1. 8Dio Productions

    8Dio Studio Series Fire Saxophone 🔥🎷

    🔥🎷 Studio Series Fire Saxophone 🎷🔥 The Studio Fire Saxophone is the latest addition to our Studio Series, utilizing recording techniques for gathering a dry and modern sound, the resulting library is an instrument that fits perfectly in any Pop, Salsa, or Latin music. This library is perfect...
  2. S

    Have A Good Life - by Justin Stewart

    Hey folks, this is something I put together using SWAM Saxaphones, my usual Alecia's keys and some drum samples. I think I'm slowly getting better at arranging the SWAM instruments. In this case I just played 5ths throughout with the tenor sax on top and baritone on the bottom. Oh and for a...
  3. S

    Sound Of The City aka some boombap, old school hip-hop.

    Another track with the SWAM sax. I swear I use the SWAM and Sample Modeling on everything lately.
  4. X-Bassist

    8Dio Saxes

    Anyone have this yet? I like the sound in the video, but been burned by 8Dio scripting before (uneven range balance or instruments needing a lot of tweaking to get the sound smooth). Interesting though, considering how difficult sax is to get right...
  5. Fermile

    Saxophone VST query

    Hi I was wondering if there are any high-end saxophone libraries on the market ? Searching for such a tool, I could find lots of free sax vsts which sounds really synthetic and a much better Audio modeling's Swam Saxophones which is based on their SWAM Engine and sounds good generally but when I...
  6. APD

    Get 70% off Winds of Awesomeness Bundle by Embertone (You save over $200)!

    For just $89, get the amazing Winds of Awesomeness bundle by Embertone. This vast collection of winds libraries built for the full retail version of Kontakt comes with over 14,000 samples. Save over $200 and also earn 2x rewards on this amazing deal which ends February 21st, don't be late to...
  7. WarpIV

    WarpIV PRO Woodwinds Video Walkthrough

    As some of you requested, I put together a video walkthrough of the new WarpIV PRO Woodwinds. It is the first video I've ever done, so I apologize for it not being perfect (and maybe a little too long)... I tried to walk through, explain, motivate, and demonstrate all of the important features...
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