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  1. ashtongleckman

    Behind the Curtain of HZ and JNH's 'The Dark Knight'

    Hi guys! I want to share my new video that I made discussing Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard's 'The Dark Knight' score. In the video, we discuss the various themes, creative elements, collaborators, and the project timeline. I also breakdown my suite featuring portions of 10 cues from the...
  2. ashtongleckman

    Gladiator - Score Analysis

    Hey all! Here's my new analysis of Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard's Gladiator score. It features a look at cues like The Battle, the Might of Rome, and Honor Him, as well as a look into the various themes, unique creative elements, and more. The cubase session, MIDI file, and stems are available...
  3. ashtongleckman

    Hans Zimmer's Inception - Score Analysis

    Hey all! Here's my analysis for Hans Zimmer's Inception score. It includes a look at cues like Time, Dream is Collapsing, Mombasa, etc, the famous auditory illusion, some of the thematic elements, and more. The Cubase session, MIDI file, stems, etc are available in the pinned comment for free...
  4. ashtongleckman

    Chronicles of Narnia - Score Analysis

    Hey all! I wanted to share my new analysis of Harry Gregson-Williams' Narnia soundtrack. I've attached the Cubase session, MIDI file, stems, and final WAV down in the description for a free download if you guys are interested in following along. Hope you enjoy!
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