scoring synths

  1. J

    Audio-Ollie Scoring Synths for $99 !

    Hi All. I've recently bought Scoring Synths from Audio-Ollie. I've played with it for a while. Being honest, I think I'm just too lazy for this library :D it is very complicated, and there's so much you can do with the samples and presets, literally everything. It sounds gorgeous, reminds me a...
  2. reutunes

    Scoring Synths sliced open, plus lots more... Samplecast #69 is live

    Greetings... It's been another hugely busy week over at Samplecast HQ. This week I've been producing videos for Red Room Audio, Kirk Hunter and a few other companies that I can't talk about just yet. I was really looking forward to trying out Audio Ollie's Scoring Synths for this week's big...
  3. Audio Ollie

    Scoring Synths

    ABOUT We embarked upon a six month long journey to fill what we believe is a void in today's synth and sample library market. Scoring Synths is the exciting end product of recording two of the most iconic synthesizers in the world, reamping or "worldizing" them into one of the best sounding...
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