1. Sseltenrych

    What Free plugins do you use on a regular basis?

    I've been exploring dozens of free plugins, most of which I find aren't that good, or at least, I'm not able to derive obvious benefit from them in a short space of time. But I have discovered some excellent ones: 1. TDR Kotelnikov. For clean compression. 2. Fresh Air and La Petite Excite for...
  2. AkashicBird

    For Sale Please delete

    Please delete
  3. ElDoRado1239

    Saturation, colorization plugin that sounds similar to "Clean Tube" mode in FabFilter Saturn?

    Hello there! A little non-critical advice would be appreciated. I have been watching one of the videos from Dan Worrall where he was explaining all the various saturation modes of FabFilter Saturn. What really caught my ear was the "Clean Tube" mode. You can listen to it here ( timestamped...
  4. nuyo

    Mixing with Saturation ? Plugins ? Theory ?

    I heard a few people talk about using Saturation for Mixing. I experimented with some of the Soundtoys Plugins. I noticed that the sounds get more consistent like I used Compression. Some of their Plugins have multiple Saturation Modes. Some of them make things more harsh and some of them sound...
  5. Sseltenrych

    Best Plugins for adding Color to Vocals?

    I'm looking for a plugin that can add sonic color to vocals without any perceivable distortion. I have found two that appear to do the job, but they are both black box plugins that make me a bit uncomfortable (because I don't know what they are doing and whether they might induce artifacts down...
  6. Tyler Gillis

    No-Nonsense Guide To Saturation & Distortion

    No-Nonsense Guide To Saturation & Distortion What is the difference between Saturation & Distortion? In this video, we are going to take a deep look into how to use Saturation & Distortion plugins within your workflow. We'll be breaking down every common knob found on Saturation & Distortion...
  7. P

    Need to spend a 50$ gift card on a plugin(s).

    I got a $50 gift card in a christmas card and I'd like to blow it on a plugin or two. This sent me down a rabbit hole of looking into saturation/exciter (I can't seem to find a hard explanation as to the difference between these two) plugins that I can use to add harmonic(or subharmonic) content...
  8. Tenku

    FS: Kush Audio Pusher DSP Magnetic Colorbox Saturator

    KUSH AUDIO Pusher Magnetic Colorbox DSP • All Plugin Formats (AU, VST, AAX etc.) • iLok Transfer Fee $25 included in price. • Must have registered iLok account. • Same Day Digital Delivery of License & Software. • RRP: £149 • More info: Will...
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