1. 1

    Kontakt Scripting: Button colors without resource folder

    I'm trying find a way to color buttons in Kontakt without using a resource folder and custom graphics. Attached is the current setup, and I want the bottom tables and labels to cover the buttons, so that there's only the colored ones visible. Only the buttons have a function, so there's no...
  2. 1

    Kontakt: scripting specific release groups (SOLVED)

    Got a question about releases in KSP. So I'm trying to make the releases so that when group 1 has been played it will trigger on release group 2 no matter what, and the same pattern for the other groups. Got 8 groups in total. I believe it has to be scripted, or else the releases on chords just...
  3. A

    NEEDED: Javascript expert to create batch processing routine

    Hello everyone! I'm working for a composer, Chris Stone, in editing and creating a large orchestral sample library. I was informed of this website by a friend and thought I would post a paid job opportunity for anyone who can help us with a specific task; We are searching for a Javascript...
  4. Suganthan

    Kontakt script: Constrain to Raga Scale

    Hello, here is a simple Kontakt script which constrains the incoming MIDI notes in Kontakt to the Indian raga scales. This is script is based on the inbuilt script "Constrain to Scale" in Kontakt There are 72 melakarta raga scales, 10 Hindustani That scales to choose from, whose root key can be...
  5. J

    KONTAKT ksp SCRIPT to use Keyswitch into CC#

    Hi everyone, I'm new in here... I've been trying to write an script in order to use Keyswitches from my library to release or trigger the legato function wich is attached to CC#20. I don't use any midi device (keyboards or pads) so is very important for me to have this as a keyswitch. I've tried...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Play_note() returning 0 kinda randomly

    Hi everyone, I'm currently scripting a step sequencer. Every time the sequencer should play a note, a method is called that adds a background noise. If one or more samples are being played, this method will trigger the background sample as well. As I'm using this method in the sequencer, the...
  7. mrazz

    Kontakt Scripting Keyswitches

    Hello- I'm new to the KSP language. I've tried to create a script that creates keyswitiching. Can someone help me better understand this? I've got 12 groups of sustain samples (0-11) that need to be accessible from a keyswitch on note 48 and eight staccato groups when keyswitch using...
  8. boochyan

    Arpeggiator Latency (Factory Script)

    Hi All, First of all, thank you for the amazing collective knowledge found in this corner of the forum, it’s been utterly invaluable as I’ve been making my instrument! I have a question that I can’t seem to find the answer to in my searches (somebody asked back in 2011, but no answer at the...
  9. M

    Problem in set_engine_par Group Insert FX

    I put in Group Insert FX - EQ 3, par L/H, in SendEffects - Reverb and put Send Levels in SendEffects. I have many groups and working reverb for each individual groups but I am wrong in KSP Script code. In KSP Script I put this but dont working. I must be missing out on the index in script. on...
  10. maxchristensenaudio

    Who here is available for paid scripting and design work?

    Hey guys, I'm making my first Kontakt library and I need someone to do the scripting for me. I'm already in talks with one scripter but I'm asking around to compare quality and prices. if you're interested then send me a message with an estimated price and some of your earlier works please...
  11. maxchristensenaudio

    Noobie needs help with a script. Crossfading between groups and random RR

    hey guys, first time poster here. I'm currently working on my fist Kontakt Library but I have 0 knowledge of Kontakt Scripts, which I need to implement an idea. The situation is this: One percussion hit, 3 different beaters, each with 3 variations. I want the variations to be triggered randomly...
  12. M

    Scripts to help composition development

    Hi, Do you know where to find scripts (on Cubase logical editor, or Reaper, or any other DAW...) to generate variations using classical compositional techniques ? I am not talking about repetition or transposition... but rather more advanced techniques like : - embellishment, - simplification...
  13. wuubb

    (Cubase) setting expression map articulation in MIDI file

    Expression maps are great, yet they still require you to manually assign articulations to each note in the MIDI editor. Does Cubase assign articulations when using expression maps to any kind of CC or other property that could be added/changed in a MIDI file? I want to explore the possibility...
  14. L

    CC4 script for hihats

    Hi all, I record my own Paste hihat Samples and I have a Alesis DM10, and I recorded 10 level of openness, 10 keys, starting in c4 .. but I can move them to any key number.. I looking for a Kontakt Script to use cc4 to control the openness of the hihats with no luck, I'm don't know how to make...
  15. C

    Limit keyrange of specific groups

    Hi everyone! I'm creating an instrument where I have 3 different layers where the user can select different waveforms, one in each layer. I also have another layer that we can call the sub oscillator. I want to be able to limit the keyrange of the sub osc without limiting the other 3 elements...
  16. H

    Kontakt dB values

    Hi What is the math operation for obtain on KSP the values from 630859 (or 631000) to 0.0dB, 500000 to -6.0 dB, etc. ? Cheers
  17. magneto538

    How to smooth a script-generated Sine wave's frequency?

    Hello folks, This is a math-related question. I am using the majestic new Math features in Kontakt 5.6.5. Basically I am building an LFO using the script (so without the LFO module, which - for a number of reasons - is not an option in this case). I am using the sin() function to generate the...
  18. magneto538

    "SCRIPT WARNING: Array sizes don't match"

    A brand new Script Warning popped up today. I had never seen this before. As much as its meaning seems crystal clear, I am not sure where to look at in order to fix this. I mean, this kind of error is commonly handled by "array index out of bounds". In addition to that, I don't know why the...
  19. Yahiaamine

    Black (blured) area tabs in performance view!!

    hello again is there anyone here knows how to script and create a black (blured) area tabs after we switch on a button or Switch? the idea is to create a certain buttons (switchers) for effects (reverb,delay,chorus.....) and and create that black (blured) area tabs (rectangle) in #PV...
  20. azrulsaleh

    Lock With Password In Script

    Hi all. I've got a question for the Kontakt scripting geniuses on this forum! Is it possible to set the lock with password in code? I can't see any reference to setting the password in the KSP reference manual and when I try to set the password by clicking on the lock with password button in...
  21. C

    Specific key switch

    Hi, Can anyone help me, I search (need) a KS script for following: I have 2 sample maps in Kontakt and I want to switch between them via keyswitch WITHOUT RELEASING A NOTE KEY. i got it simple via group start options, but with this option I must always press again a note key. Please help...
  22. D

    Moving script to a different slot

    A lot of Kontakt sample libraries come with scripts already built into the instrument. Often these are located in the first or second slot. When the user wishes to insert addition scripts, it is sometimes necessary to move the in-built script(s) to a slot further down the chain. For example...
  23. willbedford

    PGS memory usage

    Has anyone ever tested the memory efficiency of the number of PGS keys versus their size? For example, if you had a PGS key with 50 values, would that be more/less efficient than 50 PGS keys with 1 value each?
  24. Justin Miller

    Looking for Someone to Script a Drum Sample Library

    Hey guys, just finished recording a really cool drum set library with a well known drummer in a really huge warehouse. I'm already done chopping the samples up and organizing them into folders (all files named to auto map in Kontakt already). We are looking to polish it up Kontakt patches before...
  25. Museum

    Open up more than 5 scripts in multi

    Howdy, Would it be possible to see more than 5 multiscripts at a time in Kontakt 5? Thanks! Museum
  26. Alan Wave

    Custom Instrument icon path

    Hello. I have difficulties attempting to change the instrument icon to a custom one i've made. I think i don't write the path correctly. If i have the icon on the desktop, what path should i follow? I use Windows and Kontakt 5. The script is: on init...