1. ryevick

    Looking For Templates For Cubase & Studio One

    I would be interested in orchestral scoring templates for Cubase Pro 10.5 and Studio One 4.6 Pro if anyone would like to share them. Thanks!
  2. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Pre-Friday The 13th Sale

    8Dio Pre-Friday The 13th Sale We Combat Fear with Sound! Pre-Friday the 13th Sale + FREE Gift with Purchase Sale Ends 03/16 Hybrid Tools Eternal Darkness $128 (Goes $198 03/16) Hybrid Tools – Eternal Darkness is a focused collection of unsettling, dark and hauntingly beautiful horror-based...
  3. Alfeus Aditya

    I rescore Avengers fight scene

    I am one of those who are amazed by the music of Tom and Jerry, and similar cartoons that don't have much dialogue and are only supported by very good background music. I tried to do this to one of the Avengers scenes. I cut and just took a scene without dialogue and then tried to make funny...
  4. R

    Selling fluffy audio scoring piano $ 90.00 usd

    Selling FLUFFY AUDIO SCORING PIANO $ 90.00 USD regular price. $ 129.00 USD
  5. ryevick

    Seeking Spitfire Notation

    I just purchased a few Spitfire libraries, the main one being BBC SO. I have been trying to find out what the best notation/scoring software would be and was/am hoping Presonus Notion 6 would be a good option, especially since I use Studio One 4.5 Pro. I contacted customer support at Spitfire...
  6. Bluemount Score

    First time scoring to picture (Shortfilm) 90% CSS & CSSS

    Over the last weeks, I got the oppertunity to write filmscore to picture for the first time. "To those We leave behind" is a no-budget short film project, written, directed and edited by a good friend of mine. It is the story about two estranged sisters, who have to stick together on a journey...
  7. Best Service Wolfgang

    Best Service Elysion available now!

    Ensemble Engine based Scoring Tool - Massive Hybrid Twin to The Orchestra What is future? How does your universe sound? What does infinity mean? Elysion is our big answer for big questions! A huge and incredibly fast scoring tool, perfectionated to fill the space with inspiration. Score the...
  8. tonyavid

    40% OFF Albion One from Spitfire Audio! Get tools for epic cinematic scoring -- Offer exclusively on the Avid Online Store

    Enjoy 40% OFF Spitfire Albion One -- Get tools for epic cinematic scoring. Just $269 USD (reg. $449). Get this offer exclusively on the Avid Online Store. Packed with sounds, articulations, loops, Albion One from Spitfire Audio gives you the tools to write powerful cinematic scores. Check out...
  9. ChrisSiuMusic

    Film Scoring For Beginners: Reviewed

    Hey composers! Today we're diving into my first course review - all about film scoring for the individual who wants to dip their toes into the field, and learn the best practices for navigating through this industry. Please enjoy! :) Check out the course here...
  10. borghipablo

    Chamber strings Recording Sessions

    Hi!, I just want to share 2 Chamber strings + Piano and Harp Recording, it's part of music that I composed for a Drama Film.
  11. Soundiron Team

    Soundiron 30% Off Flash Sale: High School Drum Corps - 3 Days Only

    Soundiron 30% Off Flash Sale: High School Drum Corps - 3 Days Only Learn more: Soundiron's ']High School Drum Corps is a multi-sample drum library focused on capturing the powerful, tight sound of small marching band drum line. This library...
  12. L

    [QUESTION] Which Orchestral Libraries are a must-have for film/game scoring?

    If you could choose only one per category, i.e (Solo Strings, would be separate from the orchestral range of string libraries). Which Libraries are a must-have and why? I am trying to build myself a collection of libraries that I would be able to compose almost any orchestral score with...
  13. J

    Audio-Ollie Scoring Synths for $99 !

    Hi All. I've recently bought Scoring Synths from Audio-Ollie. I've played with it for a while. Being honest, I think I'm just too lazy for this library :D it is very complicated, and there's so much you can do with the samples and presets, literally everything. It sounds gorgeous, reminds me a...
  14. cliffordmartin

    Classical String Writing Part 2

    Classical String Writing Development/Programming idea Narrow Version
  15. Sonixinema

    SONIXINEMA - Primal Sample Pack Release!

    Hi Everyone! To celebrate the two year anniversary of Sonixinema, we have released a Sample Pack with a handpicked collection of some of the best sounds from Primal: Glass & Metallic Instruments! Including cinematic loops, dark textures, fierce risers and a selection of one-shots from an...
  16. FrenchTubist

    Help: Dorico, Finale, Cubase... Which software is the most suitable for me?!

    Hi Guys, I'm a new member on the V.I Planet :emoji_earth_africa::emoji_earth_americas: and I'm asking your help and advices. For many years I used mainly Finale 2010 to write and compose my projects. But now I want to enter in the 21th Century... I'm looking for a software that could mix the...
  17. borghipablo

    My Orchestral Music Reel

    I just want to share with you my orchestral Reel with Recordings in New Zealand with the NZSO and the Park Road production Team, and also in Skopje Macedonia. I've learned a lot in this forum and It's a pleasure to show you what I do.
  18. Sonixinema

    Sonixinema Announcement - Vlogs, Blogs and the Infinity Bundle!

    2018 has been a crazy year for Sonixinema! Not only have we opened our brand new sampling studio in London, we have also just launched our new website filled with blogs and weekly Youtube vlogs where we will be showing you exclusive behind the scenes footage of Sonixinema at work! Check it all...
  19. SampleHero

    Announcing SampleHero’s - 2nd Scoring Competition!!

    Announcing SampleHero’s 2nd Scoring Competition!! The Winner will receive SampleHero’s prestigious “Outstanding Composition Award," to display in their studio! All currently available SampleHero products! (That's over $1,000.00 in goodies!) Their name, face and track will be featured on the...
  20. Fab

    Do we think actually 'scoring to picture' JW style is going to continue being a thing in future

    Curious to hear what working film and TV composers have found, and what they think is easier, where are the pitfalls / benefits? So, if you have the time...thanks, share your knowledge! IMO; I think I'd be fine delivering the stems and not so protective letting the overlords mess around with...
  21. Igor Molka

    Igor Molka - Portfolio

    Good afternoon to all! My name is Igor, I'm a composer from Moscow. I want to present my music to you. And thanks in advance for your feedback. Any opinion has the right to exist. And have a nice day to everyone!
  22. LeonRossMusic

    Daily Scoring Exercise

    Hey all! I'm new here so thought I'd open up by sharing a concept I've been experimenting with recently. The idea being, to score an abstract conceptual statement that defines a scene to a specified genre. For example, on one of the days, I would play with new colors and timbre concepts within...
  23. Le Malin 78

    Two new music composed for filmmaker showreels

    Hello everybody, I’m proud to present to you two new showreels of my friend Julien Patoue (Film Director) on which ones, i composed the music : One being based on a song written for the occasion (Wedding Song) on which Julien followed the rhythm of the song while giving indications of pace of...
  24. MoeWalsaad

    Tips on handling several Cues on Cubase?

    Hi all, How do you handle working on several score cues of the same project on Cubase? I usually have them all on one project, I set a marker for each cue to go back and forth, but I have a problem that when I want to change the tempo of one cue, it ruins the syncing of the rest of the cues that...
  25. paularthur

    Favorite Anime cues, scores & or themes ?

    It's one of my favorite mediums of art and i figure i can't be the only one obsessed, there's some pretty great stuff... Would love to hear other people's fav's and get some inspo as i hope to work on one in the future! Here are some of my pics: Spirited Away - "One Summer's Day" by: Joe...
  26. Ilko Birov

    Spitfire Audio - Albion ONE Trailer Competition

    Hi everybody, Hope you all have a happy New Year's eve, and 2018 is a good one. Here is my submission to the latest Spitfire Audio competition, enjoy:
  27. Gordon_hiphoplp

    Setting up 5.1 surround

    Hi, I have been working on stereo so Far, but now I feel that I should consider upgrading to 5.1, I work for television Primarily and In India, 5.1 is still not used much in TV commercials or programs, but I still want to do it, Need advise on setting up budget 5.1 surround system from you guys...
  28. windyweekend

    Cubase 8 video question

    This might not be the right place to post this, so everyone please feel free to tell me to bog off somewhere else if I'm in the wrong place! I'm scoring a movie at the moment and the Director has just sent me a new cut of the video for a scene. It looks almost exactly the same as the original...
  29. maro

    Laptop Holder - upright piano addition

    Hello to everyone! I'm a semi professional composer and piano player. I love benefit of digital workstation but I'm a kind of old school guy regarding a process of composing. I love working on my 1973 Petrof upright piano, so I invented a kind of notebook holder which helps me to write down...
  30. M

    Analog summing for film scoring.

    Hi, Is there anyone who uses analog summing for film / tv scores? I'm considering x-desk or a sigma, but think that maybe it's hard with stems and tweaks? Thanks!
  31. J

    Scoring music first before DAW vs. playing music live into a DAW

    Hello everyone, I've been a lurker on this forum for a while, but I have just recently gotten back into composing. In the past, my workflow has always been to compose "by hand" manually (no instrument, just mouse and keyboard) in scoring software and then exporting the MIDI to Cubase, where I...
  32. Ganampf

    Help me spend my money... (Orchestral Libraries)

    Hi! I'm thinking of eventually making some bigger investments into Orchestral Sample Libraries... Until now i've only used free stuff (Sonatina SO, pocketblackus Cello, Cubase Halion Piano); now i want to get some fine stuff for really starting to do epic compositions that sound great (and...
  33. Epicomposer

    Review: Gothic Instruments - Dronar Live Strings

    I recently had the chance of getting my hands on Gothic Instruments string-based ambience generator DRONAR Live Strings and gave it a proper test run. "DRONAR Live Strings is Gothic Instruments’ latest addition to the developer’s acclaimed DRONAR series of virtual instruments.Performed by the...
  34. Epicomposer

    Sonokinetic - Espressivo Review

    I had the pleasure of testing Sonokinetic's brand-new aleatoric orchestral phrase library ESPRESSIVO for "With Espressivo, Sonokinetic expands their renowned range of phrase-based orchestral sample libraries and adds a cinematic toolkit inspired by the musical style of iconic...
  35. jadedsean

    What are the necessary steps in becoming a successful film composer.

    Moderators please delete if against the rules of this page. Hi guys i'm just wondering if any of you kind people could take five mins out to do my survey on what it takes to be a composer in today's industry? I would very much appreciate any participation as it's for my thesis...
  36. Nick Garrett

    Feedback PLEASE!

    Hi there guys. As this is the largest collection of extremely talented audio people on the internet, I would really appreciate any and all feedback on this track. I am trying to get into trailer music, but my long term goal is film.
  37. V

    Thomas Bergersen Scoring Films

    So I've been listening to Two Steps From Hell for years and have always loved their work. It's different because it doesn't sound like it's specifically made for trailers, you can actually listen to it as it's own entity and immerse yourself in the music. But I've always wondered why he has...
  38. budapestscoring

    Upcoming shared sessions

    Shared sessions are coming up in November with Full orchestra and String orchestra. Half hour portions can be booked on a discounted rate. November 10 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons 4 horns, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba 40 strings (12-10-8-6-4) Costs: $937 (per half-hour session)...
  39. Nick Garrett

    Hello from new zealand!

    Hi there everyone, I'm Nick Garrett, and I currently reside in Auckland, New Zealand. Just thought I'd pop my Soundcloud up here and introduce myself. My goal is to work on films and games, and I am currently tossing up whether or not I should move to the US or stay in NZ for a while. Any...
  40. Joris Devos

    Greeting from Belgium - sharing the same passion...

    Hi folks, I've been following this forum for quite some time and finally decided to join. I hope to meet interesting people here who share the same passion as me. In the last 10 years I've been working with some national and international artist, mainly pop and dance music. Nowadays my focus...
  41. borghipablo

    Chamber Strings recording

    Hi to all! I've just recorded the music for a thriller featured film, it was a very small strings recording session. I'd like to share with you some videos from this session. I hope you enjoy it! Score LA POCIMA +03 00 57 10 DIRECTOR.pdf?dl=0