1. Time+Space

    Sonuscore now at Time+Space - save 15%!

    We are pleased to announce the arrival of Kontakt sample libraries from the orchestral masterminds behind 'The Orchestra' – welcome Sonuscore to Time+Space! To celebrate, we're giving you 15% off the following four titles for two weeks only... (ends 6th April)... Lyrical Vocal Phrases – A new...

    SONUSCORE Origins Vol.2: Musicbox & Plucked Piano

    Sonuscore proudly presents the second product of its ORIGINS series: ORIGINS VOL. 2 MUSIC BOX: & PLUCKED PIANO - The Origins series returns with new instruments, new presets and still has the beloved, powerful Multi-Arpeggio Designer (MAD) to help you get the highest quality, creative results...
  3. akox

    Origins of Audio - Black Friday 40% off on Dark Kalimba

    EDIT: Last day to get 40% discount using the coupon: BLACKFRIDAY Pulse is also out! Be sure to check it out and download the manual! A video is coming soon this week! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Starting today...
  4. Pierre

    From the makers of Native Instruments’ ACTION STRINGS, new line of instruments: "SONUSCORE ORIGINS"

    From the makers of Native Instruments’ ACTION STRINGS, ACTION STRIKES and EMOTIVE STRINGS: SONUSCORE releases the first installment of a new line of instruments: ORIGINS VOL.1: STEEL TONGUE & SANSULA (November 11th 2015, Mainz, Germany) – ORIGINS VOL.1: STEEL TONGUE & SANSULA is the first...
  5. akox

    Dark Kalimba by Origins of Audio

    We are more than happy to announce our first Kontakt Sample Library, Dark Kalimba. It is a 9-tine Sansula from which we sampled a full two octaves (from G1 up to F#3). We used three different microphones (Brüel & Kjær, Beyerdynamic Vintage MPC-50 & Schoeps CMC64) in three different positions...
  6. akox

    Dark Kalimba by Origins of Audio

    Thread moved to "commercial announcement". We apologize for the inconvenience! Origins of Audio