Kontakt Scripter needed - percussive instrument

    Hi, I am looking for someone to build a custom Kontakt instrument based on tuned percussive sounds which I'll provide. In a nutshell: its a 2-octave instrument. There will be 3 independent randomized "texture" sound layers, triggered with each midi note with a level control + filter controls...
  17. Dave Hilowitz

    Video: Intro to Kontakt Scripting: Adding your First Knob + FREE KONTAKT INSTRUMENT

    In this video, I cover one of the most basic aspects of Kontakt scripting: creating knobs to control instrument parameters. In particular, I use this occasion to add a lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance knobs to a Korg Volca Keys sample library (FREE). This video is a great starting point...
  18. N

    Any script template or How make multiple UI page ?

    Hallo, I just started a scripting or noob here. I will ask how to create multiple ui pages and how to use ui_control functionality or other functions in multiple pages? Thanks ;)
  19. N

    Set min & max value fx when routing to Slider

    Hey guys, I'm a noob in Kontakt scripting. I want to ask if eg 2 knob effects can be routed with 1 slider but each effect is set differ between minimum value and max value. Example steps. 1. Gain 1: min -6db and max 0db 2. Gain 2: min -12db and max -6db 3. then last, I want to set it in 1 knob...
  20. D

    Mute Groups with on/off per group

    I've seen similar questions asked but not exactly executed how I want. So, let's say I have 5 groups. I want to be able to trigger all 5 groups at once or only one or any combination of groups together. I'd like to do this by adding a button or knob to control them with as an on/off switch. I'm...
  21. d.healey

    My KSP libraries, now on github

    Hi, I've been meaning to do this for a couple of years and I finally got around to it this evening. I've published my main KSP libraries to github I can't guarantee they all work as it's been quite a while since I last updated them but hopefully some of you will get something useful from them...
  22. ArcaneRecall

    Syncing $DURATION to tempo

    Hi! So I am working on a script that plays a new key every X duration, and this value is set by the $DURATION_XXXXX variable. However, when I change the tempo in kontakt, this variable doesn't seem to update. The only way to make it work right now is to reapply the script after selecting the new...
  23. P

    Switching articulations via speed

    Hello, I am desperately looking for a speed control script. Maybe someone can help me... I stumbled upon the scripts by Nils, but they are not working with the new Kontakt version. Am I right? I have no experience with KSP, so any help is much appreciated. When I copy some of his scripts...
  24. thelasthaven

    Min/Max Values of Knobs/Sliders

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a script where I should adapt knobs/sliders for different tasks. Is it possible to change min/max values of GUI units not in "on init" callback? I have something like this: on init declare ui_knob $knob1 (0, 1000000, 1) <other parts of the script> end on...
  25. D

    Kontakt Script Developer Needed

    Hello, We are looking for a Kontakt script developer for a paid project (no freebies) right away. The project includes updating a current Kontakt script, and developing a new script. We have a GUI developer on board. Please feel free to PM me or to send me links with suggestions. Thanks
  26. T

    GUI Designer Needed

    Hi There, I'm looking for a Kontakt GUI designer interested in working on a brand new series of sample libraries. I'm after cutting edge graphics and a feel for intuitive interface design. Don't mind if you're early on in your career or a seasoned pro - but you will need to be confident in...
  27. BigThinkProd

    Kontakt Scripting Best Practices

    Greetings and Salutations, I've been wanting to learn Kontakt Scripting for quite some time so I've decided to dive in head first without a parachute and recreate my Roland U-220 as a Kontakt Instrument. I've done tons of programming with ActionScript, JavaScript etc. I was just wondering...
  28. mikegunnmusic

    Is it possible to assign keyswitching to user saved snapshots?

    Hi there I am currently creating an organ sample library. We have one stop per group and will script one button per stop on the user interface, to initiate or deactivate stops (groups) as you would on an organ. However, I'd like to be able to save a setting as say a snapshot as a user and then...
  29. Phryq

    Piano with good half-pedal scripting.

    So it seems to me there aren't any new piano libraries coming out (in the past year). I guess this is the year for solo string libraries. I'm specifically looking for a library with good scripting / resonance. Something where the half-pedaling is realistic (I can automate CC64 in a curve, and...
  30. jfino

    Ui_menu height?

    Hi Everyone, quick question.. I have a menu with lots of items, is there a way to limit the height and have a scroll bar? Thank you for your help! Jimmy
  31. Reegs

    HALion Script

    Not a Halion user, but I found this image on Steinberg's site related to Scripting advertised in HALion 6: Definitely some similarities to KSP, but at a first glance the syntax seems a little more sane, without need for the dedicated compiler step. Appears to be based off Lua, maybe? Like...
  32. K5Addict2107

    Hello From Florida !

    Hello to everyone I am a Kontakt 5 Addict developing scripts is a hobby of mine. I look forward to sharing information and getting answers to questions. regards, Kontakt Addict
  33. E

    Swapping note and velocity mappings

    Hopefully someone better than myself may have an answer. =) I have mapped my round robins to the velocity layer as I can randomize and sync them with other groups with ease. HOWEVER, I do not want to lose my ability to use the velocity data for volume control. So my idea then was to separate...
  34. Fab

    Do samples stack?

    Hey, first thread! Using modern kontakt sample libraries as an example, and one that has the room sound 'baked in'. Say I am using tree mic recordings, what it happening If I play C1 and C2 at the same velocity at the same time, specifically with regards to how the air gets agitated to make...
  35. Daniel Petras

    What is scripting and how does it apply to audio?

    Is anyone able to give an explanation on this topic or point to some relevant information as to what this means in audio? It seems like an important concept to dive into which I know nothing about. What is this black magic you people do?
  36. azrulsaleh

    How much to charge for your scripting services?

    Hi guys. I'm very new to this scripting business so I'm not sure what the expected rate is when scripting for private clients. Is charging per instrument the norm? Does it vary depending on the complexity of the scripting? Can someone give rough ballpark figures please? Would love to know just...
  37. octoberdustin

    (Can I Hire You?) NEED Playable Drum Kit for KONTAKT like Abby Road drums

    This is a posting for contract based work for scripting: I'm Dustin Burnett. I run a new boutique drum sample / loop company called THAT SOUND. We are entering into our third full year as a company and have been creating presets for most platforms except Kontakt with our...
  38. A3D2

    Custom library: question on multiple microphones/keyswitches in kontakt 5

    Hi everyone, I am a composer, new to the forum. But I have been reading around on vi.control for some time before and I am very glad to finally be a part of this great community now :). I am planning to record a new private sample library of wooden custom experimental flutes built by a local...
  39. N

    3 questions about Array/Table and Threading

    Hi all, I have 3 fast questions: 1 - how do I clean an array? Let say I've this: declare %lfo_matrix_1[40] and I init all values. At some points I'd like to delete (clean) the whole array. How do I do it? 2 - how can I access to a table value stored inside an array? declare...
  40. willbedford

    PGS memory usage

    Has anyone ever tested the memory efficiency of the number of PGS keys versus their size? For example, if you had a PGS key with 50 values, would that be more/less efficient than 50 PGS keys with 1 value each?
  41. Justin Miller

    Looking for Someone to Script a Drum Sample Library

    Hey guys, just finished recording a really cool drum set library with a well known drummer in a really huge warehouse. I'm already done chopping the samples up and organizing them into folders (all files named to auto map in Kontakt already). We are looking to polish it up Kontakt patches before...
  42. Justin Miller

    Looking for Someone to Script a Library

    Hey guys, just finished recording a really cool drum set library with a well known drummer in a really huge warehouse. I'm already done chopping the samples up and organizing them into folders (all files named to auto map in Kontakt already). We are looking to polish it up Kontakt patches before...
  43. Alan Wave

    Cut off slider won't work when beat/time machine is enabled

    So, i discovered this in K5, that when i enable beatmachine or timemachine to a sample, the cutoff slider that i made simply won't work. Isn't it weird, or am i missing something?
  44. Alan Wave

    Transient Mastet Scripting, is it possible?

    I'm summoning all the wizards for this one! It's not in the manual, but.. Can the sustain of the Transient Master effect as an insert in K5, be controlled by a slider?
  45. Alan Wave

    Scripting codes for assigning insert/send effects to knob

    Hello I am new to scripting and i know the code for a assigning a cutoff to a knob, which is set_engine_par($ENGINE_PAR_CUTOFF, $myControl, 0, 0,-1) What are the equivalent to other effects like compressor, limiter etc? i searched in KSP reference manual and i couldn't find them.
  46. Alan Wave

    Scripting knob image help

    Hello I am new to scripting and i need a little push. I try to give my knobs their own image. I've followed a tutorial of a pitch knob and i made it. In the scripting it was set as a slider: declare ui_slider $custom_pitch(-100, 100) hide_part($custom_pitch, $HIDE_PART_BG .or...
  47. Alan Wave

    Custom Instrument icon path

    Hello. I have difficulties attempting to change the instrument icon to a custom one i've made. I think i don't write the path correctly. If i have the icon on the desktop, what path should i follow? I use Windows and Kontakt 5. The script is: on init...
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